Until what age grow cats?

Until what age grow cats? This question may ask like an adult and a child. A study of the growth and development of animals engaged in science – age physiology and anatomy.

They give us the answer to what happens to the body during the lifetime. This science gives a clear understanding of up to what age are growing cats and cats and from which this process depends.

Until what age grow cats?

One of the largest breeds recognized cat the Maine Coon. He is a leader among his own kind. His height is one meter and twenty-three centimeters. The mass of its body is nine pounds, at the age of three years. Experts notet that these figures for the animal not the limit. As in the long term continues to grow. But among home owners fuzzies quite often the question arises, to what age do cats grow?

The answer may be controversial, as sexual development may occur at any age. That is, in a certain period of cats stop to stretch out for each other. Some continue to grow. Many factors determine the size of a cat.

Up to what age cats grow?

If your pet has not gained as many inches of growth or weight as a well-known breeds that have acquired massive popularity. Do not worry, because puberty can occur in different age period. If owners are attentive, they will be able to recognize that, as a rule, at the age of two years, the face of a cat does not change. In the end we can say that was over the process of the formation of the skeleton. Now the cat can only grow to the sides.

In order to understand when it comes to the sexual maturity of the animal is necessary to understand what parameters see the transition to adulthood.

If you are going to breed cats, then you will be useful to know up to what age, they grow and when they can be reduced.

  1. On average, the Pets grow from half to two years. The growth and maturation of animals is determined by genetic processes. That is exactly this process depends on the origin of the animal. That is, the larger specimens, the more time is needed in order to achieve the desired growth parameters and weight.
  2. Sex of the animal plays a huge role. Until what age grow cats? By far the females develop much faster than males. And the males grow longer, but the parameters are much larger.
  3. The height and weight of the animal, and its sexual maturation is affected by hereditary factor and his final size. That is, if parents have a large offspring that take a long time to grow to their ancestors.
Up to what age cats grow?

Medium parameters allows you to more accurately determine until what age grow cats. You can carefully observe your pet and understand that the face of a cat does not change, but the width of the shoulders is also in place. This is a clear indicationthat the cat rose. To the average indicators of growth should include the time of puberty. This point can be attributed to a particular age period for kittens.

Some breeds of cats are Mature at the age of seven to nine months. Other breeds stop growing. Breed kittens, for example, the British continue to slowly gain inches from year to year and a half. In order to answer the question: up to what age do cats grow?

You need to consider the following options:

  • Paul. Females develop slowly, but grow faster. While males are faster but unable to one and a half years to get the centimeters and kilograms.
  • Food. Nutrition and diet for Pets plays an important role for the growth of mammals. If the food is complete and balanced, the animal will be able to grow much faster. But the animals that eat only dry food, can stop the development or to grow slowly.
  • Health. Healthy animals grow faster, the ones that survived any injuries and infectious diseases at an early age.
  • On the growth and development of animals directly affected by the sterilization or castration.
How to grow British Shorthairs?

In order to examine the growth and development of the animal here is an example – a British cat. This breed is loved by many. Plush kittens delight as an adult and a child. To raise such an animal docile pet is quite simple. The British cat has short legs, amber color eyes and different color option.

The British unlike other breeds have a high level of intelligence. The famous Cheshire cat of “Alice in Wonderland” had a British breed. Fully pubertal development in the cats of this breed happens on the ninth month. But will stop growing, the animal will be able not earlier than two and a half years. Under puberty understand the growth and weight of the animal. The development of cats is formed on the third year of life.

Weight British is considered one of the largest. An ordinary cat can dial up to eight kilograms. In that time, both neutered, up to ten kilos. Female, sterilised, weighs eight kilos, and the usual no more than six. Individual characteristics directly affect the conditions of development of the animal on his height and weight.

The slow growth of the animal: reasons

Regardless of whether you have a purebred cat or not, sometimes it can look much smaller than their peers.

Happen it may, for various reasons.

  1. Kittens do not have enough vitamins and minerals that contribute to normal development. In that case, if the vitamin does not include the owner in the diet of the pet. It is a strong sign of growth affects the size and the formation of bodies.
  2. Undone on time degelmintizatsii animal. Parasites can live in any body of a cat, regardless of he lives at home or spends most of his time on the street. Parasites living in the body of the animal, will eat up nutrients which are necessary for normal development of the animal. As a result, slowing growth. To prevent this process it is necessary to perform quarterly preventive maintenance, using anthelmintic drugs.
  3. Hormonal failure of the animal. Hormonal disruptions, as a rule, are observed in females. In that case, if the cat stops growing, you can be sure that the reason is the hormones. The female can stop growing up to several months, and then abruptly go into growth. Girls cats can sometimes save motherhood. But if the cat after delivery have not gained in weight and height. You need urgent consultation of a veterinarian. Neutered cats often susceptible to hormonal disorders. Their development requires more time.

To answer the question: how to grow cats, look to the parents of the animal. How do you see the parents, and these are children. All changes in appearance will depend on diet and other factors. If the cat grows, he eats a lot.

Another option, when you can learn about the growth of the animal is a consultation at a veterinary clinic. Specialist who examines your pet from birth, will be able to tell about the peak of its development. The conditions of detention of the animal is an important factor in the development of the animal. The doctor will be able to say with certainty how and what to feed your pet, focusing on his breed and other factors.

In order to grow a healthy animal and the time of his puberty did not depart from the standard scheme of development need to always keep in touch with the veterinarian. Only a doctor can help with advice about nutrition, the care and maintenance of the animal. To focus only on their own strength is not necessary, because not knowing the anatomical features of the breed of a cat is difficult to understand exactly how quickly it will grow.

A cat that has finally grown up, can be allowed to procreate at the age of one year. Early binding is not always beneficial to the animal. Early childbirth can lead not only to death but also to the birth of dead offspring. Before breeding the animal, it is best to consult a doctor.

The last important moment in the development of your pet. Kittens are the same children. As confirmed by many sources, slower growing and maturing, and then quickly aging to those animals that have not received sufficient attention from parents owners. The more attention a pet receives, the bigger will grow. A pet must not only get Breakfast and dinner, but moderate the affection of the owner and as much attention as possible.

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