Common Buzzard or Buzzard– a brilliant agent of Raptor

Common Buzzard — — a bird of prey of the hawk family that resides in the forests of Europe as well as Asia. Its name comes from the « groan » because the voice resembles the mournful

howling of felines. Based on this, the people started to call the bird a Buzzard.Life span has to do with 20-25

years, however there are individuals that live up to 35 years. Taxonomy:

  • Class Aves — — Birds Squad Falconiformes — — Birds Of Prey
  • Family Accipitridae — — Hawk Category Buteo — — Buzzards The species Buteo buteo — — typical Buzzard

or Buzzard A bird of tool dimension. Body length is approximately 50-58 cm, a wingspan of approximately 130 cm, the weight varies from 450g to 1.4 kg, the size of the wings 40 centimeters, tail 28 cm, the Females are mostly even more of its partners.

Common Buzzard has a range of shades. It is impossible to fulfill 2 definitely similar individuals. Some representatives observed brown, black, brownish color. And also the other a Falcon on the tail is prominent white transverse stripes or black dots on the abdominal area. Some birds have a bright yellow cere, light yellowish legs and also dark shade of the pointer of the beak, the cornea reddish-brown color. There are several alternatives.

A really uncommon bird, which is striking tuft and also diversity of colors.

Lifestyle as well as atmosphere

The most common environments are Eurasia, Central Asia, Ozerskie and the Canary Islands, Iran, Arabia, desert, Arctic circle. In Russia Sarich lives in Siberia, the Kuril Islands as well as Sakhalin island.

Meet nomadic and worked out by the reps of the Buzzards, it depends on the habitat and also climatic conditions. They choose only one partner and also strictly restrict their nesting websites. Jealously securing their area from various other birds and also expels all the « uninvited visitors»». Do not lay greater than 5 eggs, hatch and feed them one at a time, till the nestlings discover to fly.

Common Buzzard can be quickly recognized by his habits. When the bird sits down, flexes under her foot and also shrivels. So they offer a recreational and also all at once seeking a brand-new prey. Flies long as well as calmly. Seeing victim, the Falcon rock is released on the ground, to the ground and also spreads its wings and orders the victim.

To capture some prey, the Buzzard is needed to quest only in open areas. To do this, he can find a sufferer from ambush, or long to drift airborne.

The power of the bird is a Buzzard

For hunting the bird chooses forests, rotating with fields. Rarely hunt huge victim, and chooses mostly various other animals and small rats. Foraging in the food of rats, moles, mice, bunnies, small birds, frogs, reptiles, frogs, serpents, and also even do not contempt carrion. Also make use of earthworms, if you can’t find favored deals with. The day-to-day need for food has to do with 100-150 gg per year Sarich ruins up to 11 000 rats, and a day regarding 30 individuals. It is a significant benefit to humanity.

Recreation, breeding practices and feeding of the Chicks

Mating period remains in very early springtime. The male starts to flirt with the female and begins his courtship. He dances, floating airborne and carries out lots of feats to stand out. Frequently the males combat as well as contend amongst themselves.

When a pair is created, begins building and construction of a brand-new nest at an elevation of 4-15 m, or take care of the old one.

Kaneuchi pairs select to plan frequently:

  • birch;
  • pine;
  • fir;
  • aspen;
  • spruce;
  • Topol.

Favorite place is the fork of thick branches. The nest is made from completely dry branches that entwine with the green turf or old.

If the first brood has fallen short, the lady can lay one per season.

The hatching out eggs do females, and the men seek food as well as guard the nest. Oviposition happens in the late springtime, and the incubation period lasts as much as 36 days. Laying birds have an environment-friendly color with brown places. The Chicks hatch in very early summer, covered in dark gray fuzz with open eyes. They are totally defenseless and also require treatment and also maintenance.

In the first days the woman is not excommunicated from the nest. Manufacturing of food for the whole household is participated in the male. He tosses it right into the nest where the women breaks it right into items as well as feeds the young. They have a brood of different ages as well as if the production lot, the more youthful Chicks are capturing up in the growth of elderly. In the end, endure. Sometimes, older individuals are aggressive and killed the more youthful relatives of the litter. As they age kids, the female starts to leave them alone as well as also taken part in searching. At the age of 6-7 weeks, the Buzzards leave the nest and also begin an independent life.

The advantage for humanity

In 1970 otolaryngologists had made the discovery regarding the benefits of these birds. Disclosed that they damage a huge number of rats damaging to agriculture. They do not give as well as increase to various other parasites: grasshoppers, grasshoppers, the locust. It is recognized that the Buzzards are likewise being damaged by the dangerous serpents that can create excellent harm to human wellness.

The partnership in between varieties and human

Not mankind always respected Chanukah. Formerly it was assumed that they bring upon great damage and also therefore eliminated. It was thought that they eat little leverets, birds that eat pests that consume the Chicks.

In the Charter of the Russian Federation specified setting on the shooting of these birds that eventually even rewarded. And also they were brought upon incurable damage as a result of the damage of rodents with toxic chemicals, for which the types was on the brink of extinction.

Yet eventually individuals recognized the misconception of their presumptions as well as mankind began to look after Chanukah, or Mouser. It was recognized the restriction on searching and defense of species.This has assisted the populations of Buzzards as well as in our time they were able to regain their density as well as toughness.

The bird is a Buzzard is an uncommon rep of the predators, which was of excellent advantage as well as necessary to the environment. Humankind should infuse regard from their offspring to them.

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