What to feed Scottish fold kitten

Scottish fold or Scottish straight is the embodiment of aristocracy, which is combined with the calmness and softness. The appearance of this cat in the family really event. Preparing for him all you want, there comes a time to decide daily schedule and menus.

When and what to feed Scottish fold kitten that is probably the most important issues of its lucky owner.

Pedigree Scottish fold cats, as a rule, not less than 2 months under the tutelage of his mother. Breastfeeding provides beautiful cars from the formation of the immune system. Moreover, the lure must enter before weaning the animal from the mother’s milk.

If for some reason a cat can’t feed the offspring, the score in feed the kittens literally goes on the clock.

It is desirable to keep a clear schedule:

  • once in 2-3 hours need to feed formula milk to kittens under the age of 14 days;
  • until one month every 3 hours. For a one-month fold kitten on artificial feeding already need water. It is possible simultaneously to introduce solid foods;
  • what to feed Scottish kitten 2 months? At the age of 2 months kittens need to eat 7 times daily, and at night they usually sleep. At this age they would ideally still receive milk from the mother, but also can eat solid foods. At this time, a kitten needs approximately 150 gr. of food a day. If you decide to feed with ready forages, it is necessary to do from this age. What you need to buy special food for kittens from the age. When this is dry food, they will certainly first need to soak, as this solid food the little cat still not able to digest;
  • 3 months for kittens to be the turning age. Mother’s milk anymore, and must feed at least 6 times daily;
  • in 5 months the number of eating was reduced to 5;
  • 9 is enough for 4 meals a day of food consumption;
  • to one year fold female cat has to get used to the “adult” mode of the day: 2-3 times a day.
What is forbidden to feed?

Whatever the fate of the baby is breastfeeding or a mother, there are certain restrictions on the use of certain categories of foods in his daily menu. Since the formation of all the organs in the body and the immune system continues to almost years. This fact dictates to carefully weigh, what to feed Scottish cat.

This list of prohibited feed are:

  • Bones. Chicken or fish – are easily crushed. Animal can swallow a splinter and damage internal organs.
  • Budget food. Don’t forget that you are laying the Foundation of health. To pet’s delight for many years to take care of professional food quality and you must be prepared for the fact that it is quite expensive. Savings to health of purebred lop-eared kitten in the future will result in significant costs for his treatment.
  • Fish. Especially the river. Under strict ban is bold and raw.
  • Fatty meat. The balance of nutrients required to prevail in proteins. Therefore excluded from feeding fat poultry, lamb or pork.
  • Raw eggs – there is a risk of Salmonella.
  • Cow’s milk. Can cause stomach upset if given in pure form.
  • Medication for people. It is unlikely that you will be able to measure the required dose, and the active components of medicines designed for people, not on animals. For pet taking them can be dangerous.
  • The food from the human table. Are banned sweets, spices, muffin, passed special processing: canned, fried, smoked products. The animal is forbidden to give even food for children: it also add vegetables, spices, sugar, which does not perceive his body.

Animals mandatory is recommended in the natural diet to introduce cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Among them, there are certain exceptions:

  • legumes. Can cause problems in digestion. The kitten it raw peas or beans in the intestines will trigger the process of fermentation;
  • rhubarb, tomatoes, potatoes. The body is not absorbed, can cause problems in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • the garlic and onions. Substances which are composed, begin to destroy red blood cells. Contribute to the appearance of anemia in a large number;
  • citrus. The animal is unlikely to eat them, but if this happens, possible allergies and indigestion.

When the owner loves mushrooms, it does not mean that they can be used the animal: the body can not cope with this source of protein in the cats for their learning not produced enzymes.

The definition of the type of food cats

Often nurseries or breeders Scottish fold kittens to give them a new family at the age of about three months.

New Pets already have their preferences in food, possess good manners and are completely socialized. You only need to ask about them. The relocation to a new residence can be stressful, and it is desirable Scottish kittens to feed still. To change the usual diet for a new it is necessary slowly and to choose it wisely.

Natural food

Naturally, diet has a definite advantage:

  • The diversity of the diet.
  • Complete confidence in the quality of the food.

But to feed the Scottish fold is composed of his own diet is hard enough:

  • Several times in 7-14 months during natural feeding fold kitten will need a course of minerals and vitamins.
  • You need a large amount of time to cook.

