What smell deters cats from your favourite furniture?

The appearance of cats in the house involves some inconvenience. There is nothing absolutely positive or negative. Although negative aspects of any phenomenon can be offset, or nullify.

One of the bad sides in the institution of the kitty furniture used to sharpen claws. How to compensate for this? Owners can apply the flavors that don’t like cats, in places where undesirable appearance of the animal.

But this is a crucial question, because not every scent will really scare the kitten. In addition, the smell may scare people away (loudly, but it will be unpleasant for sure). Yes, there are repellents designed to repel cats. But it is unknown how they will affect humans and animals. Can cause allergic reactions. So, what smells do not like cats?

What smells deter cats?

The sense of smell in cats is much better than people. Very often it happens that a person smell like a cat – no. This option is optimal for us. The blueprint is, unfortunately, not be, but if the experimental approach to this question, you will succeed.

Here are some of the options of odors, potentially scaring away cats.

  • Perfumes. Quite a few owners of cats understand that not every aromatic substance that attracts cats. In fact, even among people opinions differ. But the trend is attractive: usually smells, so adore people, cats just can’t stand. So beloved kitty sofa can safely cover it with perfume. But the place must be heavily perfumed. If the flavor is mild, the proper effect is not produced.
  • Oil of Rue. People have noticed that if the branch bushes of Rue to put near some place that the cat loved so much, that he will try to stay away. But the negative impact can root to have on humans, however, much stronger than the cat. Thus, allergic reactions are possible. So first check and you how do you handle that smell?
  • TScitrusovye. So, love us smell cats do not digest. And most do not like Pets lemon, which they viewed as too harsh. There are several ways how to use it to scare away the pet. You can make juice and squeeze into place undesirable to visit the cat. The furniture that the cat uses to undermine the claws, RUB the skin, and more animal to it will not come near. Another option is to dilute orange or lemon juice with water, fill into a spray bottle and spray over the surface, which the cat should be avoided. And finally, another option is to use a polishing agent with the scent of citrus. That’s what the smell is best deters cats.
  • The onion and garlic. They should be grated or cut into small pieces, grate the items or sprinkle in the no cat. Well or use the method similar to that of citrus. Mix the juice of these plants with water and using a spray bottle sprayed the room. Quite effectively, although there is a disadvantage – people these odors also not particularly like.
  • Repellents, including self-made. Buy in the pharmacy an essential oil that is diluted with water in proportion 1:3. Next, take a cotton pad and impregnate the resulting mixture. Next is to put them in those places, access to which is naughty.
  • Vinegar. Another good option which can be found in any home. He has a very sharp smell, scaring the cats. And people don’t really like the smell. But the place in which you drop a little of this substance, the cat will avoid. It can also destroy the smell of cat urine, if untrained to the tray being suddenly decide to mark territory. You can just wash the floor with vinegar, and then need to spray it with a solution of water with black pepper. For its preparation use the following recipe: take a pint of water and boil it. Wait five minutes, and then enter two teaspoons of pepper. Waiting for complete cooling. Further, the schema “citrus” – pour in a spray bottle and sprayed in the right place. Although the smell quickly disappears, and is to be understood.
  • There are supplements that mimic the smells of animals, which the cats think is a danger to herself. They add stool coyote or Fox. Such goods are sold in special shops.
How to protect plants?

Flowers also require defense against cats, which can make attempts to delve into the pot. Any spray, scaring away cats, damage the plants, and put them at risk of death. Our task is to make sure that the cat did not pay attention to flowers and other plants. And this should remove the smell of the soil, which reflexively draws them. This is done by using the mound on the surface of shells and various stones.

The above-described repellents with the addition of smells are dangerous for cats Pets can be used for the protection of animals from cats. You need to add them to the soil. Good to use for these purposes, mint, lavender. Option peel of citrus area is also good.


So, we figured out what smells do not like cats. The trick is a good way to avoid war. In this case, war with the constant visit to the cats of the objects that they need to beware, that the owner of a pet was associated exclusively with the positive.

What conclusions can we draw?

  • The universal means – citrus. Now, what smell deters cats with absolute assurance. If you put a crust of lemon near some places, the cat will stay away from him.
  • Despite the effectiveness of onions, garlic and vinegar, it is better not to use them. Although the latter can remove the smell of cat urine.

So we figured out what the smell do not like cats. Success to you in dealing with your Pets.

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