The most original and funny names for cat-girls

True animal lovers believe that this pet name may not only describe the nature of the pet, but also to play a role in his life. To give the cat a suitable nickname, you should weigh all the pros and cons name.

Some call cats in honor of famous people, someone chooses a simple name, for example, the abbreviated name, but someone does and calls a pet as any subject. It all depends on the owner and his preferences, options nicknames for a cat – a huge amount.

Simple name for a cat

The world, Hell, Lala – these names are considered to be one of the simplest and most common nicknames of a cat. Plus, these names lies in their melody and small number of syllables, which are better accepted by animals. Some cats respond to the nickname, so you should choose simple names for easy understanding pet.

Simple names have their value, for example:

  • Ada – decoration;
  • Alla – second;
  • Anna – grace;
  • Bella – beautiful;
  • Veda – forest fairy;
  • Vita, Zoe – life;
  • DIN – faith;
  • Dora – gift;
  • Eve – life;
  • Jeanne – the grace of God;
  • Lala – pearl;
  • The world is amazing;
  • Nina – stubborn;
  • Ella – dawn.
Rare nicknames for cats

Interesting option – long names for cats. Girls Pets can be called original, unusual nicknames that are sure to attract the attention of their friends and family. Original and beautiful names often called pedigree cats.

Some examples of such names with values:

  • Augustine – the Holy;
  • Agrippina leg;
  • Angelina – to announce, to proclaim;
  • Amani – the desire;
  • Aphrodite – the Goddess of beauty;
  • Benedict – blessed;
  • Vasilisa – the wife of the ruler;
  • Violet, violet – violet;
  • Isabella – the vow;
  • Cristalina crystal;
  • Melissa, a bee;
  • Pelageya – the sea;
  • Penelope thread;
  • Regina – Queen;
  • Rosalind – a beautiful;
  • Roxanne – light;
  • Florentina – blooming.
Japanese names for cats

Of particular importance are the beautiful Japanese names for animals. Hear such names are especially interesting and original.

For example:

  • AMI – friend;
  • Amaya – night rain;
  • June – obedient;
  • Gina Gina or silver;
  • Kin – gold;
  • Marie – beloved;
  • Ray – courtesy;
  • Taka – noble;
  • Hikari – light;
  • Chi – wisdom;
  • Yuri – Lily.
Funny nicknames for cats

Some owners want to find original and fun cat name. Usually funny nicknames do not carry much importance, but you can choose a name for the cat, focusing on its nature, size, or color.

It can be such names as:

  • The kiwi is particularly suitable for brown cats with green eyes;
  • The bead or bubbles – small and agile;
  • Marshmallow – white, graceful cats;
  • Wafer for cats with gray or beige color and bright eyes;
  • Pin – clumsy;
  • Button – for small and careful;
  • Squishy – perfect for cute and small dogs;
  • Heel – the original name that will fit funny animals;
  • The fly – perfect for cats with black fur;
  • Celia – for noisy and loud;
  • Mouse – quiet, cautious cats with gray color.
Nicknames for cats-girls on the characteristics of
In color
  1. Black cat. The cat with the black color can be called agate, Maura, Melanie, black, Blackie, Sooty, to Find. All these nicknames, anyway, means black, dark or night.
  2. Red cat. These Pets will fit perfectly the following nicknames: orange, Tangerine, Beast, orange, Flash, Twinkle.
  3. White cat. If you have a favorite snow-white hair, then you can stop the choice on these nicknames: snowy, Watty, Creamsicle, Snow, Snow, Squirrel, snowflake, Drop, Milk, cristalina, Christy, frosty, Popsy, Angela, AISI, Fluff.
  4. Color cat. If a pet has two or more colors in your color, then you can call it that: rainbow, prism, Sailor, Pasta.

Large and fluffy cats can be called a biggie, Lopushok, Fluffy, Dumpling, Cheesecake, Motya, Bun, OPIE.

For small skinny kitties more appropriate such names as Minnie, Baby, Squishy, Carlita, Carly, Button, bubbles, Toothpick, Peacock (small).

For medium-size cats will fit the names: MIDI, media, Mean, Median, Maddie.


Imposing, important and warlike cats include: Bagheera, Princess, Queen, Cougar, Lynx, Panther, Queen, Cleopatra.

For a calm, quiet and affectionate cats you should choose suitable nicknames: Masyanya, Lisa, mania, Pepe.

