What to feed a kitten at different ages

British kitten is not only a beautiful animal. It is characterized by flexible and at the same time playful nature. The Briton loyal to his master. This pet is quite capricious in food.

The purchase of a kitten is a big step. Every person needs to understand that he gets not only a little friend, he acquired a set of tasks and instructions. The most important task in caring for the pet is taking care of his nutrition. Take care of the cat food needed to maintain health and beauty.

The power of any living organism is a range of problems and conditions. What should be the diet of British cat that you need to pay special attention to consider in more detail.

What to feed the British, need to know every owner of this pet. For kittens and adults developed a special nutrition system.

Food rules: basic guidelines

Cats are primarily animals of predators. They require the consumption of meat and fish. But not all meat and fish are equally useful for the British. For example, from the pork to eliminate. Useful poultry meat, rabbit, beef.

The animal received only the nutrients and micronutrients in the diet should include cereals and vegetables.

Will healthy cereals buckwheat, oats and barley groats boiled. Oatmeal can be steamed with boiling water or milk, but to give the animal only slightly warm.

In the British diet of the cat should include such vegetables: cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, beets, cabbage. Vegetables you need to buy for the season, so they was a minimal amount of nitrates. Root vegetables can be given raw, steamed, cooking them from the broth.

To strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy microflora in the body of the British cat must be included in the diet of low-fat milk products, e.g. kefir and fermented baked milk. In such products, you can add bran which contain useful vitamin B.

Before the British to feed the cat, you must remember a few important rules:

  1. Food should be without salt and without sugar.
  2. The meat must be lean, pork is better excluded from the diet.
  3. Meat and vegetables can be eaten raw and cooked.
  4. We can’t let the cat fried food.
  5. The food should be at room or slightly warm temperature.
  6. Have to be in a bowl of clean drinking water.
Natural food

Natural nutrition – the key to health and well-being of your pet.

Unfortunately, to afford this food can not all owners of the British cats. The process of cooking from the right menu takes a long time. If you have free time, you can provide natural food for your pet or favorite. For menu you can use meat, fish, cereals, vegetables and dairy products.

Many vets argue about the dangers and benefits of raw and boiled meat. After cooking the meat is not as many nutrients, but kill the causative agents of various diseases.

If you want to feed the British raw meat or fish, you’ll need to make heat treatment products:

  • meat or fish you need to freeze in the freezer;
  • after freezing, the products need to rinse with boiling water.

Using such processing, you will save useful properties of the products and make them safe for consumption.

Fish is better to choose lean sorts of sea and ocean fish. It could be Pollock, hake, limosella, cod. Freshwater fish is prohibited! Fish boil and remove from it all the bones.

In natural nutrition is necessary to follow some important rules:

  • products must be fresh;
  • banned sugar, salt and other spices;
  • banned all sweets and flour products;
  • banned alcohol, coffee and tea;
  • prohibited nuts, potatoes and tomatoes;
  • forbidden butter.
Food: dry and wet food

Not every owner of a British cat can afford to feed your pet natural food. This process takes a large amount of time. The modern market of animal feed is Packed with a variety of offers. What to feed a kitten? How to choose suitable food?

Modern producers feed the cats put all the necessary information on the packaging. Everything you need to knowis the age of the cat, the weight of her body. The rest is a matter of taste. Do not buy from a big pack. Take the small package, let your pet try it, and you’ll see how he likes this food.

If you feed Brit dry food, then be sure to check the availability of drinking water in the bowl. The bowl is desirable to select glass or enameled water need to filter, boil is not necessary.

You need to give food in portions. Daily rate is divided into 4 admission. Pour one portion into a bowl and have with equal time intervals.

If the kitten didn’t eat all the food, then you need the remaining food to throw out and pour a new batch. Remember that food should always be fresh.

Many kittens don’t really like dry food, and prefer more humid. This food is usually sold in small packages that are designed for 1-2 meals.

Order a bowl of the animal was always clean, it is necessary to periodically wash and once a day to process a raster of potassium permanganate. The bowl need a good wash from feed to put on a few minutes in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, then wash with clean running water. After the bowl has dried, it is possible to pour fresh feed.

What to feed a kitten at different ages
Diet for kittens in the first month of life

The little kitten as the child is still very underdeveloped digestive system. It is therefore very important to know how to feed this little one.

Diet little Brit should consist of five meals. In this period of life the pet’s best option for food is natural food. You need to prepare light soups vegetable or chicken broth. Meat and grains should be ground. And in the soup you can add boiled vegetables, pre-made mashed potatoes out of them. You can add the ground beef, but not more than 50 grams per day.

Milk to give the kittens do not need, if he still gets milk from mom.

Diet for kittens from 1 month to 6 months

What to feed a kitten of the British? In General, two-month-old Briton practical the same diet as that of the British at the age of 1 month. Gradually the diet can be expandedby adding cereals and vegetables. Food should be warm, slightly warmed.

With two months to reduce the number of meals to 4 times a day.

When the kitten turned the third month, you can give chopped meat. Beef you can give up to 70 grams per day.

A good source of nutrients for a kitten to be beef liver. It is necessary to boil, cool and chop. This dish can be given along with a vegetable puree once a week. And in the diet of a pet start to introduce chicken by-products. You can give them about ten times a month. Daily serving of such a food product should not be more than 100 grams.

Diet from 6 months to 1 year

At the age of six months the cat goes to three meals a day.

Once or twice a month, you can give low fat milk, but overall consumption should be reduced. The diet should include more of dairy products.

At this age, many owners of Pets begin to teach to the dry or wet industrial feed. An important condition of this diet – a gradual transition and the continued availability of clean drinking water of the animal.

In the sixth month of life veterinarians suggest gradually accustom the cat to a special grass. You can buy in the store or veterinary Zoological store.

The diet for adult cats

An adult cat is also very picky eating. An important role in its balance and the benefits of playing meat and fish. Milk at this age is not necessary, be omitted entirely. The cat translates to two meals a day.

For the beauty of the animal in the diet adds a special brewer’s yeast. For the normalization of the digestive system the British continue to give milk products. In the diet necessarily need to include vegetable oil. It is necessary to give in a day 10 grams in the food. Remember that butter and any oil of animal origin are forbidden to supply British cat.

Special attention should be given to a castrated animal. This cat requires a balanced diet with low content of minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. They contribute to the formation of stones in the urogenital system of a pet.

Adult cat in winter should eat twice a day, once in the summer. In advance, make a schedule of eating animal food should be done daily at the same time.

The British Shorthair is the breed of the pet that demands some care and nutrition. Because how will you feed the cat, what kind of diet will choose, will depend not only animal health, but its mood and appearance.

Usually breeders give detailed advice on nutrition for their Pets, but it is useful alone to learn all the intricacies of this process. Wrong nutrition, imbalance in the diet of cats can lead to tragic consequences. Carefully and responsibly approach the issue of choosing food for British cat, given his gender, age, and body weight.

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