Natural food means the presence in the daily diet of the Scottish kitten:

  • greens, fruits, vegetables. Kittens on their own are unlikely to use them. It is recommended to cut cubes or rubbing, and after cooking in the broth, or add to minced meat. You need to take care of regular existence sprouted grass;
  • lean meat. As a rule, use chicken or beef. Alternatively, you can use Turkey or rabbit. Raw meat can be served only in a frozen form, in order to reduce the threat of parasitic infection. For the prevention of Tartar to six months is imperative to feed the Scottish lop-eared kitten offal: popochki, hearts and necks. Liver once a week, only boiled;
  • milk in the form of cereals. Only up to three months and certainly boiled;
  • low-carb cereals. Only as a Supplement to the daily diet. You cannot use them as the basis;
  • vegetable oil. A small number to add to cereal or to tuck in the vegetables;
  • dairy food. Much to be expected – a surplus of calcium in the Scottish fold is provoking the straightening of the ears. Dairy products it is recommended that they be given approximately once a week, unlike other breeds of cats;
  • marine fish. To ensure the fatty acids of the organism and for variety, you can apply once a week. Only boiled and lean;
  • boiled egg per week one egg yolk.

You need to carefully measure portions and daily feed only fresh food. It is impossible to leave. You also need to take care of the water, it must be always.

Industrial feed

When there is no time to look for specialties and one to prepare the next change of lop-eared cat, you can look at to prepared feeds.

They can be wet and dry specifically designed for kittens. On the pack are required to be described in detail feeding frequency and consumption rate per kilogram of body weight and composition.

Pay attention that canned food is not all the time balanced and can only serve as a treat for daily feeding.

Wet food removes the problem of saturation of the body with moisture, as some Scots don’t drink. But this is a more expensive way of eating. Not in the bowl, leave food constantly requires only a fresh batch.

Wet food is best used to feed lop-eared kittens during the transition from breastfeeding to normal. After the hosts, usually feeding on dry food. Any change has to be gradual and smooth.

Most importantly, the food was original production and professional quality. No need to purchase economical alternatives. There’s nothing besides materials of dubious origin and ballast substances.

Quality dry food has definite benefits:

  • ease of use for the owner: it is easy to measure the daily rate, the food is economical, long shelf life;
  • the prevention of Tartar;
  • guarantees your pet the balance of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and nutrients. Supplements are not required.

The most important thing in feeding dry food, the Scottish kitten is the presence of water. Constant access and clean.

Mixed feeding

Often the owners combine natural products and finished feed. When considered in terms of diversity, it is justified.

Further, the potential difficulties – it is difficult to establish a daily rate of consumption. Very little calories causes the degeneration, and most are obese. Because of the condition of the Scots need to be monitored closely: a kitten must be fun, active and active. Everything else is a symptom of imbalance.

During mixed supply must follow certain rules:

  • Scottish kitten while combining various feed origin required fortification. Rules should be discussed with the veterinarian.
  • Scottish kitten it is forbidden to feed in one serving of real food and prepared food. This is due to the differences in the process of digestion, which was completely different treatment.
Features of feeding in the transition to adulthood

For Scottish fold cats up to 8-10 months chosen special food, stating “kittens”. Then gradually you can move on to “grown-up” feeding.

This period you need to decide the time of castration or to include in the programme on breeding your Scottish fold or Scottish straight.

When the kitten will not take part in breeding, castration is the only way for a pedigreed pet to live a happy and long life. But before the operation it should be transferred to the food for neutered animals. Gradually and gently, so as not to cause stress. In the future, to feed a special ration that is tailored to Mature, however, deprived of the main instinct of cats.

During the natural feeding period of transition has the ability to feed the animal more fermented food. After 10 months, the exterior has stabilized and the lugs formed. Because calcium will only benefit.

General principles of feeding

General rules, how to feed the Scottish fold kitten or any other animal, in fact, coincide. Cats are carnivores and they need animal protein. Even touching and affectionate to the Scots.

The basis of the daily menu has to be meat. Ready feed or natural food: close to attention to the quality and composition of raw materials.

Banned dyes, spices, artificial additives, stabilizers, salt, sugar and flavorings. Excluding these products, you will ensure the good health of the animal and natural development. Scot you need to provide water. This is the basic rule during feeding.

Watch out that the food was the right consistency and at room temperature. Up to 3 months Scottish kittens it is better to give chopped food. Closer to six months Pets translate into large pieces, ensuring the normal development of the jaw muscles.

The Scots at the same time with the British rules dictate long home etiquette. How closely you will be treated to feeding your kitten and then an adult cat will depend not only on his health. Happy animal, of which the contents of the bowl satisfied, will be a source of prosperity and tranquility in your family.

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