Other nicknames for cats

For those who have not found a suitable name, there are several original and beautiful cat names:

  • A: Adelia, Adelina, Angelina, Aroma, Asselin, Anita, Arina, Astoria, Athena, Akira, Azalea, Antonina, Annelie, Annelie, Astra, Aqua, Alla, Anna, Alun, Alina, Arina, Alan.
  • B: Bavaria, Belle, Bellatrix, Brandy, Brianna, Blondie, Bertha, Bethany, Betty, Bichon, Beech, Butterfly, Barbie, Bloom, Bonnie, Ballerina.
  • In: Vasilisa, Varvara, Hyacinth, Vanilla, Thief, Venus, Valentina, Valencia, Viola, Wendy, Vera, Velma, Woody, Victoria, Wave, Vila, Vienna, Cooking, Val, Valerie, Cherry, Victoria, Vanessa.
  • G: Gerta, Greta, Gerda, Grace, Gwen, Hermione, Eggs.
  • D: Dana, Diana, Dumka, Dean, Darcy, Dusty, Diva, Darin, Dinar, Dinora, Justin, Diamond, Daisy, GA, Jennifer, Jenny, Jesse, Juliet, Demetria, Demi, Tiara, Dasha, Jade, Danny, Denise, Dora, Dori.
  • E: Elena, Elizabeth, Evangelina, BlackBerry.
  • W: Giselle, Geneva, Josephine, Jasmine, Jules, Jura, Eugene, Pearl.
  • Z: Gold, Zarina, Zenya, Zita Zina, Dawn, Badass, Ash, Gold, Star.
  • And She, Ilana, Ilona, Toffee, Needle, Yvette, Inga, Inna, Indira, India, Truth, Inessa.
  • To: Cornelia, Cordelia, Helmet, Cap, Carmelita, Camilla, Cassandra, Christina, Camellia, Katana, Kianna, Caramel, Katherine, Cola, Kim, Xenia, Crown, Kate, Kikki, Coco, Pigtail, Bag, Strawberry, Kristina, Katia, Carla, Candy, Kylie, Karina, Kira, Kastoria, Candice, Kitty, A Creole.
  • L: Lolita, Lala, Lala, Fox, Fox, Lissa, Lana, Lupe, Moon, Face, Larissa, Helen, Liana, Louisa, Lavender, L’oreal, Lassie, Linda, Lasagna, Lily, Lulu, Lily, Swallow, Lucy, Lake, Lucrezia, Lucky, Laura.
  • M: Mastic, Mirinda, Masha, Bowl, Manta Ray, Mick, Mystery, Mara, ‘malley, Moon, Peace, Makarushka, Miley, Murka, Raspberry, Martha, Maya, Milena, Milan, Marina, Mona Lisa, Merengue, Baby, Cute, Manja, Mary, Molly, Mal, Coin, Marguerite Muse.
  • N: Anastasia, Nika, Nina, Niki, Nymph, Note, Nancy, Naya, Noor, Nara, Nyusha.
  • About: Ophelia, Omega, Olivia, Olga, Oreo, Odette.
  • P: Pamela, Pandora, Palm, PIM, Pepsi, Punya, Peck, Piper, Lipstick, Grit, Button, Pippi, Pauline, Primrose, Pony, Squishy, Pillow, Pizza, Pearl, Persephone, Pallet, Proserpine, Paprika.
  • R: Rita, Glad, Radmila, Rebecca, Dew, Rue, Rose, Ri, Rocky, Lash, Ruby, Handle, Mermaid, Conch, Roxanne, Rosemary, Rosamund, Rosalie, Rebecca, Renata, Romilda.
  • From: Sabina, Stella, Cindy, Sabrina, Cynthia, Suzanne, Sandra, Serena, Smiley, Sitora, Sophia, Sapphire, Sausage, Sausage, Shackle, Salsa, Svetlana, Mote, Sarah, Hunky, Plum, Skye, Stephanie, Sasha, Cynthia.
  • T: Tiana, Tina, Tablet, Tasha, Trinity, Tamara, Tonya, Trina, Tessa, Tutsi, Tiara, Tara Roach, Tiffany, Trisha, Twiggy, Quiet, Tanya, Tibby.
  • From: Oz, Snail, Ursula, Una.
  • F: Fantasy, Fairy, Fanta, Frida, Flora, Fauna, Phyllis, Fancy, Foxy, Faina, Fortune, Phoebe.
  • XL: Chloe, Hillary, Helen, Holly, Harry, Christopher, Hilda, Chris.
  • C: Process, Cyanite, Caca, Colors, Carina, Cesarina.
  • H: Chara, Chelsea, Chara, Cherry Tomatoes, Chips.
  • Sh: Shakira, Chanel, Shimmer, Shine, Joke, Charlotte.
  • E: Edita, Erica, Anne, Alice, Alison, Amy, Eureka, Elvira, Elmira, Elnara, Elle, Esther, Emma, Elina, Emilia, Esteriya.
  • Yu: Yulia, Yuna, Yusta, Justin, Juliana, Julianna.
  • Me: Yar, Yana, Yanta, Ioannina, Eggs, Peanut.

By choosing a nickname for your pet should be treated carefully. If the pet starts to respond to his name, so the cat’s name matched perfectly. However, it is worth remembering that cats rarely respond to the nickname. Do not choose offensive or not suitable to the cat or the cat the nickname, because it might offend animal. The cat is the mascot that brings a huge amount of positive emotions in the house, so his name you need to choose responsibly.

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