The Burmese Sacred cat Burma

Burmese cat breed leaves no one indifferent: it is necessary to look into those shining eyes of sapphire blue, which emphasizes the dark color of the cat’s face. This kind was obtained by crossing the Persian breed with the Siamese, and the outcome is a beautiful result.

These cats have inherited from their ancestors a luxurious long coat and a thick “collar” on the neck (this is from the Persians), as well as a delicate dark face with amazingly beautiful eyes (Siamese, respectively). But the special charm of these cats give white socks on their feet.

The breed “Sacred Birman”: origin story

Already from the name of this breed is obvious that these cats are “urozhencami” of a state like Burma, now called Myanmar. This country is located on one of the many Islands of Indonesia and in Europe the first time they appeared in 1919. In 1925 the Birman was formally introduced to France. Unfortunately, during the Second world war the species was almost lost, and to restore it was only in the second half of the 20th century with the crossing of Siamese and Persians. Due to this, to date, breeders and lovers of cats have the opportunity to have these magnificent animals.

Why such breed is also called the “Sacred Birman”? On this account there is one legend which reads:

“In ancient times on a very high mountain was a Buddhist temple, which housed the statue of the goddess CUN Huangze, patron of the souls of Buddhist monks. CUN Huan was the owner of beautiful eyes, sky-blue color, and its task was to accompany souls of the dead priests in the other world. Mun Ha, the oldest monk of the temple, was the owner of a fluffy white cat named Sinha, and together they guarded the Church and protected the statue CUN Huan. These white cats had the temple almost every monk.

But once the temple was attacked by robbers and all the monks, including the oldest mun Ha, stood up to his defense. But the forces were unequal, and mun Ha died in battle. Then his white cat jumped on the head of her master and hissed loudly. At this point, its fur began to sparkle in gold, and honey eyes are sky blue. The robbers in fear retreated and left the temple. Brave cat remained beside the body of his dead master, and after a few days their souls were reunited in heaven. After that, all the cats of the temple had acquired a Golden color and transparent blue eyes. And to emphasize the sacredness of these animals, they were given white gloves and socks on feet.”

Since then, Burmese has become to be called “Sacred Birman”.

Description of the breed “Burmese cat”

Due to the long selective writings of scientists-breeders has been bred the breedas close as possible on the outside are their sacred ancestors, is Burmese.

The fur of these felines is very smooth and silky, has no undercoat, and its length varies depending on the location on the body of the animal:

  • on the back, tail and “collar” cats coat is quite long;
  • the legs and the belly the hair is somewhat shorter.

As for color, here can be very diverse. Burmese cat can be found in the gray-blue color, lilac, chocolate, cream, and also with the so-called acromelanism color (the effect of temperatures on parts of the body coat color). As a rule, acromelanism representatives have a darker face, paws and tail. Today among such Pets can be found and those who have the red tint coat and tortoiseshell.

Length white gloves and socks are also always the same:

  • gloves always short socks, white fur on the front legs of cats does not extend beyond the joint of the wrist;
  • socks slightly longer gloves, they look like boots with spurs in the form of the letter “L” that is on the bottom and does not reach the shear joint.

As a rule, symmetry, white gloves and socks always strictly adhered to nature.

Interesting is the fact that such a beautiful color of the breed “Sacred Birman” acquire only as they grow: when they’re born, babies-kittens has a pure white color throughout the body. In the first months of life begin to show so-called “color points”, i.e. the darkest darks on the face, ears, legs and tails. After 3 months of life begin to appear white spots on his legs that will eventually become the symbol of the sanctity of legend. The final saturation of color becomes, when the kittens turns 1.5 years of life.

About body cats

The body of Burmese tailed has a strong skeleton and well developed muscles, the body of these animals is slightly elongated and stocky legs while quite powerful and large, have an average length. The Burmese cat is an adult weighs about 3 kg to 5 kg, the cat, in turn, will have less weight.

