What is brush-slicker brush and where to buy comb for cats?

Not all pet lovers know what a slicker brush. To put it in simple terms, it is just an ordinary scratcher for cats. It is a device resembling a comb. Especially useful furminators for long-haired animals, who often tangle the wool. The slicker brush for cats-improves well-being of Pets.

In long-haired cats with the systematic use of such combs are better, hair is softer, smoother and beautiful. Also, this original brush-scratcher improves mood animals. It is an indispensable tool for grooming long-haired four-legged Pets.

Furminators for cats what is it and what is it for

This brush-comb is not a luxury but a necessary subject of pet care. First of all, a slicker brush is necessary for those animals that have thick long hair and thick long undercoat. This comb promotes effective brushing to prevent tangles.

Here are a few reasons to buy from a retailer that original brush comb:

  • Many animals, especially those who eat food from the table owners and do not consume a specialized diet, suffer from a lack of useful vitamins and minerals. The result of a vitamin deficiency – matted hair, which rolls into mats. Sometimes this problem is compounded to such an extent that the animal cannot be brushed, and owners just have to trim the mats. But when mechanical cutting mats there is a high risk to injure the animal with scissors. For what once and forget about tangled wool, it’s time to acquire this effective comb.
  • The daily ritual of combing hair is not only a sanitary event to care for a cat, but also a time of close contact of the animal with the owner. Usually Pets get a lot of fun when the host with their love smoothes the hair comb-the slicker brush. These points are very appreciated.
  • Wool cats have a different structure from human hair. This suggests that comb and massage brush made for man, not suitable animals. This fixture is designed specifically for cat, on the structure of hair. This ergonomic comb made of quality materials designed just for cats. The structure of the brush-comb depends on the breed, which is calculated for each accessory.
Comb slicker brush for cats: the main advantages

The combs-slicker brush has many advantages over conventional brush for combing cats. Therefore, if the house cat, especially long haired breeds, you must first purchase this important accessory to care for the animals. It allows time to prevent the pilling of wool in the mats and thus, prevents serious problems.

Here are the main advantages of cat slicker brush:

  • Suitable for all cats (except for hairless). If the cat is long haired, a slicker brush should be used directly for combing of long hair and thick undercoat, to eliminate existing tangles and prevent new ones. If pet is short-haired, a slicker brush can be used for effective massage that improve overall mood and well being of the animal.
  • Cats usually love combing procedure with the help of ruminator. During the procedure, they can purr contentedly, and snuggle up to his beloved master and to Express their delight in many different ways, because each animal has a unique character and way of expressing joy.
  • A scratching cat is a daily ritual of socializing the animal with the owner. During brushing, the owner can gently talk to the cat to pet her. In our time, when the fast pace of life often does not allow to allocate enough time to communicating with Pets, the opportunity to talk to her in a calm environment is very important. Cats are always delighted to take any attention of the owner. Even those cats that are normally “walk by themselves” and not accustomed to depend on the host become tame and affectionate, he saw in the hands of the owner of his favorite comb.
  • Also the slicker brush is a stylish accessory. At home if the animal selected its permanent location, a slicker brush will adorn the cat house. Kitties like to play with a comb, can use it to point their teeth and claws.

Here are the main advantages of this original accessory. Thus, the slicker brush for cats is really an indispensable thing in the hozyastvo any cat lover. Note: if the home has multiple cats, each animal should have a slicker brush. In any case, do not use Funimation borrowed from the owner of the other cat, because using someone else’s slicker brush can infect the pet blood-sucking insects, and various infections.

The slicker brush for cats: where to buy

Of course, many cat owners the old fashioned way prefer to use for brushing their Pets ordinary massage brushes and combs designed for people who, for various reasons, obsolete. It’s wrong, and to do so in any case impossible. The animal should have its own, individual comb, which is never used. It is one of havnig reasons for buying a slicker brush.

Buy original fixture to care for the animals in different ways:

  • In veterinary pharmacy.
  • To order on the Internet. This method is quite risky, so in order to avoid fraud, you must carefully examine the entire available in the Internet information about the availability of appropriate certificates. Tage must be provided the possibility of rapid return to a slicker brush if the products do not meet quality standards.
  • To buy a cat. In the pet stores sold a large number of fakes, so when choosing, you should carefully examine several samples, compare their quality and only then make your choice.

It is best to purchase from the vet. There you can get expert advice on how to properly brush your cat and how often this should be done.

After purchasing a slicker brush should be washed and dried, and only then you can proceed to active usage. After each use, the comb the brush to thoroughly clean the hair coat and debris. The slicker brush is especially necessary to those animals who freely comes out into the fresh air, because the slicker brush helps to comb out wool got there garbage and combing, you can easily find hidden in the fur mites, fleas and other harmful insects that destroy the health of the pet. So the slicker brush is really an indispensable piece of care. It is very necessary for all pet lovers.

Brush kozek furminators: how to choose

In order to correctly choose a quality brush, cat slicker brush, you need to pay special attention to the appearance and construction of the product.

  • The slicker brush should not be sharp teeth scratching the skin of the animal.
  • The slicker brush should be made of quality material. If the comb comes from outside or unpleasant “chemical” smell, from buying better to abstain.
  • In any case can not buy furminator hand and pre-owned. This is contrary to all sanitary and hygienic rules of care for the animals.
  • The slicker brush should be easy to use, have low weight and small size in order to groom the pet to be comfortable.
  • Furminator for cats much atlautla from reshaoc-brushes for short-haired animals and animals with wool of medium length. So before you choose a slicker brush, you need to consult with a specialist – the attending veterinarian of the animal.

How to use a slicker brush

Cat fur comb soft massage movements in the course of its growth. Attention: in any case it is impossible to brush the pet against the grain, because the cat feels a great discomfort. Before the procedure, the cat must be fed, cheerful, in good spirits. This is immediately clear in her behavior, if the animal shows anxiety during the procedure, plaintive meows or tries to escape, the procedure of grooming is recommended to postpone until the next opportune moment.

Duration of use of the slicker brush depends on the willingness of the host and the mood of pet. Usually as the cat owner can readily see when it is boring or that lesson. If the cat suffered a brushing for five minutes and does not wish to proceed to insist in any case it is not necessary, otherwise there is a risk that the animal will form a negative attitude to this important accessory care.

Before you introduce a cat with a slicker brush for the first time, it is necessary to give to smell the unfamiliar object. When the cat get comfortable and realize that the slicker brush is not for her no danger, you go to the combing procedure. You can start with one or two minutes, and then gradually increase the duration.

The slicker brush for cats is one of the most important subjects of animal care. Thanks to the systematic use of the slicker brush the coat becomes soft, velvety, silky, gets nice and smooth structure. The slicker brush helps to normalize blood circulation, mood elevation, improve overall health of Pets. The main thing is to gradually accustom the cat to a useful procedure, and soon she will love the slicker brush. The result will not keep itself waiting: the coat of the pet will be luxurious and shiny, and the mats will be forgotten forever.

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