Ukrainian Levkoy: description of the breed

Cat breeds Ukrainian Levkoy is an exotic animal, it resembles a delicate flower, after whom it was named. They are as soft and velvety skin. Cats of this breed is characterized by lightness, delicacy and grace.

They have pronounced sexual dimorphism, so to distinguish the female from the male at a glance. These Pets differ gentle calm disposition, which makes them so popular among animal lovers.

This breed is bred recently and currently is in the experimental phase. A new breed differed so unusual appearance that it has received an equally unusual name. The ears of this breed are curved and shaped like a flower Wallflowers. The basis for selection work was triggered by two dominant mutations – assertnull and islohot. The result was bred this breed.

Characteristic of the breed and physical description

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cat breed with no wool. Is of medium size, body animal lithe and muscular. On the skin’s surface there are always a large number of folds. Skin temperature always remains fairly high.

In addition, cat breeds of the Ukrainian left is different amazingly beautiful eyes large in size and almond shaped.

  1. Unique appearance due to the Wallflowers bare skin with lots of wrinkles and pendulous ears. Such a seal is difficult to confuse with other species. Although it should be noted that among this breed can meet and straight individuals. Such instances are very valuable for breeding, but can not participate in exhibitions. To have these cats were born healthy offspring to a parent pair needs at least one animal with upright ears.
  2. Specimens of the Wallflowers have a high degree of sociability and need constant company. However, these cats will not irritate the owner by compulsion and excessive talkativeness. The assurances breeders, Wallflowers differ in a low voice with a pleasant timbre. The voice of these animals begin feeding only in the most extreme cases, when you feel abandoned or feel physical discomfort.
  3. The hair on the body of the Ukrainian Wallflowers missing. The skin forms numerous folds. The main folding is marked on the head near the eyes and ears, the body in the inguinal and axillary areas. However, not all kittens are born naked Wallflowers. As this breed obtained by crossing with scottishlady, which has pretty thick fur, some cats are entirely velvety (brushes) or may have hair on head, tail and paws.

Cats of Ukrainian Levkoy breed is very affectionate and gentle, they selflessly devoted to someone you consider to be your host.

  1. These animals are perfectly in contact and coexist in the same house with other Pets.
  2. Cats have a fairly high level of intelligence, curiosity and highly inquisitive mind. They very quickly learn and adapt to new conditions. A flexible mind and ingenuity allow them to find a way out of any situation.
  3. With the right upbringing these buddies become the most hassle-free. They very quickly become accustomed to the tray and not even stain the floor filler.
  4. In all his goodness and softness. – animal is very strong. If the owner for a very long time not paying attention to him – the cat-suited, gently touching a paw and meows quietly, as if asking for attention.
  5. Wallflowers is a very exciting and fun, wonderful companions and great nanny. They with great pleasure can play with young children and be a companion for the elderly.
  6. For all that garnet needs to be acceptance as a full member of the family.
Features care and maintenance

Since these animals almost completely devoid of hair, they are strongly advised not take it for a walk outside in the cold season. Their skin has high temperature and very sensitive to external influences. Significant changes in temperature in either direction can negatively affect the health of the animal and the state of his health.

Today there is not enough information about the health of this breed. This is due to the youthfulness of the population and little experience breeding. There is also no data about the duration of their lives, as the breed was developed only 12 years ago.

Be aware that this breed of cats is in your genotype from 2 mutations and may be susceptible to some hereditary diseases that are inherent in the Sphinx and satisfagan.

  1. These cats need care and care as well as other “naked” breed. They are very harmful dry air and the rays of the sun. For the skin of these animals is extremely harmful and dangerous damage.
  2. Ukrainian Levkoy claws should be regularly trimmed neatly.
  3. Of the eyes and skin of these Pets require very careful and regular care.
  4. The skin of the animal should be regularly cleaned with special wipes. In addition, cat requires frequent bathing, otherwise it begins to emit a very specific odor and stain furniture and soft things. This is due to the excessive production of skin secretions. In General we can say that these cats are happy to take water treatments. Of course, the water must be warm.
  5. The power of the Wallflowers is a separate issue. On the one hand, they are omnivorous, but it can play a cruel joke with them. In addition to quick weight gain, so the cat can drag in your mouth, even something that is not edible. Therefore, if in the house there was a garnet, it is better to remove from his sight all that he is able to chew and swallow.
  6. Hanging out with cats on the street only warm seasons, like avoiding hypothermia and overheating of the animal.

To talk about the hunting instincts of this breed is still difficult. Because the breed is very young and quite expensive, the owners carefully protect their Pets. However, there is evidence that these animals can hunt for mice and frogs. An indirect confirmation of this is the behavior of the animal during active outdoor games.

Disadvantages of the breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy

Like any breed of animal, Ukrainian Wallflowers have a number of inherent drawbacks:

One of the leading drawbacks is the youth of the breed and its small size. The first breed of Ukrainian Levkoy was officially registered in 2004.

Because populations of thoroughbred Wallflowers extremely small, they have to knit not only from other breeds, but even with purebred animals. The main condition to such appearance to the parent of approximately corresponded to the requirements of the standards.

By purchasing a kitten, no one owner can’t get an absolute guarantee that his pet will grow into a full-fledged Wallflowers, and not in the blood.

Health this breed is also not fully understood. Thus, this breed is able to present a lot of variety of surprises – both pleasant and not too.

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