Why cats love Catnip and how it affects cats

Let’s see what is Valerian. Valerian is a perennial plant that grows near water. The plant reaches a height of two meters. To obtain drug is used only the root. It contains many beneficial acids: acetic, formic, isovalerianic and other acids.

What is the effect of Catnip on cats

Every animal lover heard about how cats love Valerian. Someone even tried to giveyour pet her to try to see his reaction.

If your pet to give to smell the cap from the drug, he immediately grab her and beginning to lick. Then he begins a very strange behavior. Someone starts to run like crazy, and someone is very aggressive and may even attack the person. In fifteen minutes this condition go throught, and your pet will be the same.

But it’s very harmful to your pet. Let’s see how effective this drug on cats and dogs and why is it harmful to give their Pets.

Valerian root is composed of acids. The most dangerous acid is izovalerianova. What is she dangerous? Per person this remedy acts as a sedative and to cats as an aphrodisiac. The animal may tear the Wallpaper, ride on the curtains to mark the corners of his urine and much more. It turns out that this acid can even cause burns on the animal.

Why cats love Catnip

Valerian smells as well as pheromones, so cats fall into a state of euphoria.

As well as in the composition of this formulation includes another harmful substance is aktinidin. This substance is addictive and dependence in cats. We can say that Catnip is a cat drug.

Valerian tincture contains alcohol, and as you know, cats can’t resist the action of alcohol, i.e. they become addicted, an alcoholic. After the first sample of the drug he needed more and more.

Valerian is not only in the form of tinctures, but in tablets that are much more dangerous. Tablets still contain synthetic substances. These substances can cause an allergic reaction. After taking such pills cats start chasing and then get a good night sleep.

When you can give Valerian to a cat or cat

But there are times when your pet should give this drug. But this should be done only after consultation with a veterinarian. It will tell youwhen to give the medicine and in what doses. Usually this drug is taken as follows: on the animal’s muzzle drip a few drops or two drops of Valerian diluted in a small amount of water and give the cat or cat.

Tincture of Valerian animals are given in the following diseases:

  • Spasms.
  • For fever.
  • In diseases of the heart.
  • For the treatment of thyroid.
  • For eye diseases- decoction of Valerian need to wipe the sore eyes of an animal.

Tincture of Valerian can be used to accustom the cat to the scratching post. That the animal does not scratch the furniture for it becoming a scratching post. And in order for her to teach, it is necessary to grease it a few drops of tincture of Valerian. Then your cat will love to sharpen claws about this special device.

There are cats that are related to this drug calmly, not react to it. Most Siamese cats love Valerian. Kittens generally do not react to it, cats, too, not all love her.

But if your cat is in heat, then this medicine it is categorically impossible to give. Why? This is because your kitty will get all excited and than it will end is unknown. Better to give her hormones or antihistamines.

Also a great tool is a special product- “cat Baiyun.”

This tool is used in order to cope with the following ailments cats:

  • aggression;
  • anxiety;
  • excessive activity;
  • fear and phobia;
  • helps the pet to teach him not to mark territory in the house;
  • soothing the cat during a sexual inclination.

This tool is available in tincture and tablets. It should be used strictly according to instructions.

But if you don’t want offspring, the best solution to this problem would be sterilization.

Tincture of Valerian helps only in the cases when the cat is not let the cat near herself and does not want to mate with him. In this case her nose, you can drop a few droplets of Valerian, and then she will stick to the cat.

If your cat is already old, the tincture of Valerian are contraindicated. After reception of this money it will start to jump and run like young, and then it can cause heart problems or, in General, it can lead to death.

Overdose Valerian

If your cat or cat once tried the Valerian, be sure that they will seek the drug again. What to do if your pet is found this tool and still drunk it, and he overdoses? In this situation the animal must be delivered to the vet, he will help you.

How to understand that the animal overdosed? His mouth foaming, eyes rolled and there are cramps. If you do not take action, the animal might die.

Therefore, your pet should not be given Valerian for fun, give him Catnip, he’s completely harmless and poses no danger to the animal. There are special toys for the cats, which are impregnated with Catnip, she is also suitable for your pet.

Now you know why cats love this drug and how it is affecting them.

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