When and at what age to sterilize a cat

Many people keeping as Pets of cats, I think that sterilizing them is inhumane. And that they are not fruitful and do not multiply, they need to be fed drugs that suppress the reproductive functions of the body.

It should be noted that this is fundamentally the wrong approach. Cats need to be sterilized. The same suppression of the reproductive functions may lead to undesirable actions on the part of cats. And in such times even the most loving owner will be ready to kick her, if only she gave even a moment’s peace.

Consider the questions, what age are sterilized cats and so painless they carry medicines that suppress the excitement, as some people alleged.

Sterilize or inhibit reproductive functions?

In the event that the owner of the pet issue, when to sterilize a cat, he, by the advice of different people, but usually far from the topic, often enlists the help of medicines to suppress the reproductive functions. But it’s the wrong decision.

The owners know perfectly well how difficult it is to contain cats. They often face big problems with their content.

It should be noted that the first question to which people turn today to the vet is, of course, the issue of sterilization and castration. Here these questions and need lighting, and other issues associated with feeding cats with medications can be forgotten. Why? Now a look.

So, to be sterilized, but maybe not? This question is asked every cat owner as soon as she reaches puberty, and from cute furry creatures turns into a little monster.

To figure out whether to suppress the cat’s attraction to each other or spayed/neutered their pet, we need to understand what horrors are waiting for the owner in case of forced suppression of the hormonal surge.

The horrors of puberty

Now you can list all the horrorsthat occur when a cat puberty:

  • first, this cat shows;
  • the second horror – cat label;
  • the third horror is, of course, sleepless nights of the host.

When cats hold such concerts, even the most loving owner ready to launch into your pet anything for a moment’s lull.

The cat label is one of the worst horrors associated with sexual maturation of cats. It’s worth it to sprinkle its fragrant secret a few corners in the apartment, and the unbearable smell will immediately bring to mind any owner of a purring pet.

Cat tags – secret, of course, terribly unpleasant, but it’s not the worst. And the worst horror is, perhaps, sleepless nights. Nighttime is especially annoying when in the morning to go to work. After several nightmares I want to throw a cat in the trash.

And to face such horrors every owner will often. Literally every month, every year. This is because cats have the commandment, be fruitful and multiply, is always on the agenda.

Of course, this is all happening purely individual. There are such animals whose hormone levels increases not so sharply. But so far not in every case. It can be from time to time. And in any case does not diminish the suffering of the pet.

When the cat comes to libido, suffers not only the owner but also the cat itself. And at this time, may change the behavior of the animal. With the release of the hormones she (or he) is experiencing constant stress, becomes restless. Lost appetite, reduced activity, and more specifically, moves in a different direction. The pet may go to the bathroom where he shouldn’t. Kitty at this time can RUB against all that stands in her way. It becomes thus in a characteristic pose. Beat her seizures. She rolls on the floor. Every owner or experienced with it already, or certainly will one day face.

If someone something similar has already managed to survive no need to be happy. As they say, life goes on. And in 2-4 weeks it all have to go through again.

Attraction of cats to the cat is great

In domestic animals, and not only at home, the sex urge is so great that they are all sorts of ways will try to get out to search for his sexual partner.

During the libido, when the hormone level rises, the cat tends to slip out the door. She can even jump out the window. And this escape, unfortunately, does not always end with a happy end. Just think, the pet has lived for many years in the house and suddenly turned “one” on the street…

If forced to use drugs to suppress the cat’s attraction to each other, it will eventually cause the constantly elevated hormone levels would strongly undermine the health of your pet. The pet reduced immunity to infectious diseases. Over time, begin to develop diseases, disturbed hormonal balance. The animal start various neoplastic processes in uterus and ovaries, suppurative inflammation of the uterus. This affects everything. And the Pets and their owners.

The cat should be sterilized

There are owners who initially try to find your pet soul mate to solve. But in most cases, care for the organization of the visits and the care of offspring, start it very difficult owners. Because sooner or later every cat owner begins to think that it is time to resort to some drastic measures.

