There are tri-colored cats or only cats?

Not every breeder has cats knows that tri-color color says it is only a privilege of females. Experts believe that rare instances of trichromatic color can become males. But these cats are usually infertile. Many cat lovers would like to have a tri-color cat.

Other fans of furry animals know about the most common accept that three-colored cat brings home good luck. Happy animals of this family are those whose color is white, red and black shade.

There are tri-color cats: the signs and secrets

The combination of a variety of color solutions on color of the animal explains this sign. White color is always the symbol of purity and innocence. Red always brings home wealth and is responsible for the health of the owners of the cat. Black is protection from evil forces. If we combine all colors in one, three-colored cat is valued much more than other plain of his family.

What do you think about tri-colored animals in the world?

Tricolor color of the cat in Japan is a symbol of wealth and happiness. At the door put a figure of such an animal. It should keep a paw to your ear is a sign. To the house and all who live in it flourished – be sure to put a figure in front of the entrance door.

In Muslim countries also appreciate trichromatic mammals. They symbolize protection against fire. Muslims also set up figures of animals in his house. In England, the cat tricoloured symbolizes warmth and protection.

The sailors on the ships definitely hold the cat this color. It saves them from possible shipwrecks and other bad weather. But the tricolor color is not suggests that can be present only on cats. The owner of a rare color considered to be male. A cat with such a tandem dye – it is not uncommon among families of the animal. But as is formed on the fur of three colors?

Everything happens at the genetic level and is considered an anomaly. It is present not only at cats, but all mammals. In Zoology it is called the alternative genome. If women XX chromosome instead of the two found one, it leads to abnormal processes such as the presence of the tricolor colors.

Basically, in our country you can find a trichromatic color mongrel creatures.

In Zoology there are two types of colors:

  • Calico dominated by red and black colors.
  • Harlequin, where the cat has a white color, but on the face, back or tail can appear different shades.

Meeting with such a cat – a huge rarity. In America, the mammals are considered not only abnormal but rare. They are under the protection of the state. So if you found this cat in the yard or somewhere in other place take care of it! And if you take it home you will find a huge luck, if you believe the signs.

Does tri-colored tortoise-shell cat?

Before. than to answer this popular question, let’s define what was meant by “tri-color cats with tortoiseshell”. This is a family that has a unique color – combination of black, red or white.

Actually these cats are, but are born very rarely. To meet this cat is a rarity, the animal brings happiness to the house. If you accidentally met him on the street – it is not necessary to think, need to take him to his home.

What are the chances to get tricolor offspring from cats? Schematically, the relationship between a cat and a cat you can build on a number of chromosomes. That is, the cat is present in two chromosomes, while the cat has only one. It turns out that the cat may appear in combinations of three colors, and the male is not. But the abnormal gene may appear different, therefore, one chance in a million animals , the gene can manifest itself in the form of not two colors and three.

As an example, should consider the most popular combination of the appearance of tortoiseshell cats. If you have a red male and consolidate it with black female, fifty percent will be born tortie female and a black male. Kittens male take the color from my mother. The same thing will happen with other options. It is possible, if dad is black and mom is red, the cats will appear red and the kitties will once again be the turtle.

Genes in this anomaly is only localized in the X chromosome, and are fixed in the Y-chromosome, where they cannot gain a foothold and be passed from mother to son. Tri-color color happens only in cats. But given the fact that cats still have an X chromosome, these colors are still possible.

Tri-color cat: genetics

Tri-color cat is not only rare, but also the nature of the error. The result of the fusion of all chromosomes seals can only be obtained from one set of sex chromosomes is XXY. Only in this case, an error may occur and be born a tortoiseshell cat.

Such animals are born sterile by anomalies and by the presence of only one chromosome. That is, as soon as they are born, to convey his trezvenost they can’t. They are fruitless and to continue their family, they can not. In science distinguish tri-color color in cats and Syrian hamsters, where the gene that interlock with the floor, the future coat.

Today, science is powerless against the cat of trezvenost. Scientists still have not identified a method that could clone trezvenost. As a result, many studies to trezvenost possible only if there are monochrome moms and dads. In addition, to repeat the color is impossible all female mammals, which have two chromosomes.

Folk beliefs about animals tri-color

Like any other anomaly in the people, this is not only a genetic process, as a symbol of something extraordinary.

In the culture of almost all countries these animals bring good luck and happiness. Consider the basic beliefs.

  1. American animals bring monetary wealth.
  2. In Tokyo the animals as if beckoning to buy lottery tickets and win.
  3. Japanese sailors not only think the cat – talisman on the ship. Present on Board the tricolor fluffy protects the ship from all sorts of weather disasters and other possible harm.
  4. In ancient times, this cat was worth, as the ship, so as to bring good luck and wealth.

Nowadays the tradition has survived until now, many Nations acoustilay such mammals with many benefits to humans.

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