The Thai cat. Description of the breed and nature of

If you want to have a pet that will become your faithful friend, but the dog does not suit you, please note the Thai cat. These cats are a favorite of breeders – they are affectionate, very loyal to his master and at the same time willful.

The origin story of the Thai cat breeds

Native Thai cats from Siam. They are very similar to Siamese in appearance, but they are different species. The ancestors of both breeds are staroselskoe cats, which were very popular in the nineteenth century.

For the first time talking about them in the fifteenth century. Then they lived in the palaces of emperors and temples, where they were protected and considered sacred animals.

Section two of the breed took place in the XIX century, after the cats were brought to Europe. Take out the cats of this breed from the country was strictly forbidden, but the British General in sign of great appreciation has been given a gift in the form of two Thai cats. These kittens and became rodonachalnik Thai breed.

When the Europeans saw these cute animals, they were delighted with them, and eventually these kittens won the hearts of people around the world.

The Thai cat: a description of the breed and character

These cats do not grow large. This is a very fine and strikingly beautiful animalsthat are striking in their generosity. In spite of its elegance, they have well-formed muscles, which gives them the ability to move at ease and confident. Eyes – the pride of this breed, they are blue in color and almond-shaped.

There is a legend which tells that the beautiful eyes of cats were given for their dedication and loyalty. Wool is also different from the fur of other cats, it has a matte finish. And even if a cat washed in a special shampoo, hair will remain opaque and begins to Shine.

Especially Thai cat:

  • The trunk is slender and elegant. Figure – proportional. The body shape of this breed is round, size is medium.
  • The head is rounded, and the muzzle is wedge-shaped. The nose is at eye level and slightly curved. The chin and nose tip have the form of a straight line. The muzzle is slightly rounded, has no sharp edges, and the transitions are smooth.
  • Eyes – blue, slightly slanted, almond shape. This intense eye color inherent only in this breed. Upper eyelid like not a full month, and the lower curve to the rounded line. The eyes are set widely.
  • Widely placed ears, slightly elongated, and the top rounded. Have an average size. Are rather the sides of the head than at the top. In the ears can be brush.
  • Length: medium length, but there are cats with short necks.
  • The tail of these animals have strong, but rather short. At the end of the tail is slightly pointed.
  • Legs are small and slender, with well-developed muscles. They are slightly shorter than those of Siamese cats.
  • Cat of the Thai breed have strabismus and slightly chubby cheeks.

The coat color of Thai cat breeders is called color-point, because the torso of the ivory light, and her ears, paws and tail are darker in tone. On the face of Thai cat, you can see the so-called mask, which has a dark color.

The colors of the coat of this breed is very diverse, woolen cover can have a single color, but some areas may be topped with dark stripes and spots.

There are colors:

  1. Seal point – cream body with brown spots.
  2. Blue-point – blue-white hue.
  3. Lilac point coat has a shade of ivory with pinkish-brown spots.
  4. Tortie-point – wool cream with red markings.
  5. Caramel point – Magnolia white shade with brown and gray spots.
  6. Fawn point – white coat with a grayish-blue spots on the legs and muzzle.
  7. Red point – white hair, which has a reddish hue on the face, ears and paws.
  8. Tabby point body there are markings that are clearly visible, they can be of different color.
  9. Cream point – white fur with cream spots.
  10. Chocolate point coat has the color of ivory, and her milk-chocolate spots.
A description of the nature of the Thai cat breed

Thai cats are very smart and intelligent, they are very easy to train. Character are affectionate and friendly. Cats are very obedient and infinitely loyal to his master. These cats will meet you at the threshold, and then will not depart from you.

They really don’t like being alone, but love to walk and travel, quickly get used to the new house.

This cat will get you a great friend and will even amuse your baby. He will understand that the child is small and will not show him aggression.

In addition, they are very curious and learning something new, can create a mess in the house. Yet, they are jumping – when you leave the house close all Windows, and then returned, will look for your pet in the street.

They get along very well with other animals, but they are much more interesting in human society. These cats talking, so that the owner can easily understand what he wants from the animal. Their every action is accompanied by a meow, which has a different intonation.

The Thai cat is proud and very touchy. So that attention should be given to her. If the house will be another animal, she will be offended and pretend not to notice it.

But they are flexible. Thai kittens are very lively and playful, have a high intelligence. Almost immediately, they can be taught several commands. But it should be done carefully if they push this, they will identify aggression.

They are great to catch mice, and the house is filled with a cheerful meow. Even the kitten Thai very developed facial expressions, he may have to cheer down funny faces.

They should be treated just the bad attitude they will not tolerate. Cats hold grudges and resentment will never forget. They are very aggressive to angry people. They belong to man as man to them. If the owner will surround the animal with love and care, the cat will respond in kind and never be aggressive.

Feeding Thai cats

After you have a kitten, you need to determine its feeding. You have two options: natural food and foodthat you can buy in the store. Feed and food, and homemade food at the same time, you should not.

If you decide to stay for a home cooked meal, you must balance the power and to include in the diet porridges and soups, meat and sea fish. Liver and seafood in the diet should be very little, as these products change the color of wool.

Milk shouldn’t, it can cause stomach upset. Instead of milk you can give unsalted cheese and yogurt, which have no additives.

The food you give your kitten should be slightly warmed.

If you choose a food for your cat, they need to give the queue of canned food. While looking to the cat drinking enough water.

Cats should be fed twice a day. Little kittens up to six times a day, as they are very active. Food is given in small portions.

The diet must include:

  • dairy products that have fat;
  • the yolk of boiled eggs;
  • chicken
  • beef.

Very well,if the kitten or adult cat is eating raw fruits and vegetables. But if she is don’t like a dish, mix vegetables and fruits with meat, before rubbing them on a fine grater.

Disease Thai cats

Mainly Thais rarely get sick, but it is possible. If your cat lost his appetite, dropped weight, or drastically changed appearance, contact your veterinarian.

This breed can be the following diseases:

  1. diabetes mellitus;
  2. tumor of the breast;
  3. lung cancer;
  4. heart disease;
  5. hydrocephalus.

These cats live up to fifteen years, and if proper care, a cat can live up to twenty-five years.

Caring for the Thai breed

Thai cats do not cause much trouble to their owners. Every day to comb them don’t need to do it once a week. Many people who have these cats do not use combs, and just petting an animal with a wet hand. To start the procedure of ear cleaning is necessary since the appearance of the kitten in the house, so the cat was used to it.Teeth need limit special attention, because the breed tends to hurt dental disease.

To acquire a cat of the Thai breed in the kennels that exist in any country.

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