The biggest cats in the world and their history

Along with dogs, cats are the most popular Pets people have. They are often called animal companions, who are trying to be on a par with their owners, not satisfied with the role of faithful assistant.

It was once believed that domestic cats are separate species, but actually they were born predators and are mammals of the cat family.

Modern domestic cats are considered descendants of the wild cats, which were domesticated thousands of years ago. According to statistics, currently the world there are about 600 million pet cats. And rocks, there are 256, and they are all totally different. But there are cats-Champions. Today we tell about the biggest cats in the world.

The biggest domestic cats in the world

Cats in terms of size may be different. Much depends on their breed. For example, the smallest cats in the world are specimens of Singapore, whose weight in adulthood, up to 2 kg.

As for the big cats, then this title fight, these two breeds:

  • Asher;
  • Maine Coon (Maine Coon).

Below we describe their features and characteristics in more detail.

The characteristics of the big cats of the Maine Coon and breed

An adult cat belonging to this breed can weigh about 10 kg and can resemble a lynx. As in this animal, the cat of a breed similar to the gait of a tiger and tassels on the ears. Even Maine Coon is similar to a reed of wild cats, but, compared to them, they are friendly.

Cat Stewie, living in Reno (Nevada, USA), the breed was recognized as not just the biggest, and the longest cat in the world. When stretched from head to tailbone length of the animal is 123 cm. This record was officially registered representatives of Guinness Book of records.

Claim in the Book was filed by the owner of the animal, when all my friends began to marvel at its length. But the cat Omar, living in Melbourne (Australia), the length will be slightly less than, 120 cm. It even has its own page in social networks. Omar also refers to the breed of Maine coons. When they took this kid red in 2013 to his home, they never imagined that their pet will grow into one of the biggest cats in the world.

Those interested can follow him through social networks. To see the cat playing in the yard, sleeping, and running around the house. The hostess says that they are huge pet needs a special diet. The only meat he eats is raw kenguryatiny they buy in the local supermarket. Besides him, a cat eats regular dry food.

Omar’s weight is 14 pounds. It is not only large, but has an incredibly big coat. The hostess complains that she always have to look in all corners of the house.

She notes that the favorite its popularity does not particularly like it, it has a skittish nature and often depressed when he, instead of living a simple life of a pet, you have to pose for your blog.

Usher, or cat-leopard

Representatives of this breed is also referred to as the world’s largest cats. Asher was bred artificially by American biotechnologists recently.

In the end, was crossed with such breeds as:

  • wild predatory cat;
  • Asian leopard;
  • the African long-legged Serval.

The breed was named Aseroe in honor of the pagan goddess.

Experts who participated in bringing this breed not long ago brought out another breed of hypoallergenic cat. Thanks to everyone who would like to have a cat but suffer from allergies, can afford it. However for modest money, this is the only negative.

Usher was recognized as the largest cat breeds in the world, but this title is disputed by other creators of artificial rock – Savannahs that were bred in the 80-ies. Experts in this case DNA tested, and the case is pending in court.

External description the usher is:

  • the height of the cat is about a meter;
  • the average weight is about 15 pounds;
  • a predatory grin;
  • powerful paws.

However, in spite of their outward gravity, the ushers are friendly and flexible, they love to play with kids and sleep.

The ushers though, and a good breed, but not relevant to the budget. Purchase pet can be about 2 thousand dollars. But this is the economy version. But if you want to purchase a special option for Allergy sufferers, this kitten will cost about 6 thousand dollars.

But the cost will include not only animal, but also this package:

  • vaccination of an animal;
  • insurance for a year;
  • 10 medical consultations Ronald Tripp (one of the well known veterinarians in the world);
  • kit for caring for a pet;
  • elite diet;
  • vinyl nozzle for trimming;
  • implanted microchip ID.
Big Savannah cat breed

Another cat-champion is Trouble, which belongs to the breed Savannah. It was bred by crossing a domestic non-pedigreed cats and African wild cats. The altitude of Trouble – the biggest in the world and is 48 centimeters. But the weight of this cat is only 9 pounds. Despite the fact that the cat leads a very active lifestyle, she is not gluttony. And she loves to run just like a real wild cat. Live record-holder in the United States.

The fattest cat in the world

Champions and international celebrities often become studs having non-standard parameters.

For example, the tiny cat in the world was recognized as a Himalayan cat named Tinker Toythat weighed less than a kilogram. His height was 18 inches in length and 7 inches in height. Such parameters are the result of hormonal disorders in the animal.

The biggest cat in the world and is often called the animal with excess weight. The owners of the cat such an achievement seems not the most pleasant, because the extra pounds negatively affect the health of the pet.

The fattest cat in the world was recognized , Jimmy from Australia. He weighs 21 pounds and has a belly girth of 84 inches. To Gimmi the fattest cat in the world was considered the cat Spays from Connecticut. He weighed 20 pounds, your weight he’s gained solely because of natural laziness.

But the category of “The fattest cat in the world” by the administration of the Guinness Book of records was canceled. The reason is that the owners, wishing to become famous thanks to their Pets, not hurt them. As for the fate of Australian, Jimmy, he died at the age of ten from respiratory failure, after having lost the ability to move independently.

Large Hercules

According to experts of the Guinness world records, the largest pet in the world is Hercules. His daily diet consists of 45 pounds of food. Despite the fact that it’s not a domestic breed, this cat is able to live with people. This breed is a hybrid called legroom. The father of the animal – a lion, a tiger mom.

Unlike carnivores, Ligers are very obedient and kind. Hercules, who so loves his master, proof. It weighs 408 kg, height 1.8 m, length – 3.6 m domestic cats are different, like someone small, someone big, someone hairless breed and the other with long hair. However, few can boast that their Pets were recognized as the largest felines in the world.

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