The cat litter

Cats are very popular as Pets in city apartments, and private homes. Some people prefer long-haired beauties, someone like the owners of short fur, others can’t live without your pet bright exotic appearance. But whatever the kitten, it is necessary to provide comfortable conditions of existence.

Cats are known to differ in accuracy and are very picky about their toilet. That’s why the owner will need to make every effort to find a suitable filler. Consider the most popular types of fillers for cat trays.

The cat litter is a special composition of absorbing animal urine and help get rid of the unpleasant smell. It’s very convenient pot of the cat is always in order, the filler absorbs moisture, while remaining dry and without causing discomfort. The animal will not be frustrating to repeatedly go to the tray, and the odor of ammonia will not apply for housing.

Now manufacturers offer several types of cat litter, so every owner will be able to podobrat the most suitable option. Interestingly, for the first time to use special materials to improve the cat’s Gorshkov began in 1948. Then was revealed the absorbent properties of the clay, which was used as the basis of the filler. But previously with similar objectives used ordinary sand. Current owners can choose from among the better materials.

Most often for the manufacture of filler used sawdust, chips and minerals.

The use of such a composition is possible in the trays, closed or open type. To correctly select the perfect product for your cats, you should consider a combination of factors:

  • the principle of operation;
  • composition;
  • the size of granules;
  • cost.

The peculiarity of this cat litter – when wet it does not change its structure. He needs to be completely replaced every 7-14 days. If the house several cats, the frequency of substitutions increased. The filler is subdivided into two types – wood and mineral.

Wood cat litter

The choice of those who prefer to use only natural products. Used in the manufacture of recycled paper, compressed wood chips (mainly pine). It absorbs odor and litter from pine or aspen shavings. Also, the composition can be applied and some unusual materials: corn cobs, dried orange peel, or wheat bran. Sawdust, in contact with moisture, swell, hold down the smell. The advantages of wood filler is the price is the cheapest filler for cats, but because of its small weight sawdust will quickly spread throughout the apartment.

Replacement will be required twice a week, but shavings or sawdust is completely safe for cats and people. This product can be used for adult cats and kittens.


Very convenient that needs to be replaced every 14 days. For its production are used the minerals with a porous structure. At the expense of the pellets could remove the smell, the tray and legs of the animals will always remain dry, however, this type of filler is a lot of dust. The composition used should not flush down the toilet.


The clumping cat litter for the first time found a use for 50 years in England. How it works is simple: his pellets when wet and clumped together, forming a dense clump. Removing a lump from the tray, it was possible to avoid full content replacement.

The composition of such fillers is different:

  • clay (the most commonly used light types);
  • quartz, quartz sand;
  • aluminum silicates;
  • chalk;
  • minerals;
  • bentonite.

Approximately 60% of manufactured products in the world refers to the group of clumping cat litter. Due to the natural composition, these fillers are environmentally clean, they are very effective at absorbing moisture and odor.

Important! If you choose this type, you need to remember – once in two or three weeks the contents of the tray should be fully replaced, the pot thoroughly washed.

Owners of kittens should be very carefully monitor their Pets can swallow skakavica filler that will be very bad for them. Also, experts warn – rinse the material used in the toilet impossible. The approximate thickness of the layer of granules for protection against odor and moisture – not less than 8 cm.

These fillers are recommended for owners of a single animal, or to remove the lumps will be very common.

Silica gel

The filler is a granular sodium silicate having a high rate of absorption, it very well eliminates moisture and neutralizes odor. The average size of a granule, from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm. used For the production of polysilicic acid, allowing to obtain small granules with color blotches. When using such a filler should be removed from the solid waste tray and spread the granules so that the moisture is spread evenly.

Among the benefits is the long term of use the contents of the tray can not be changed during the month (if the cat one). If there is a characteristic smell of ammonia and the crystals become gel darker the color, the filler time to change. The product is among the most economical options, despite the fact that packaging costs about 180-200 rubles, it will last for a long time.

It is this type of structure is recommended for owners of multiple cats.

Japanese brand

For making these formulations use natural ingredients, while their consumption is very low, so these products are very economical.

You can select several options such fillers:

  • of starch and the paper is interesting because when wet it changes color;
  • of cellulose interspersed with charcoal, lumps;
  • tofu is made of compressed soy fibers.

Any of the Japanese trains can be washed off in the sewers.

Choosing the best option

When choosing a filler, you should take into account the size of the animal.

Granules are classified into three types:

  • large;
  • medium;
  • small.

The larger the cat, the larger granules will require. So, for kittens purchased only small options. And for large murok should choose a filler with the granules larger, otherwise small lumps will get stuck in the animal between the toes, causing discomfort.

It is very important to take into account the fact, that cats have a strong sense of smell, so the composition with a pronounced citrus flavor for cats will not work, but with a gentle smell of lavender will be more pleasant.

The best fillers on the market: advice of seasoned cat owner

The manufacturer of the product for many years does not leave the position of leader, which, of course, about the quality and prevalence of filler. It is best to buy such an option to the owners of the kittens little pellets will be very comfortable for babies and will help you quickly get used to the potty. The product allows you to maintain the apartment clean and tidy: urine, getting to the pellets encourages them to wrap it up in tidy clumps, which will securely hold the smell. Such lumps are not posted around the house, simply remove them with a special blade and back to bed in a vacant plot even a little money.

“Snow leopard” will not cause allergic reactions in cats, and the owners will save is one of the cheapest options. The only minus – it is impossible to flush the toilet.

Barsik – an economy product made by advanced technology, allowing the used litter should be flush down the toilet. It does not get stuck between the toes of an animal, quickly and effectively neutralizes odor and moisture, has a pleasant aroma. The product that will suit the owners of long-haired murok because its granules will not become entangled in wool.


The advantages of the product include low cost and quality. Ideal for large cats. But kittens should not be used. The filler can be washed off in the toilet, it is completely safe for animals and humans, does not cause allergies, quickly and effectively helps to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Are available and with large granules, which are suitable for large animal. It differs affordable price, ability to quickly absorb odor and moisture, but it is impossible to flush the toilet. The volume of the package is 3.5 or 4.5 kg.

Wood filler Kuzya will help to teach the naughty pet to use the tray. Thanks to the natural odor, it becomes more attractive for the cat, causing a desire to go to the potty. This option is not spread in the apartment and spent quite economical.


Popular in Russia biodegradable wood filler, very well mask the odor, helping to keep the apartment clean and tidy. Many owners note that cats use litter with great pleasure. This all natural product will help to extend the flat light pine aroma, the fine will absorb the unpleasant smell of ammonia and moisture. Thanks to the antibacterial properties this option is useful for the health of Pets.

Other popular options
  • Catsan. This is one of the most common of domestic remedies, the absorbency of the filler, the composition of which is pre-treated chalk, silica sand and minerals. Replacement is required about once a week. The average price for Russia – 270 rubles.
  • Clean paws. Granular clumping composition. Costs from 170 to 470 R.
  • Pi-Pi-Bent. Domestic lumps fillers bentonitovoj clay, in some products are added flavors. Depending on the volume is from 250 to 1,100 rubles.
  • Ever Clean. This clumping composition is made in the USA clay-based, consumed sparingly, but is quite expensive, perfect for owners of a single animal. Average price of the package – 1200 R.
  • Extreme Classic. Means canadian production, perfectly controls odor, allowing effortless to keep the house clean. Cost one pack of this composition is about 1500 rubles.

The choice of kitty litter is an important and responsible task to which the owner should be approached carefully and intelligently. The existing diversity , you can choose the most suitable options that will satisfy both the owner and the animal.

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