When kittens begin to eat on their own

Kittens are born quite small and weak, and 1st time all the problems lie “on the shoulders” of the mother cat, but after three weeks she needs help own host, in order to cope with these little children.

Three weeks after birth babies begin to move, they already see, hear, do go to the toilet.

Now the owner will be more of a hassle associated with caring for these wonderful creatures. A person other than the question of how to save a little restless, there will be one more: how and how soon to start to teach the cat is without the help of others. This article explains how to teach a kitten to eat, and how you must change his diet.

If the pet that only came to light, he left himself without caring Mama cat, then the owner will need a lot of time, patience and labor in order to bring up weak baby. Of course, the main assistant to the veterinarian, he will definitely help you decide what type of feed is more suitable for your pet, explain how is a cat to drink cow’s milk and tell you how to teach your kitten to eat on their own.

Age aspects of the cat’s “table”

We will now consider, as soon as the kittens begin to eat on their own. While kittens are under at least a month, they need to nurse 8 times a day. Milk must be low-fat and slightly warmed, first it must be heated to approximately 37 degrees. To check the temperature, it is necessary to drip the milk on the outer side of the palm. Until the kitten has not reached the age of two weeks, it’s more comfortable to feed with an eye dropper.

When kitty was three weeks, then you can try to switch to a bottle with a nipple. After the baby ate, is a simple abdominal massage. This is necessary in order to make the digestive system work properly. When pet was 1-1. 5 months, he is obliged to receive liquid meals 5-6 times a day.

The baby is allowed to make these dishes:

  • meat and vegetable baby food;
  • semolina porridge without sugar;
  • boiled egg yolk;
  • low fat cottage cheese.

When your pet is 2 months old and began to grow 1st milk teeth, allowed to start giving the baby solid food. However, this does not exclude liquid food because it is very useful for the digestive system of the kitten. It is important to remember that the kitten is developing rapidly, growing in size and every day his need for nutrients also increases. The better to eat baby at this age, the stronger the result will be his health.

2 months is allowed to start the subsequent products:

  • low-fat boiled meat;
  • cottage cheese;
  • cereals;
  • chicken yolk;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • natural yogurt.

In the future, the kitten didn’t spotrebniho, to the right, you get to teach when the kittens start to eat themselves. Not rare cases when cats start eating only certain foods and refuse others – and not use. One constant dish may not contain all of the vitamins and minerals that are suitable cat. And if you want your pet unpretentious food, from early childhood accustom it to porridge, fruit and vegetables.

How to train a kitten to eat on their own?

Here we come to the very basic question: how soon and how to teach your baby to eat without the help of others and how much time it will take.

As mentioned earlier, the kittens will become interested in eating independently at three weeks old, or rather, show curiosity about the food of adult cats.

Because it is this age considered one of the best in order to teach your baby to eat from the saucer.

First you need to pour a saucer of warm milk, just a little. Then dip your own finger and give the baby to lick. When the kitten will understand that it is delicious, you need to put the baby beside a plate and put it face directly into the milk. At first he backed away, however, when they start to lick themselves, you’ll remember the taste of milk before it gave him on his finger.

Initially the kitten will not stop, snort and sneeze, releasing funny bubbles of milk. This happens due to the fact that he’s just mastering the technique of licking, because not so long ago never to do – he elementary was sucking milk from the breast of mother cats. In addition, from time to time you can see that he climbs into the bowl with the legs, and these attempts must stop immediately.

To do this, simply pull it out from the bowl, wipe the paws with a napkin and put the kitten next to the saucer. When he starts to climb into the bowl, slightly hold it. So you can teach your pet the fact that his legs should not be in food.

Why kitty may refuse to eat?

From time to time pet refuses to eat itself. This can happen due to the fact that you are very prematurely began to teach him to self-feed. In this case it is better to start again to feed a kitten with a pipette or return it to the cat. After some time you can once again try to teach the kitten to eat on their own.

The kitten will not be able to start eating without the help of others if the bowl is very large or unstable, as the kitten will just be awkward. Buy a bowl that will fit his size and is stable to rest on the floor. Then the little beast will feel comfortable and more willing to accept for food.

The kitten may not like the food, if it is very hot or cool. Feed the kitten should not much hot food, preferably at room temperature. Moreover, the baby may have problems with health. Because of these problems the kitten will not be able to eat independently. If you notice the first signs that indicate this, it is better to go to the vet.

Some rules that will help you in this matter

There are quite a lot of opinions about what’s best for the kitten and to start its schooling to independent feeding.

However, there are rules to be followed:

  1. The saucer must always be clean and appropriate for a small kitten.
  2. Near bowl with food must stand in a bowl of water.
  3. Feed the kitten according to his age and needs. If required, with the permission of the veterinarian can give the baby vitamins.
  4. If the baby often goes to the toilet, so he has enough food.
  5. Don’t force the games force.
  6. Do not mix dry food and natural food (with the exception of the cases when you switch from one food to another).
  7. After the pet has eaten, you can massage his stomach to digestive system started to work.
  8. We need a clear separation between the play areas and food.

A little bit of perseverance and understanding, and within a week the little darling learn to eat without the help of others. And it is not so fundamentally, when you accustom the pet to eat from the bowl, the main thing – patience. You just need to give him time so he got used to the food, the other, if mom’s milk. And most importantly: don’t need to worry too much. None of those cats who would prefer to eat only milk my whole life. Over time, the pet will stop that shit and start trying new things.

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