Finding a soul mate for your pet’s problems are not solved. Once the owners begin to understand it. Kitty is ready for re-breeding literally after 3 months, but over a lifetime it can produce approximately 200 kittens. And every 3 months to make new offspring – not only expensive, but also quite difficult.

Purebred kittens can be distributed. But mongrel is quite difficult to find a new home. And then the owners start to use a variety of chemicals.

There are, of course, and harmless sedative. Is tinctures, such as “Stop stress”, “cat Baiyun.” These weak funds do reduce the severity of anxiety. But a constant high level of attraction powerless. In this case, the use of them is not enough. And then what? And then there comes a time when the owner does not know what to do, and has resorted to using chemical contraceptives.

These include the following dangerous drugs: “Sex barrier”, “Feet sex”, “sex cons”, and the like. At any pet store retailers can advise on the many drugs. But they never will advise pet owners about how harmful certain chemicals to the health of their Pets.

There are potent substances, for example, hormonal injection to reduce the craving in cats. He has a fairly long-term exposure and may reduce hormonal levels up to 6 months in a row. Such give injections veterinarians in veterinary clinics. But, any such drug only for a while, and it should be noted, only the time delay cat shows. As soon as the action of the drug is over, cat again began to organize “concerts”.

Thus, all of these medical facilities, is only able to alleviate the suffering, disrupt the hormonal status of the pet, and this, in turn, represents a danger to health, as it is fraught with other kinds of pathologies like tumors of the breast and of the uterus in cats, ovarian cyst from a cat.

Veterinarians often hear complaints from owners of cats that the medicine that worked before, now does not help. Operations such animals have very often found any changes in the uterus and the ovaries. To avoid all this and not to expose the cat this is not always justified for the dangers, it is recommended to sterilize her.

Why you need to sterilize cats? The arguments in favor of sterilization:

  • cats need to be sterilized so that they are not arranged cat shows;
  • to do that they have not experienced constant stress;
  • not to completely undermine their health.

Why is it necessary to sterilize a cat

So, do we see how much horror you can face if a cat to force feed drugs that suppress libido. So what’s left? If you do not want to harm your pet to put his health at risk, then the best solution in this case will castration, sterilization.

Neutering is the removal of gonads, is castration – removal of the ovaries. When in a veterinary clinic to offer this yield to the owners of a cat or cats, the first thing the owner said – sorry. But what’s he sorry for? Sorry for the pet to expose the operation? But he did not feel any pain because the operation is performed under General anesthesia. Sorry for the small testes in male or ovaries in cats? No need to be sorry.

If you do not want to use the functions of the animal organism, which are intended for the production of offspring, not too they need. Any other cat is fine and without these costs. You can even more to say, without the sexual glands she will be happy. This is due to the fact that the cessation of the release of hormones in the body positive impact on the animal both physically and psychologically.

The conclusion is, no need to torture the animal with chemicals, it is better to castrate a cat or neuter a cat.

At what age do you need to sterilize a cat?

So understood, the cat should be sterilized. And at what age it is better to do? Whether age plays the key role? Yes, plays.

Technically, to carry out sterilization of a cat or neutering a cat at any age. But it is recommended to do it when puberty has not yet come, but the body of the animal must be fully formed.

There’s a double-edged sword. If operated on sooner, then later have a small abnormally formed animal immune system, muscles, bones. If later, when the ovaries are fully formed and the body received at least one dose of hormones, can cause cancer.

Veterinarians recommend sterilization and castration at the age of 7 to 8 months. During this period the animals are observed less complications, compared with the late operations. But if due to various reasons, the question arises, sooner or later, better sooner. The earlier the surgery, the less likely you are to get complications in the future. Therefore, if there is any doubt, it is better to operate on your pet before.

What awaits the owner of the cat after the surgery:

  • the cat will be happy and, therefore, the owner is also;
  • cat shows will stop once and for all;
  • a cat is always playful and energetic.

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