The tail of the Burmese breed has an average size and quite thick “fluffy”, uniformly distributed from the base to the tip.

The shape of the skull in these cats is very interesting: it is wide and has a rounded shape, with a slightly beveled back, and at the base of the ears are flat areas. The ears of the Burmese cats are very harmonious: they planted a reasonable distance, have a base width, ravnoapostolnoy their length, their tips slightly rounded.

Face Burmese cats have rounded, has pronounced cheeks and well developed chin. Nose is medium in size and length, slightly convex at the tip and having a slight indentation at the base. Fur on the muzzle is always short, but for cheeks it starts to lengthen and go in lush collar-frill – another calling card of these beautiful members of the cat race.

The nature of the Burmese

Burmese, as already mentioned earlier, has a second name – Sacred Birman. And it should be said that this is a non-empty word, for the nature of this beauty is truly Holy. They are flexible, balanced and calm. These cats will never be what is called kink and surprise their owners inappropriate antics. They quickly find a common language with all the household, including small children and other Pets.

In the cat’s nature is very playful and inquisitive, they will never molest his master, demanding attention: smart and sensitive Burmese cats patiently wait until their people are freed from their cases and will be able to fully communicate with them.

Self-esteem from the Siamese ancestors and phlegm gave birth to a very balanced and quiet mind: Burmese cat will be suitable for accommodation in a quiet and calm family where there is a conflict and noise. From all external stimuli, the animal will hide in dark and secluded places, while experiencing stress. These cats definitely need a cozy and soft basket with a pillow or a special cat house where they can relax from the outside world.

Very tame, very affectionate, the Burmese will be a great pleasure to climb on my knees your man and accept his affection in full measure. They are playful and almost never use claws and teeth. I love children and children love them. Smart. Understand the intonation, so you should to choose the right manner of speech when communicating with them. Able to understand human speech, so they can even learn simple commands.

How to care for a Burmese cat

As already known, the Burmese cat has a luxurious coat, so she will need proper care, but it is quite simple:

  • with the help of special slicker pet brush every 3-4 days. It is noteworthy that not having an undercoat, their hair will not form tangled mats;
  • tool for hair removal from the intestine – a mandatory attribute of the house of the owner of such pet. These cats are very clean and constantly lick themselves, resulting in their digestive tract gets a considerable amount of their own pile;
  • often bathe this tailed beasts don’t have: again, these felines are very clean and generally are not fans of nature walks. Sometimes bathing is necessary, but only if coat is very dirty, and will need a special shampoo for cats of this breed.

Another important attribute to the scratching post, as the Burmese woman need a place to grind your claws. And of course, the basket or the house as a sleeping place, it went even higher. You need to put it somewhere low, as the representatives of this breed too sedate for acrobatic acts and “climbing”.

Burmese cats are very curious, so I should provide a moment like mosquito nets on the Windows: due to their curiosity and some naive kitten may not estimate your abilities, for example, watching the window for birds.


Here is very interesting is the fact that the representatives of this breed is not particularly favor special food, they much prefer natural product: meat, fish, cheese, etc. But if all the same to give a cat for a variety of dry and wet food, then buy still better than the premium product (it does at least ensure a pet’s complete nutrition).

Burmese cat always knows how much she needs to eat, so there will never have problems with overeating and obesity. Obesity – not a rare phenomenon among representatives of “Sacred of Burma”.

A few words about the health of Burmese cats

Due to the fact that breeding of this breed was carried out for a long time, these Pets have no deviations have good health. The only hereditary disease, and rare is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ( heart disease). On this account much not worry: this disease manifests in Burmese is not more likely than other representatives of the cat world. And yet, if the cat is very lethargic way of life, and after the games, she observed the shortness of breath and coughing, immediately see your veterinarian.

In General, the veterinary clinic should be the main assistant to care for the pet: regular scheduled examinations, vaccinations and deworming will be the foundations of a healthy life furry pet.

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