Bird with a red bust and also yellow beak

Bird species are lots of, so it is impossible to keep in mind them all. However there is an order of birds that a lot of regularly make their nests near human beings. Birds cavity nesters cleared up in the hollows and also conveniently you can attract to your infield.

Birds cleared up in the hollows, which are hollowed woodpecker or construct their nests in flaking from the dryness of the timber and also origins. A lot of agents

of the group of passerine birds, as well as to him consist of the following family members: lark; warblers; tryasoguzki; thrush; lastactive; zavarushku; Staroye; spiritlife; korolkowii; olapcube; Remezova pishhevye; krapivnikova; Staroye;

  • passerine
  • ;
  • cinavia
  • ;
  • skvortsovo;
  • mahalapaye; finches;
  • evolkova;
  • ovsyanikova; corvids; Remezova. The
  • Starling family Common Starling has a black plumage, yet with a slight metal
  • shine, yet the wings and also tail are repainted
  • in brown color. With
  • the beginning
  • of autumn on his feathers appear white areas
  • . Commonly, these starlings like to resolve near villages, closer to the people.Their nests are made in birdhouses or hollows. They laid eggs in mid-spring have a bluish shade. The Starling preys on insects, particularly those that damage yards and also orchards, so they benefit harvest. The rosy Starling has wings, neck, tail and head black, however the breast it pink.


Youthful people have a little of brilliant tuft, as well as an adult bird can be differentiated by the crest on the head. The glowing Starling is taken into consideration a migratory bird and resides in the South of Russia. The vacant nests on cliffs or in holes of high cliffs. This bird is a good destroyer of grasshoppers, other insect pests. Family members vorobyovyh House Sparrow has a various tuft.

The head of the man is grey

and also the throat and also to the lower component of the upper body it is black in color, the remainder of the breast is white. The lady has brownish tuft as well as listed below it is much lighter than the top. Lives a bird in all the woodland zone of Russia and also clears up near towns as well as towns in the nesting boxes under the eaves of homes or in gaps of structures. Big bird comes from the order vorobyovyh as well as is considered the biggest of

all the Tits. This bird with yellow breast likewise has black stripes, but the wings with the tail of heaven, back eco-friendly, cheeks and neck white place. Color, certainly, lovely as well as to satisfy her seldom due to the fact that she stays in most parts of Russia, but worked out in the thickets of the rivers and also nests in the hollow. Its eggs are white with reddish-brown places. Eats food and also she’s looking for it in the shrubs and also trees. Crested tit is still another name for Grenadier. This is the name of the bird resulted from Pappus. It

has black and also white shade and also the pointed end. The quill of the bird is grayish-brown, however the neck is black. There is this bird in yearn timbers in winter season searching for food in residence yards. Food uses of bugs and also spiders, prefers weevils, beetles. Their nests are made in hollows with a tiny opening and they find these dental caries low to the ground. The family Drozdov Blackbird has an intense black shade of feathers, yet the beak as well as eyelids of his orange, in women the costs is

darker. Blackbird populates

deciduous woodlands, gardens as well as parks. Viet nest on the ground or in shrubs, seldom on the horizontal branches, however reduced a little above the ground. A Blackbird sings and while singing, the male may rest motionless on the really leading of the tree. Belogolovy thrush varies from the Blackbird by a large white spot on craw which looks like a Crescent moon. The color is lighter, the man might have brownish-black tuft. Youthful females have the exact same color, yet with intense wings and also an area on craw missing out on.

The bird dwells in the top part of the forest in the shrubs. The nest improved the ground or Bush. To the order of vorobyovyh additionally includes the Bluethroat. The Bluethroat of the family members Drozdov has a blue bust, as well as rather resembles a Nightingale. They are active as well as small, making it difficult for individuals to discover it. In the month of April they pertain to Russia from warm countries and also live in thickets of willow, alder and also sedges. And also necessarily near their nests must be water. The layer shade of women as well as men is very various. Usually the female he is modest and inconspicuous, but throughout the breeding period the men have the color ends up being intense. The Bluethroat sings well and also imitate the singing of other birds. The family members of finches Yellow Finch belongs to the passerine as well as has a bright yellow coloration, particularly in men. Just the wings and tail is missing yellow. Reel stays in coniferous forests, and it can be found in the continental hills. Socket view on the branches of coniferous trees or

shrubs. Eat grains,

which locates in the bushes, amongst the lawn and the trees. Finch has the exact same size as a Sparrow as well as belongs to the passerine. The bird with the red bust has black wings with white stripes. The woman has a slightly various shade. It resides in woodlands with various terrain. Chaffinch can be located in coniferous woodland as well as broad-leaved. The nest is integrated in trees orshrubs, and also the finches are doing it out of various material. Another bird with a red breast– it is common bullfinch. Bird is one of the biggest reps of the family of finches. The migratory types, usually they stay in the South. Bullfinch nest in woodlands as well as city parks mainly in coniferous and deciduous trees. Household Zhavoronkova Small timber lark comes from

the passerine and different brown body plumage with black areas, the underparts are white, and on the bust with dark streaks. It is a migratory types of birds. The nest builds on a verdant slopes with woody plant life, on the fringes of the woodland or olive groves. It builds its nest on the ground in the lawn, so he can’t

be seen. Product for

the nest picks impolite. Powered woodlark invertebrates, insects, and also identified from other larks. Unusual birds To an uncommon bird belongs Golovanova gannets, which belongs to the family olesevich as well as is considered to be purely aquatic bird. Found only in the large warm seas in the seaside area. They are defined by unusual color. The tuft of the wings brownish, tail black, the neck brown with white touches, as well as the breast white. As well as booby has a gray-blue beak. And one of the most striking function are the intense blue or turquoise legs. Birds are carnivorous, so a diet regimen consists of fish, which they capture in the sea. Recap All birds of the passerine have a common similarities: little dimension; dwelling in forests or country parks as well as yards; prefer to build their nests reduced over the ground or in thick lawn; lots of individuals prefer to live in birdhouses; this files frequently have black, grey or brownish plumage.

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