A bird of prey from the Falcon family members

Man is always interested in the wild globe of nature. Attracted by their strange and also dangerous residents, its unexplored mysteries, fascinating nature. Killers present a specific threat to humanity.

These birds as well as animals do not give time to believe, they act promptly as well as decisively. It occurs that an apparently harmless bird and not able to bring harm, but ought to not be so depending treat this.

The beasts of the wild and also predacious nature live by their very own regulations. This law is valid in our globe, and we all understand: « Survival of the fittest»». In an equivalent fight a predator with a male that is extremely little probability that people will obtain success.

Aggressive searches

The entire life of the male appreciates the birds that come from the family members of the Falcon, there are about 60 varieties only of predators. The feeling of appreciation brings on a search for them. In some countries these birds are safeguarded by all the guards of the law. The rarest bird of the Falcon household is the Mauritius Kestrel, worldwide there have to do with 10 birds of this types. There are even kinds that had been shed to the world, as an example, predatory searches Caracara.

We will now take into consideration one of the most popular as well as typical of birds of the family members falconwing:

  1. Merlin.
  2. Peregrine.
  3. The pastime.
  4. Merlin.
  5. The typical Kestrel.

The biggest of the household of Falcon it Falcon Falcon. They get to up to 165 centimeters if a peregrine Falcon wings from 85 to 140 cm at Merlin. Nevertheless, in the speed of the Merlin is substandard to the peregrine Falcon. Is a superb killer. When Merlin finds his prey, he flies at it from over and also strike in the head with his claws. When Merlin near the end, he breaks the victim’s neck and also defeats your head with its big beak. Shade have white, as well as away from each other streaks.

These birds are extremely conscious their house, and also for that reason can not control himself at the view of an unfamiliar person in their area without seeing that the enemy is bigger in dimension.

The outlet needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. To have an open area.
  2. To be in the public domain.
  3. The presence of water nearby.

Sometimes Gyrfalcons inhabit the nests of their ancestors. As bed linens in the nest is absolutely nothing, just if there were any type of, plumes or bones. As a predator near the nest can be scattered with the bones of prey.


Its spread has in the globe other than chilling North of Antarctica. This predative searches is just one of the first places on the speed of trip. Scientists have revealed that the peregrine Falcon can accelerate their speed when flying up to 350 kilometers per hr. This rate can not overtake the speed of various other birds.

This is a rather huge bird of prey of the Falcon family, the size can rise to 55 cm and have a wingspan of 85 to 125 cm, the Female peregrine considers concerning 1 to 1.5 kg when the men evaluate concerning 500 grams. Has a rather solid body, the broad substantial breast to clear birds from the Falcon household. The muscle mass hard and also noticeable. Strong legs as well as solid rounded claws, and also sharp effective beak. Shades females and also men do not vary. The top birds have a grey, sometimes with red stripes of white, consisting of the wings, other than tips, and also a part above the tail. The ends of the wing are black.

Light abdominal areas, with a selection of shades. The bust streaks are drop formed. The tail is tool in dimension, rounded. The lower side of the tail is black and might be white red stripe. The head is gray, and the neck white or light. The eyes are large and also black. Large enormous beak and nails repainted black. Its prey the bird stands out with beak and talons, the beak of the teeth, which aids her in searching. Youthful peregrine falcons are not as contrasting in shade as grownups. At the sight of the guy a feeling of stress and anxietythat apart with a loud cry.

The leisure activity

From his brothers peregrine falcons, the pastime has a small dimension. Have their own distribution in Russia.

Once a year the women lays eggs in late spring, in an amount of from 3 to 5 pieces. Egg shade regarding brownish-red. Have tool size eggs, 5 to 6 cm incubation Period of about 1 month. Father is also included and often substitute for a friend. The very first time, when birdsare born, the woman needs to be cozy, to feed the birds. The 2nd parent at this time flies to search within 25 km searching for food for his family members. When the birds a month and also a fifty percent, they can make their very first trip.

The look is a little various from the types of Falcon has long sharp wings as well as a pointed tail, unlike the peregrine. In the period of the wings can reach up to 90 centimeters. the Back is grey and also the abdominal area is pale practically white with dark streaks. Fifty percent of the feet has an intense red color. Pastime can be recognized by the white cheeks and also a dark moustache on a dark head.


When Merlin in trip, it is very easy to confuse with check in the skies, due to its ability to move. Commonly is widely used throughout the Russian Federation. In comparison it is a little bird, the wingspan is from 50 centimeters to 70 cm Can be acknowledged by a dark, broad band at the end of the tail as well as brilliant red claws. Hunting can go, not only on birds but likewise on little rodents and insects.

Common Kestrel This predator has the largest location in Central Europe. On the territory of the Russian Federation, this species is located generally in the North. Hatching out of eggs occurred in June. Egg color about brownish-red. Have tool dimension eggs, 5 to 6 cm incubation Period of around 1 month. Father is also included and also in some cases substitute for a mate.

The size of the usual Kestrel is not even more of a dove. In the span of the wings is about 80 centimeters. a Distinctive feature of Kestrel is that it may hang in the air, to assault tiny rodents. Manufacturing daily might be more than a lots computer mice. Particular functions in the appearance is the brilliant yellow legs and black claws.

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