Why you need a harness and leash for cats?

Everyone knows that the cat is an independent animal. So to get her to do something against her own will is unlikely. Females often compare themselves with these animals, proclaiming: “I’m like a cat, walking in itself.” If you have a pet live in a rural location and free range for him is far less dangers.

Cats in urban environments must be kept under control – this will help to keep them alive and health. How to achieve this? Because the cat will not go near you, like the obedient dog and the collar on her dress.

The most suitable option for walking cats – the purchase of harnesses for the cat.

The benefits of harnesses for cats

Even if you are a supporter of home detention, you have to admit that walking is good for cats. Movement, fresh air, new experiences – all this can only benefit the animal. But the city’s busy traffic, the pet can get hit by a car. He could hurt irresponsible people and other animals. The cat may just be lost or fall into the wrong hands.

Only took him on the leash, you will achieve the following:

  • You will be able to display the animal for a walk at your convenient days and hours. In this case, can not be a situation when you urgently need to leave for the day, and the cat slipped out of the house and no one knows when will appear.
  • You can protect your pet from the encroachments of unfriendly relatives, who are fighting for territory can inflict serious injury.
  • The cat will not be able to pick up food waste and attracted to her pieces of food scattered on the street, and so the risk of infections and poisonings will be minimized.
  • The harness for the cat does not restrict her movements to the extent to bring her harm. Even if the animal is afraid of something, try to escape, this fixture is securely and gently hold it without causing damage.
  • Using a harness, the wearer to easily control the walking time in its sole discretion and to get a cat home when necessary to the owner.

In addition to walking, the accessory is convenient to use for going to the vet. In a noisy and unfamiliar place, the animal could easily get scared and run away. The harness and leash will prevent this.

How to choose the right harness

What should pay attention when choosing a harness and leash?

  • It is better to give preference to models of tissue. They are easy to wash if necessary, the skin they don’t cover. Harnesses made from leather coarser and heavier cats don’t like them.
  • The most convenient width of the straps – 1-1,5 see best buy design with adjustable straps, it is possible to more accurately adjust the size of the animal.
  • pay attention to the buckles, they must be easy to use and securely attached. Better if the leash is for cats to be removable – this allows you to attach if necessary, a longer leash roulette.

Wearing a harness on the pet, make sure to sit not too tight. If you can slip it under her two fingers, all right.

Accustom the animal to the harness and leash

Buy a harness for a cat is not a problem in any store that sells pet products. Some craftswomen are able to make this accessory yourself. But be prepared that the animal gets used to the harness, as the leash immediately. Have an advanced stage of schooling. First, wear only a cat harness and let them walk around the apartment. Some obstinate cats in the first attempts at trying to pull off with all foreign, be patient.

In the second phase, begin to accustom your pet to the leash. The cat needs to understand and acceptthat when on her leash, she will not be able to go wherever she pleases. Calm animal stroking movements and voice. This will give him to understand that everything is in order, there is no threat and you’re not going to do anything too bad to him.

Better start training to harness for cats from an early age. The kitten will be able to quickly get used to a kind of “harness”. But to teach to walk on a leash and an adult cat, but it will require some more time and patience.

Leash for cats – a symbol of restriction of freedom. First time on the street you have to walk for my cat who is wearing a seat belt. If you will insist on and pull the pet in the right direction, it will start to stretch and then lie down on the ground. Force you will not achieve anything.

For the first walk is better to choose a secluded quiet place where the cat can slowly get used to. In the future, even if you will have the impression that it wasn’t you walking your cat and you, this walk will bring pleasure to both.

Who walks contraindicated

Walking with a pet, albeit on a leash is not always appropriate.

Consider the caseswhen the walk is better to abstain.

  • If the age of a kitten less than 5 months, it is impossible to walk. Vaccination form desired protection against infection later. If the animal is older, but not vaccinated, walks can also result in serious trouble.
  • Undergoing a long illness or surgery, the cat needs time to recover. Her walking is also better to postpone.
  • With a nervous and timid cats better not take walks, not even on a leash – harm will be more than good. Stress weaken the immune system and cause heart disease. Let this cat walking on the windowsill.
  • If you live in the house the old cat that never went outside, hardly worth it on this train. In this case, health may deteriorate.

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