The most affectionate breeds of cats: description

When choosing a kitten, a lot of people pay attention not only to the appearance of the breed but also the character. This is normal, because everyone wants to have at home gentle and kind pet.

It is noteworthy that the nature of the cat or the cat can go on and breed and the conditions under which the animal grows. If the cat lives in a family where there is respect and understanding, and the cat is friendly. But, if the cat will constantly scare and beat, then he will be with caution and a certain aggression to treat people.

Why people choose a gentle breed.

This can be explained as follows:

  • Cat with gentle nature will not scratch hands and be aggressive. Especially this aspect is important when you have small child.
  • Affectionate cats don’t tend to retaliate. So even if you do something accidentally hurt, then no consequences will be.
  • Gentle animals are always playful and fun.
  • With them a good time, give themselves to be stroked and purr constantly.

An interesting fact is that cats are more attached to men and cats to women. Therefore, choosing a pet, consider also this fact.

What breed of cats are the most tame?

A simple answer to this question is quite difficult, as the nature affects not only the breed but the upbringing. But if we talk only about the breed, then you can make a whole list.

The most affectionate cat breeds:
  • Siberian;
  • the sphinxes;
  • Maine coons;
  • British cats;
  • Persian cats;
  • Siamese;
  • manxy;
  • Burmese cats;
  • ragdoll;
  • Russian blue;
  • Abyssinian;
  • exotic;
  • Kurilian Bobtail;
  • Scottish fold;
  • Singapore.
Siberian cat

This is the good breed of cat that is very strongly tied to their owners and always good with children. By themselves, these cats are large, have a long and thick coat. It is noteworthy, that the children’s period, this breed can last up to 5 years.

This is a very grateful cat, but in the open your feelings it won’t show, then expect from her Murjani on his knees. The Siberian cat is a good guard.


It should be noted that these cats do not have their own wool for warmth, so they want the heat from his master. Sphinx requires a lot of attention, and they very quickly get used to new people. However, keep in mind that Sphinx requires the company, as they do not like being alone.

Maine coons

This exotic cat is very friendly and lacquer. It should be noted that their luxury and a majestic appearance. Despite the fact that these cats look like real kings of beasts, they are very kind and loyal. It is noteworthy, that cats are distinguished by their affection, but cats are more loyal.

If to speak about their relationships with children, it should be noted that the children Maine coons calmly. However, due to the large size to keep the baby so the cat is not desirable.

The British

The British are among the most affectionate of cats. In addition, they get along well with children and respond well to training. These cats are very much attached to their owners, and can get to the fact that the animal will walk along behind its owner. It is noteworthy, that the British love to play with children but need to know the measure and not turn the cats into a living toy.

The Persian breed of cats

This breed is distinguished by its long and dense coat, a little snub nose and large eyes.

It should be noted that they have a peculiar character, however, the Persians very well be training. To strangers, these cats can be treated with some distrust, but without aggression.

Siamese cat

Many who believe that this breed is aggressive and vindictive. However, it is not. Its main drawback is jealousy. Siamese cats are good with children and very attached to their owners. In addition, this cat is very smart.

The Manx

This cat is not so quickly tied to the people, but if the owner managed to gain his trust, he provided a sea of love and kindness. Minxy love to play, so with children, they get along very well.

Burmese cats

This is a good animal with a very changeable mood. Now the kitten can run and play, and after a few minutes he can lie quietly and rest. In addition, these animals have a very interesting color and piercing eyes. It is noteworthy, that they are very easy to converge with strangers.


This hand made cat that requires a lot of attention and love. Ragdolly very loving and patient. Despite the fact that the Ragdoll has impressive size, he gets along well with children. If he will feel the aggression of the child, then he simply hide and will not attack him.

As you can see, is not only a very good cat, but smart.

The Russian blue breed

This cat will be a very long time to look to the new owner, however, then it will be the most faithful. Guests of the Russian blue is not very much.

Abyssinian cats

This is one of the most peaceful cats. In addition, they get along well with children and can not live without society.


By themselves, the exotics are very slow and the devotees. However, they are very hard to get used to new people and demands constant attention. Cats of this breed are considered to be more independent unlike cats, who are very much attached to their others.

Kurilian Bobtail

This kitty has a very funny tail that resembles the tail of a rabbit. It is noteworthy, that the Kurilian Bobtail lynx has the body type and thick fur. In addition, this dog is your dog’s habits.

These cats do not have usual cat odor.

Scottish fold

Special kind of breed. Its distinguishing feature is his ears drooping with the tips down. These cats are very loyal and are ideal for keeping in the apartment.

Singapore breed

This is a small and exotic animals. These cats show no aggression and very friendly. However, the cost of this pet will be very high.

How to choose a pet?

What cat or cat to take, choose each independently. In this case, should be guided solely by personal preferences. We should not forget that the nature of cats to a greater extent shapes its environment.

As a result, it should be noted that the proper upbringing play a crucial role. Therefore, a well-mannered cat is always affectionate and friendly.

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