Vaccinations kittens for the first time

Before you get a cat, you must be familiar with the concepts of caring for a pet. An important element in the life of a pet is vaccination. Every owner of animals should know how and when to vaccinate your pet.

For cats need to be vaccinated to create immunity to diseases. Even if the cat never leaves the apartment, he can get sick from germs and viruses, listed with shoes man.

Safer to vaccinate than to recover and get immunity. As according to statistics, cats are subject to death in 70% of cases. Vaccination is best done in veterinary clinics, but can be done yourself, at your own risk.

Vaccinations for kittens

Before you vaccinate, you must know that permitted to vaccinate only healthy animals. The cat should have a healthy temperature must not be sick or to be in a state after experiencing a recent illness.

Vaccinations kittens are doing from the following diseases:

  • Panleukopenia.
  • Viral rhinotracheitis.
  • Feline leukemia.
  • Infectious peritonitis.
  • Plague.

After vaccination may experience mild side effects. They go through 2 weeks. We cannot allow the animal to walk after vaccination for 24 hours. A week before vaccination it is necessary to conduct prevention against worms.

What shots do kittens?
The name of the drug Purpose Age in weeks Revaccination in weeks
Wandern F A vaccination against Microsporum 6 1-2
Microderm Depriving 6-8 2-3
Aurifil From viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirosis, panleukopenia. 7 4-5
Lakeriver Vitapak From viral rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, chlamydia, and rhinotracheitis. 7-12 3-4
Nobivac Rabies Vaccination against rabies 12 Not done.
Primucell FTP Infectious peritonitis 16 4-5
The first vaccination kitten

Doctors give recommendation to vaccinate a kitten at 2-3 month of life. Reinforce the immune system need to do a booster in 3 weeks. For the booster you must use the same vaccine, which vaccinated kitten.

After the procedures, it is desirable to establish a quarantine for a kitten for 14 days. During this time the kitten will developed immunity to them.

After the first vaccination can be done vaccination against chlamydia in the future and vaccinations annually.

There are some rules it is advisable to adhere to during vaccination:

  • You must adhere to the timing of the vaccinations, know what shots do kittens up to 1 year.
  • Use only quality products.
  • It is impossible to vaccinate the animals after surgery. And no vaccination.
  • Pregnant or lactating cats vaccinated is not desirable.
  • The vaccine is not a cure of the disease, so it is impossible to conduct the treatment drugs intended for vaccination.
Vaccinations against rabies and microsporia

The procedure only allowed for a fully healthy and prepared for inoculation of the animals. For grafting of immunity against rabies the kitten to use the drug Nobivac rabies.

It is desirable to make an injection of the vaccine at 8-12 weeks of age.

The vaccine induces immunity within two weeks, and stores it for from 1 to 3. In disadvantaged neighborhoods it is advisable to conduct vaccination for the animal every year.

Injection of microsporia is done as domestic cats, the same street. Because this disease is dangerous not only for animals but for people.

Some of the symptoms of Microsporum are: hair loss, peeling skin. It can be as a single spot and spread throughout the pet’s body. But even long-haired cats, this disease can occur without obvious symptoms.

Side effects

Often during the day after inoculation animals are lethargic, lose strength and appetite. This is a common reaction, which should be solved forever during the day. If the pet is not improving after a few days, it needs to get to a clinic.

For kittens, vaccination is a big stress, they are afraid of repeated visit to the doctor, show distrust of their owners.

To reduce stress, you can call the doctor at home. But will still be the best way to visit the clinic and not to leave it for another 15-30 minutes after injection vaccination. As at this time developed the most severe allergic reaction, the doctor will provide the animal care.

Often after injection are complications for various reasons. The vaccine should not cause side effects, but it’s still a foreign protein in the body, and the consequences of its introduction may be different.

For example, the vaccination of the animal, which already had the infection, but the symptoms have not yet been identified.

During this period, the vaccine begins its effect on the body and the kitten becomes ill. The immune system begins to seriously suffer. the outcome of this situation may be the death of a pet.

Therefore, buying a pet, you must wait from two weeks to a month to make sure it is healthy. And only then carry out all necessary actions.

One of the most dangerous complications after the injections are allergic reactions. They can develop very quickly, cause itching, irritation and even anaphylactic shock. The first sign of Allergy is a rich lunaviddara, after – swelling, possible defecation.

You should pay attention to changing the behavior of a kitten. It can change dramatically from limp to extremely active.

In order to avoid serious consequences after vaccination, the pet is under the supervision of a physician within 15 minutes. This period is the most dangerous for the kitten, and most allergic reactions begin within 15-30 minutes after the injection.

At the injection site may occur bumps, never fear. These symptoms should resolve themselves within 2 weeks.

Is it necessary to vaccinate a kitten?

Many people do not consider it necessary to vaccinate your pet. Although cats as well as people have the risk to diseases. Improper diet, stress and viruses around cats can significantly undermine its immunity, and lead to death.

Kitten is home, still has a great chance to catch diseases of any kind.

In the body of a cat infections come through the digestive tract when in contact with other animals in contact with the clothes people shoes.

Vaccinations for Pets are not only a safety precaution to protect from diseases. But they are also a mandatory procedure for registration of documents, if the owner wants to transport a pet across the border of another state.

It is also worth noting that purebred cats have a greater tendency to diseases of various kinds. Indications to vaccination is sometimes the only option when the cat can comfortably exist. Avoidance of vaccination leads to the fact that the animal is constantly sick because his immune system is weakened. Sometimes vaccination is the only possible way to provide a comfortable, secure life for yourself and your pet.

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