The Somali cat: the nature and description of Somalia

Unique and mysterious breed of cats Somalia or as it is also called a Somali cat, in fact, is a descendant of the Abyssinian species, the only difference between them is only in the fact that Somalia coat is longer and thick than the Abyssinian.

The history of the breed

The origin of Somalia takes roots from Ethiopia, once called Abyssinia. It was here that was first recorded occurrence of the Abyssinian breed. As for the question about where the Abyssinian came so long hair, then the answer is still not found.

There are two assumptions: either it is the result of centuries of genetic mutations or a consequence of the crossing of this breed with other varieties of cat.

In any case, the first breed of cats Somalia became known in 1965, when Canada officially registered the breed. American breeder E. Magu by crossing two breeds Abyssinians – American and canadian, got into the light a new species of cat. [ called Somalia.

And only in 1972 the Somali cat breed was officially recognized by the American Cat Association as a separate and independent breed.

The Somali cat: description and external signs

Besides the fact that Somalia is very different from other cat breeds due to their dense and long fur, its obvious external signs are also very long, fluffy tail and small size, whereby it is customary to call “home Fox.”

The main distinguishing features of this breed are:

  • the average weight of which ranges from three to five pounds;
  • the growth of the adult animal can reach 30 cm;
  • Somali cat, despite its size, is the owner of a very strong, muscular and flexible body with very soft and smooth contours;
  • due to the delicate bend in her back, always created the impression that the cat of this breed is always ready to instant jump;
  • thorax slightly arched and rounded;
  • Somalia has a very thin and along with the slender front and rear legs. The end of the legs are rounded, and the tips on the bottom of the paws are very delicate and thin. It is remarkable that the cats of this breed between the pads on the paws highly visible tufts of wool, thanks to which the animal is always present graceful and soft gait;
  • as regards the shape of head, it this breed has a wedge-shaped and resembles somewhat the heart. While it is relatively small and very distinct tapers to the chin;
  • muzzle pet can be compared to Fox – it has smooth and soft contours. And this breed, in any case can not be pointed form of the muzzle;
  • has a small chin without explicit occlusion;
  • but the lugs in Somalia is quite large. A distinctive feature is the presence of the tapered ends of the ears are small brushes;
  • the animal is very long and fluffy tail, which is very much like a Fox. Despite the fact that the tail is really thin, it is impossible to see because it is covered with abundant hair;
  • on the face flaunt attractive eyes that have a clear path, which gives the feeling that the eye of the cat circled outline. As for the color of the pupils, it is, as a rule, emerald green, hazel or amber;
  • the Somali cat is the owner of a very thick and soft wool. Moreover, it is denser, the better for her.

To distinguish the Somali cat can be its unique colour: a warm and shining color, sometimes with explicit manifestations of ticking. The undercoat of cats of this breed are much brighter their skin.

If you compare the standards, in the priority of Somalia, which lacks any markings in the abdomen, on the legs and chest. As for the tail, then it should not be ring. Normal darkening of the coat along the spine and up to the tip of the tail.

The standard colors of the Somali cats are:

  • very unusual look cats who are holders of a bluish color, when the hair giving a blue tinge from the haze. The norm in this color is the presence on the surface of the fur bluish-grey stripes, while the base is a beige color fur. The cat with this color should have pads blue color, and the nose to have a brownish tint;
  • the main pattern is wild. That is, in this embodiment, the animal hair has a reddish-brown or reddish tinge, and the tips of the hairs are black. Legs and chest of this breed with a wild color must have apricot hue. While the strip running along the spine, has a dark color. Between the pads there is a coat of dark color on his chest and lips area or nose can be a small light blotches. The lower part of the legs can have a black or dark shade;
  • as for sorrel, the body of the animal in this case has a unique copper-red color that is comparable to the color of the ROE. The basis of the undercoat has a light cream color, while the limbs and the nose of the cat is pink in color;
  • upon the fawn, the coat of the Somali cat streaked cream shade with the dark tint all over the surface. The undercoat at the base of a light color. Nose the cat and the pads on the legs have a soft pink tint;
  • cats silver color differ in that their undercoat has a white shade. While silver may have a few unique shades ranging from fawn and blue, and ending with red.

It should be noted the fact that the final color with ticking Somali cat breed formed a very long time.

