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People for many centuries chooses their Pets as friends. Someone like parrots and cats, some prefer dogs or cute rodents.

Now especially popular are the unusual and even exotic animals, for example, the African pygmy hedgehog. This species has been artificially bred by specialists in order to people have been able to keep home such animals.

It should be borne in mind, such a decorative hedgehog – hybrid home form, so it is in any case can not be released into the wild, he is not able to survive in the natural environment of wild ancestors.


African pygmy hedgehog is a terribly cute little animals of a small size, studded with soft needles. If you’ve seen pictures of these creatures or even met in person, you realize that they are able to win the heart of almost any man at first sight.

Pygmy hedgehogs are very sociable and friendly animals, especially in relation to man. They quickly become attached to his new owner and his entire family.

This animal can safely keep one copy, they don’t need relatives or a couple to feel perfectly at home. But if you decided to have not one, but two or more animals of this species, you should know that each hedgehog must have its own separate house, otherwise they tend to quarrel and even to fight among themselves.

Ezhata are born very small, but then begin to grow rapidly. Adult pygmy hedgehogs are also not very large in size, they reach a maximum of twenty centimeters in length, and weighs three hundred and fifty – five grams.

From the wild African hedgehogs are not only those that are not adapted to live in the wild, but also:

  • Their appearance.
  • Needs.
  • Character and temperament.
  • Behavior.
  • The necessary conditions of detention.

The main difference from the free counterparts is the inability of decorative hedgehogs curl up in a ball and white tummy.

European breeders have long worked on the creation of this breed in the late twentieth century, namely in 1995 and still achieved success.

The species was named African pygmy hedgehog, and quickly began to gain popularity among adults and children. Since the color of these lovely creatures is dominated by the white color, many call them white hedgehogs.

African hedgehogs cannot be called centenarians, on average, they live about five years. Compared with wild counterparts, it is little, as they survive much in the wild, and home can stretch to ten years. Breeders when selling pygmy hedgehogs often explain how to properly care for such animals, and if you follow all the recommendations and advice that your pet may live longer, namely six to eight years.

The character and temper of

It is impossible to give a General characterization of this kind of Pets, each African hedgehog is unique and has its own disposition and character.

Some animals prefer silence and solitude, others like to communicate with people and be the center of attention. Of course, one common feature of all members of this genus are – they treat people well and do not show aggression if they do not offend.

African hedgehogs love to be petted and squeezed, but if your pet prefers to spend time in his house and not very happy about the attack on his peaceful pastime, you have to try to win his respect and love.

When buying this animal please note hedgehogs, who themselves are willing to talk and to get you hands on. So, if you find beech, would be problematic enough to befriend him and get his location. Most pygmy hedgehogs- a relaxed and friendly creatures, but sometimes among them there ugly or wayward creation. Such representatives of this species will make escape attempts and biting or hissing, if you try to hold them.

Decorative pygmy hedgehog is able to give you a feeling of warmth and coziness, and will provide a good mood. To purchase this spectacular and unusual of the beast, you will need four or five thousand rubles.

The content in the home.

African pygmy hedgehog is a breed developed specifically for the maintenance of the house or apartment. He needs care and to survive such a beast can only with a person in the wild these creatures there is no suitable places.

After you have acquired such a pet should not be immediately strain it to their attention and allow the whole family to squeeze an animal. A new house, people and smells can cause the hedgehog stress.

For a start, let him get used to the new environment, ensuring pet’s peace and quiet. Adaptation in the animal, will take about a week. At this time do not need a long time to hold it in hands or try to play with him.

How to choose a location for the house

Before purchasing African hedgehog, think about where you place his cage. The place should be comfortable for the animal and not to cause inconvenience. Strong drafts can trigger the common cold, and direct sunlight can lead to heat stroke.

All this adversely affects the health of the animal and can cause death or severe illness.

That is why, in any case do not put the cage on the window sill, is one of the worst places that you can select when placing African hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, the peak of activity at night. Therefore, to avoid interference with the night your Mr. wieners, and running around the cage, put it farther from the bed or even in another room.

How to choose a suitable cabin

As the house is not necessary to buy a cage, are also perfectly suited to a terrarium of plastic or glass.

When choosing, pay attention to the bottom area, it should not be less than sixty into sixty centimeters. Wall must be more than thirty inches in height and is quite slippery so the animal couldn’t get out of his house and run away.

Also he can just close the top, the plastic terrariums there is a lid, for glass you can make it yourself.

If the terrarium does not like you get accustomed to the cage for the rabbits to hedgehogs, too, will be quite comfortable. Before purchase be sure to inspect the cage floor must not consist of rods, as the animal will always fall between them and will not be able to move. Also, note the wall, if the bars are too large gaps, the hedgehog is simply stuck, or will get out and run away.

African hedgehogs are very clean and prefer to go to the toilet in the same place. Therefore, you should arrange the hedgehog tray, perfect small box filled with sawdust. It will need to be cleaned every day. Use birch or aspen shavings, but cedar sawdust is not suitable – it is dangerous to the health of the hedgehog, as it can cause an allergic reaction. Even for the toilet urchins often use fillers for cats.

Don’t forget to clean the cage, you should do this at least once a week. Use a mild detergent without aggressive and strong-smelling ingredients. Decorative hedgehogs are big fans to play and love all sorts of toys. The owners of these animals suggest looking into products for cats, for example, ringing a plastic ball will have hedgehog like.

African hedgehogs are big fans of delicious and hearty meals, which are prone to overeating and obesity. By themselves, they lead a passive way of life, so it is recommended to install in their house, special wheel for rodents. The animal would be happy in it to run, and it will affect his physical form. Choose a device with a diameter of not less than thirty centimeters.


In the twenty-first century to think about what to feed African hedgehog is not required. They eat well dry food for cats premium. Only pay attention to the composition – it must not contain starch products like corn or potatoes.

Also these animals is contraindicated:

  • Dairy products.
  • Dried fruits.
  • Acidic foods: pineapple, citrus, garlic, onions, etc.
  • Avocados – the hedgehog can poison this fruit, so it’s best not to risk it and not include it in the diet.
  • Nuts and seeds in the shell. It can injure your mouth or damage your teeth.

Contain pygmy hedgehogs is easy and pleasant. For such a small animal can bring to your home comfort and become a real favorite for kids and adults.

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