Hunting for the Sociable

This steppe bird from the family of the Rzhankovs is the native sister of the swamp chibis. And as if to emphasize the similarity of the suckling to the chibis, it is often called a steppe pagalica.

ST Aksakov wrote about her:

«Without a doubt, she is so called by her cry or voice.» She is a real native inhabitant of the steppes, and I have never seen her in other places. «The size and the storehouse are completely Like a chibis or swamp pigolitsu, only a little bit wider and lower on its legs, its head is bigger and the tuft is not.It is just as quick running, the same has round wings and the same flight as a chibis, a special flight. As she seldom waves her wings and turns over on the belly up, it strongly be mistaken for marsh pigolitsu but feathers the color of it is absolutely not like her: Sociable Lapwing all blue-gray, smoky with dark tides .and spots. » ST Aksakov.

To this description, we can only add that the distinctive field signs of a bird are reduced to the following: it is sandy-gray, with a black cap on its head, a white eyebrow. The abdomen in the center is black, behind the red. At the edge of the folded pen is a narrow white strip. In flight, the wing at her seems snow-white, like a seagull.

Unfortunately, the life of the gerbils has not been studied enough, and any interesting observations of young hunters in this area can be valuable for naturalists.

One thing is certain: the suckling babies come to nesting sites later than the chibis and curlews, and fly away much earlier than these birds. Even the curlews still do not leave their habitual grounds, when the giraffes set off on a long journey to the south.

Apples appear in small flocks, soon break up into pairs and usually bring out four chicks. Nasizhivayut both parents alternately and very zealously guard the offspring. From the Kulunda steppe and from the northern steppe regions of Kazakhstan, giraffes begin to fly off, like the chibis, in huge and very amicable flocks, almost in the first days of summer hunting. In the spring, birds are very trusting, in summer and autumn there is enough lodging.

Shortly before the flight and on the routes to the south, the motley-white socks with a thousand packs go to the watering place.

This feature of the behavior of birds is based mainly on hunting for them, which is of an accidental nature and lasts a very short time.

Shoot the giraffe in the hot August afternoon, arranging all sorts of skrays and sit-ups, in order to properly disguise themselves from the packs that are piling on the watering hole.

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