The basic signs of pregnancy in cats

After carrying out the mating of purebred female with the male, every owner wants to know did the cat get pregnant. At home the score the pregnancy is progressing much faster than people, and the owner may simply not have time to prepare for the upcoming birth of the animal if it does not know how to conduct early diagnosis.

Of course, to confirm successful insemination of the cat still in the early stages after mating fails veterinarian, but not all owners have the opportunity to take the pet to the hospital a few days after the planned mating. So how can you understand yourself, which home favorite is waiting for the kittens? About the signs of pregnancy in cats, the diagnosis of “interesting situation” and whether a pregnant female about, you can learn from this article.

The first signs of pregnancy in cats

Among the first and major signs of pregnancy in cats are the following:

  1. The onset of oestrus, accompanied by relatively calm behavior of the nursling.
  2. Large portions of food. The cat begins to eat much more, and in the last stages of pregnancy and not overeat.
  3. Coloration of nipples in a reddish hue. Sometimes the Reds are not all nipples, but only some.

After a month after the mating, furry female also appear the following symptoms “interesting” position:

  • an increase in the abdomen;
  • the bouts of morning sickness;
  • showing some aggression during estrus to another cat living in the apartment;
  • increased need for attention and care of the owners (the cat becomes nicer and more sociable);
  • long-term sleep.
Signs of pregnant cat in the later stages

If with the first signs of an “interesting” situation-pet is more or less clear, in the later stages , more of them and to diagnose pregnancy even easier. In addition to the “brutal” appetite and lifestyles, home favorite begins find a secluded spot where it will give birth to their offspring. Most often the pet begins her search for a couple of weeks before giving birth and the owners themselves it is advisable to provide her with a suitable place to favorite not settled on the owner’s pile of Laundry or in the pram.

Of course, the most obvious sign of pregnancy can be called a growing belly. Rounded off, it starts a month after mating and notice its the easiest way have a short-haired pet. In long-haired breeds and paludinosus the stomach at this period of notice is much more difficult and it will start to be reviewed later. You can also perform a palpation in the home to diagnose the presence of fruit in the stomach. But the inexperienced breeder to this method should not use because you can accidentally cause a miscarriage or damage the fetus.

In connection with the imminent completion of the cat becomes much less active. She is a passive way of life, and most of the time asleep on the warm couch, waking only to eat and relieve themselves. Even if the pet has free access to the street, then late-term long walks in the fresh air, she prefers to sleep. This behavior is due to hormonal changes.

Methods of diagnosis of pregnancy female

When it detects the first signs of pregnancy of a cat is to take her to the reception to the veterinarian, who will confirm the assumptions of the owners and to exclude the presence of abnormalities in fetuses and female.

Immediately after mating to diagnose the “interesting” situation at home pet can no one qualified veterinarian. Diagnosis is possible only after 20 days after mating, with the help of ultrasound examination in the veterinary clinic. Before conducting the study also need to consult with a veterinarian about how to properly prepare the animal to this manipulation.

Ultrasound will help with accuracy to establish the presence in the uterus of kittens and quantity, accurate timing and prevent possible diseases in mothers and fetuses. Ultrasound is completely safe both for female and for kids. The veterinarian will also give the owners home pet all the necessary recommendations for the care of the mother.

Some owners wish to diagnose the pregnancy of their pet with a special test. Of course, we are not talking about the usual test for women, sold in any drugstore. For cats and dogs, experts have developed another pregnancy test. It helps to determine the presence in the body of a cat of the hormone relaxin, which is produced during the formation of the placenta. But unlike ultrasound, the test is not able to give a 100% guarantee of pregnancy cats because ovarian cyst in a cat can cause an incorrect positive result.

Signs of false pregnancy in cats

In some situations, many first signs of an “interesting” situation in cats is not indicative of a speedy completion, and the so-called false pregnancy. Veterinary doctors under a false pregnancy mean disease that affects the psycho-emotional and hormonal system female.

From unfertilized cats are all typical signs of pregnancy and therefore to diagnose the absence of pregnancy can only a veterinarian during the examination.

False pregnancy can occur at home pet in the following cases:

  • mated with castrated or non-productive cat;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • mental and emotional stress nursling;
  • recent stress;
  • stay in the same room with another female, hatched kittens.

To diagnose a false pregnancy at home can not even the experienced breeder. Unfertilized cat, like any pet, breeder kittens, long sleep, eat a lot and becomes quiet and gentle. A few months after mating she begins to look for a quiet place and even dragging in his teeth a variety of items.

In addition to behavioral characteristics of the hosts can see the external evidence of the imaginary pregnancy. At home pet starts to grow a belly and nipples are a distinctive shade.

Veterinarian using ultrasound of the uterus will be able to diagnose the absence of fruit. He also will appoint competent treatment on the basis of the reasons which provoked the appearance of a pathology. This files most often female, the veterinarian will prescribe a course of hormonal preparations.

Preferably one month after the mating to show the home pet veterinarian who will be able to identify the prospective problem early on, or confirm the “interesting” position of cat.

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