Why cats purr and how do they do it

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why do only cats purr and some other members of the cat? No other animal is capable of reproducing such sounds.

Any human feline purring is perceived as a symbol of comfort and tranquility, a display of affection. Because cats mostly do it lying next to the beloved master, or licking each other.

How the cat plays purring

Scientists have not been able with absolute certainty to establish which organs help the cat purr.

There are several versions of this account.

  • The appearance of these acoustic oscillations of the involved false vocal cords. Purring cat always does when the mouth is closed. The process here seems to scientists so that the vibration of the cords are sent to a special bone located below the tongue, it is accompanied by a peculiar sound, resembling the quiet rumbling of some mechanism.In favor of this variant says that larger members of the cat (tigers, lions, leopards) the purr is unable to, since the vibration of the bones prevent dense cartilage that is located nearby.
  • It is possible that the process involved sinus sinus. When the cat is relaxed and happy, the pressure in the vessels decreases, causing vibration of the chest, which come into resonance with special cavities in the skull that is accompanied by characteristic sounds.
  • the third version tells about the involvement in the process of reproduction of sounds of respiratory organs. When you exhale and inhale at the same time enter into the work of diaphragmatic and intercostal muscles,creating exactly the same amplitude, which is perceived by us as a purr.

A consensus about why a cat purrs, scientists never came. However, none of them questioned that, the onset of action of this mechanism is always preceded by a change in the emotional background.

The causes of purring

For whom cats hum? For others or for yourself? And then, and more. In some situations, the animal gives us to understand, as he well and quietly near us.


Others doing it with a different objective:

  • In this way, the cat gets rid of stress. Creating a vibration of a certain frequency, it adjusts the entire body to work in a single relaxed: stabiliziruemost blood pressure, reduced heart rate comes to normal nervous system.
  • Is preparing to sleep. Purring cat plays the role of relaxation, all processes are slowed, the body configured to rest.
  • A mother cat thus out of contact with their kittens. Mother sends them with the help of purr a soothing tone, gives a sense of security. And kittens inform her about your health and well-being. The patient is not viable kitten do not have the strength to even purr.
  • When the baby makes these sounds during feeding, he probably expresses her appreciation for food and the warmth of a mother.
  • The same thing happens in relation to the person. Pet is grateful to its distinctive purr for food, shelter, care and affection.
  • In this way, the pet can Express the joy of meeting. If you’ve been home, probably on the doorstep you will be greeted by the purr of a cat.
  • Veterinary doctors say that a purring cat relieves himself from the pain. The vibration function on her brain and body as a whole like anesthesia, the animal accelerates wound healing and faster are inflammatory processes.
  • Communicating with other dogs, meowing cat, showing thereby their location, lack of aggression and an invitation to play.
But is there any benefit for a person?

You have probably heard that cats supposedly can treat a person? Extensive research on this topic has not been conducted, but many believe that purring helps the cat to recover in times of illness and has the ability to relieve the pain. Various sources can meet even gradation, indicating that cats the different colors treat different diseases.

It is believed that:

  • The most powerful energy of the black cats. Murch on his knees or near the head of his master, they can save him from hypertension, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, heart disease, stroke. Doctors energotropic argue that these illnesses typical of people with an excess of negative energy in the body and cats is subject to the energy to pick up and neutralize. Black cats, in comparison with animals of other colors, for this double ability.
  • Red cats haven’t taken anything, but they generously share with the owner. Patting a pet that purrs, cuddling up to you, you will get a charge of energy, vivacity and good mood. Red cats will make you optimistic.
  • White animals are considered to be a cure-all. In Britain these cats even sell it in special pharmacies, as any antibiotic, and experts in animal-assisted therapy tell how to contact with the whiskered beast to get the therapeutic effect. During illness white cats help to replenish low energy level.
  • Cat gray combine useful qualities of black and white animals. Part of negative energy from a person and they take it, and instead give positive. As a result, the body returns to balance and the man is recovering thanks to the purr of a cat.

Was officially established and confirmed in a medical facility the fact that stroking happy meowing cats in for a few minutes leads to normalization of the blood pressure, reduces the risk of reinfarction and stroke. The sessions of such therapy have an effect comparable to the effect of the meditations. The person calms down, completely relaxed.

It is only necessary to note that the therapeutic effect of the purring of a cat you get, if you hold it by force. He knows the time for the contact he needed, and after completing his mission, he jumps off his knees and walks away from you. An overabundance of negative energy can bring harm to an animal. So trust his natural instincts and communication with cat will only bring you benefits and joy.

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