Character traits of the breed

Unlike most other breeds, the Somali cat stands out for its vitality, mobility and excessive playfulness. The movement for this breed is everything, and the game of life accompanies this breed. Curiosity and inclination to learn – the main features of the Somali breed of cats.

If the owner Somalia for some reason can’t play with her and pay attention to, care should be taken that the cat definitely had toys that she will be able to occupy themselves for a long time. Otherwise, a restless cat herself will find something else to do, and take your curiosity elsewhere.

In addition, this breed is very affectionate and absolutely neuroma. It is perfect for games with young kids – the cat is not aggressive, but because she will never release their claws or hard biting even in the game. If pranks cats get that far, then at any time you can stop one time to say enough to the cat ceased to indulge. Because Somalia does not need constant repetition of the same requests of his master.

If you start to deal with the kitty since early childhood, he learned his lessons, and then will unquestioningly execute commands of its owner.

Cat Somalia: features competent care

Average life expectancy in Somalia is 13-16 years. Despite good health, in order to extend the longevity of the cats of this breed, it is necessary to properly care for.

Basic rules of care are as follows:

  • the Somali cat loves fresh air, so pet requires a daily walk. But to a curious pet running away in search of adventure, it is enough to walk on a leash – the cat will be very easy to treat such as security;
  • as the Somali cat an abundant and long coat, her need to constantly comb and care for her. This is the perfect brushing with a slicker brush is sufficient to do this procedure at least a couple times a week;
  • despite the fact that cat fur is never confused and does not roll down, the animal should be bathed periodically, especially if the pet is restless strongly smeared. However, remember that to wash the cat with water, which has lots of chlorine or shampoos with a high content of alkali and chemistry cannot. For cleaning use only special shampoos, which are exclusively of natural components;
  • as the cats claws grow very quickly, the owner will need to provide timely care. For this, the growth of claws, they should be periodically trimmed. You can use the special tweezers. Before you begin this procedure, you should handle the claws and any instrument disinfectant;
  • with regard to the care of the ears Somalia, it is not less important part of taking care of the cat because the infection can have a detrimental effect on the health of your beloved pet. It is therefore very important to calibrate the ears, they systematically cleaned and rinsed from germs;
  • that cat was always active and healthy, he should provide systematic care for their teeth because this breed is very prone to various diseases of the oral cavity;
  • as for the food, for Somalia as a suitable purchase food and natural. Importantly, the diet of a pet includes fibers, proteins and carbohydrates. It should be remembered that mixed feeding is very harmful to the digestive tract of your pet, so the choice should be done on any form of diet.

Of course, not enough to care for without systematic visits to the vet and vaccinations required pet.

Some of the features peculiar only to Somalia

Somali cat, unlike most other breeds, has the following features:

  • pet easy to train, so with the right approach we can ensure that the cat will easily understand his master, and will obey his commands;
  • this breed needs constant care and attention – the loneliness of Somalia only hurts and drives one to despair, which can trigger the development of certain diseases;
  • unlike other breeds, the Somali cat just loves playing with water and in the water;
  • it is very mobile and restless which is extremely difficult to stay calmly on one place. So, for example, if the lead Somalia to the exhibition or a competition, it is unlikely to sit quietly in one place and wait for completion;
  • although the Somali breed is characterized by a thick and long fur, they can not be saved from drafts and cold;
  • despite the fact that this breed is quite resistant to many types of diseases, characteristic of cats, some nuances still need to consider: the Somali cat is often suffer from gingivitis. In addition, though rarely, but still there are cases of the disease autoimmune anemia, which is a good treatable;
  • since cats of this breed is very dynamic and restless, they are often victims of their own actions: the injury of the extremities as a result of high jumping is common in their lives;
  • the Somali breed cats prone to obesity and overeating, so if the owner does not want to prevent such situations, we need to control the diet of your pet.

The representatives of this unique breed will be a good Pets for a large family where there are children. They are very patient and totally non-aggressive. The most important thing that can not please the true lovers of cats is a great learning Somalis.

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  1. on the face flaunt attractive eyes that have a clear path, which gives the feeling that the eye of the cat circled outline. As for the color of the pupils, it is, as a rule, emerald green, hazel or amber;

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