Why cats are afraid of water: main reasons and how to deal with it

There is a saying: “Think dog: the owner feeds me, so he is God. Thoughts cat: the owner feeds me, so I must be God.” This statement conveys the very nature of our beloved Pets.

Cats are very particular and capricious animals. And one common problem – fear of water.

The pronounced reluctance of a cat to water treatment often brings the owner a lot of inconvenience. Blood scratched hands, wet clothes and spent nerves – not all the result of bathing your pet. Let’s look at why cats don’t like water.


Once, during the Great flood, when Noah gathered into the ark all the animals on the ark entered the devil himself, who took the guise of rats. He began to gnaw through the bottom of the ark, in order to drown him. But the cat, seeing this, caught and killed him. Noah, deciding that the cat was naughty, have severely punished him, throwing overboard. The other animals rushed to Noah and pointed out his mistake of showing the holes in the bottom. Noah, realizing his mistake, returned the cat back, but since then the cats have developed a phobia of water.

You believe the legend or not is a personal choice.

Now let’s look at why cats are afraid of water from a scientific point of view

  1. Unlike dogs, cats do not catch their prey and lie in wait. For this reason, cats are very important to the absence of any odors. And wet fur begins to emit a fragrance. Cats are instinctively aware of this and tried his best to avoid the water.
  2. Fear of getting sick. Cats are rather intelligent beings of creation, and realize that wet and cold, you can get sick. And this is another reason why cats don’t like water.
  3. The fear of freezing. In cats between hair and skin is a kind of “layer”, saving heat. When wet it loses its abilities, and pussy begins to freeze. You don’t just notice after swimming that as a no wipe and what do not wrap the cat, he’s still shaking like a leaf? So the fear of cats here is very determined.
  4. Since cats are very willful and selfish animals, they are very not the taste, when they are forced to do anything. And swimming is such a procedure.
  5. Another reason for the fear of water, unpleasant odors. A cat’s sense of smell is much more acute than humans, so cat ten times more acutely the aroma of chlorine from the water, the smell of the shampoo and other “unnatural” for it smells.
  6. Cats think bathing is absolutely superfluous, because they are accustomed themselves to watch over its purity with the help of language. How can you love something that you think is unnecessary?

In General, if you look, cats are excellent swimmers. Even two weeks kittens are already perfectly able to swim. A cat living in the natural environment, do not hesitate to rush into the water if they sense danger or hunt for the rodent. But domesticated cats become very picky – why, in the end, go into the water if you can sweet take a NAP in your favorite chair?

So what about the hosts whose hard-nosed Pets do not want to water treatment and fear them?

In this case there is a few tips on how to teach a cat to bath procedures and to overcome the fear:

  • Start accustomed to bathing should be a small amount of liquid. To begin with put the legs of the animal in a container with water depth no more than three inches, let the pet get used to unfamiliar surroundings. Next, slowly increase the amount of water, leading to the desired depth.
  • Be sure to check the water temperature – it should be 38-39 degrees. Too cold or too hot water may scare the animal so that fear of water will remain for the rest of his cat life.
  • In the room where you plan to bathe the animal , turn on a bright light, so that the cat could clearly see you and the environment. In a well lit environment the animal will experience less stress.
  • If you have an active and playful pet buy for him a colourful toy for the bath, many cats love these things.
  • Never abruptly do not turn the water faucet on full blast! The animal may be fearful of sudden, unfamiliar, loud sound.
  • Lather Kotaku need a soft spongeso as not to damage the delicate skin of the animal.
  • During water treatment is required to talk to the pet gentle voice, in many cats it has a calming effect.
  • Be sure to keep the water from getting into the eyes and ears humming. For the ears you can use cotton swabs and eyes closed with his hands.
  • After swimming to wet coat of your precious pet in a separate towel.
  • Just to wrap the cat in a warm, large towel.
  • To hold hands, to talk and cuddle the petto ease the stress.
  • And remember that the younger the pet, the easier it will be to teach.
So are you scared of the cats water really?

As we can see, fear of water cats due to the fact that in our age cats – Pets, living mostly in the warm, bright, cozy home. They used to regularly get food from the hands of loving owners, sleeping in mild, cosy bed and enjoy life. So that the fear of water only due to these factors. In the wild an animal doesn’t think about fear or dislike for anything – his purpose to survive and produce their own food.

But pet, spoiled by the comfort and quiet, you can teach not only not afraid of water treatments, but even start to love them. Best of luck in your education!

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