The pros and cons of various pet cats

“Cat people” know how hard cats tolerate the road, they also know that their furry Pets can hardly stand the loneliness and even temporary separation from their owners.

That is why they take their Pets along for the trip and trying to provide them maximum comfort, get a special cat carrying benefit today in any specialty store you can find a carrier for cats to suit every taste and wallet.

The types of pet cats

At the moment in any pet store you can find these types pet cats, as:

  • carrying bags out of fabric (with one side open for better access of air);
  • the back carrier (very convenient since the hands of the owner remains free);
  • baskets (including large cats such breeds as the St. Petersburg masquerade and Maine Coon);
  • capacity foldable road (for those owners whose cats trained to walk on a leash);
  • carrying containers made of plastic.

Each pet cat has its advantages and disadvantages.

The pros and cons of carrying bags made of fabric

Carrying bags for cats from fabric

  • economical (this is the cheapest option of all is that the proposed market);
  • made of hypoallergenic fabric;
  • have durable fittings (including straps by which the bag is easy to carry on shoulder);
  • have a special mesh to facilitate air access;
  • have a stylish design (most often done in the form of a conventional bag, backpack or small suitcase size).

Some models have special heaters for the cold time of the year, special neck (for those Pets that are calm), a set of wheels that facilitates transportation. Some models can easily be transformed into houses for cats or couches, so that their purchase will save on other elements of the “cat interior” in the house.

If we talk about the cons, the main one is the lack of a solid day bag-carrying for the cats. Soft bottom not allowing the cat to take a comfortable position. Some models have a rigid frame. In this case, it is necessary to check its flexibility. If the frame does not bend, then buy a bag is not necessary. It can break and injure the animal. The backpacks also have a disadvantage: they cats get carsick, especially if you intend a long trip. As well as, bags of fabric difficult to clean, they are unhygienic, easily get wet in the rain and in that case, if the cat suddenly “embarrass”.

In any case, the cat should sometimes be released from carrying bags, to take on hands, to stroke, to give to walk the earth, to celebrate natural needs. By the way, now is thought a large number of accessories bags – perenosok, including special drinkers, litter, blanket, bowls for feeding.

Thus, carrying bags of soft fabric is the perfect solution for transporting animals for a short distance. If you imagine a long trip, it is better to give preference to baskets and containers-carrying plastic.

The pros and cons of plastic containers and baskets

Plastic containers and baskets are convenient, especially the fact that

  • spacious (the cat can walk about and relax, take a comfortable position; the animal feels comfortable, while protected against accidental touch of a stranger);
  • have a durable plastic frame;
  • perfectly ventilated;
  • durable;
  • have reliable hardware (usually on the plastic containers, there are special combination locks that will not open no one but the owner).

Also, such carrying easy to clean, they are hygienic (they are especially easy to transport young kittens and sick animals who either are not potty-trained or do not control their natural needs).

Disadvantages of plastic containers and baskets can be considered

  • cumbersome (such carrier can be worn in the hand, instructing on the shoulder or across the body it is impossible, and to keep only on the earth or seat, as on her knees she could not fit);
  • the lack of warming (although some models are lined on the inside with a special soft cloth, but it is clear that Platina basket will not save the cat from rain, snow and wind).
What guided the selection of carrying bags for cats

It is clear that to select a carrier it is necessary following:

  • the age of the animal;
  • its size;
  • type of temperament;
  • the health of the animal.

It is also necessary to consider the ultimate purpose carrying. If there are no particularly long trip or just walking, you can buy a carrier of fabric, if you are going to move, long trip, it is better to choose a durable plastic container. There are special models pet. Which are designed for the carriage of cats in trains, planes, cars. Be sure to consult with the seller and pick up the model right under the one form of transport on which to move.

You should definitely pay attention to

  • the material (fabric, plastic, or wicker-work; it is best to choose plastic netting, as wood can become moldy or rotten, it will affect the animal’s health);
  • size (it is typically shown in the format of height – length – width);
  • the system of ventilation (air must get inside easy to carry, it should be enough);
  • the presence of “observation Windows” (cats by nature are very curious and landscape “behind a window” may distract them from worrying about their fate and complaints about it);
  • the quality of the hardware (all locks and straps should be durable, they should not break during transportation of the animal; container carrier best buy with a metal door, it is more durable than plastic);
  • the density and flexibility of the frame (the animal should feel comfortable and easy to take your favorite pose; remember that if the cat does not feel the supports under the legs, then starts to get nervous);
  • the presence of odors (the smell suggests that for the manufacture of the carrying bags used substandard materials, such things are better not to buy);
  • insulation (not all carrying containers and baskets can boast the presence of insulation, so it will have to take care of yourself; pay attention to whether the ability to bind the container with foam).

If funds allow you can buy different carrying bags designed for travel and for walking, Hiking, guests and visits to the doctor.

The most popular brands

Today almost all stores can be found carrying such brands as

  • MP Bergamo
  • Yami-Yami,
  • Darell, Zoo M,
  • Trendy,
  • Gamma,
  • Dogman,
  • Moderna
  • Triol,
  • Midwest.

Remember that the pet be transported in a conventional shopping bags undesirable. Animal, and so are in a stressful situation, will feel worse due to the fact that he’s not comfortable. In case of animal transportation, you should buy a leash for cats. This optional accessory will allow you to “walk” the animal. Run on the grass or even just sit at the feet of the owner, the cat usually calms down.

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