Usual zelenuha, bird zelenushka, its way of living and reproduction

When spring comes, arrives various groups pticu They have a range of sizes, voices as well as shades. Among most of them you can see a tiny energised bird zelenushka.

This bird with their sonorous vocal singing stimulates the globefrom the lengthy winter season sleep. These little animals have a great deal of charm, as well as they never cease to

impress everybody around them. Long ago people called this little bird forest Canary. Family members of birds are passerines.

Appearance greenfinches

Zelenushka has plumes intense yellow color with greenish tones. Seeing her, hard to avert. Dimension zelenushka the like a Sparrow. To identify the Sparrow from her head and under her beak. The head of greenfinches a little much more passerine. It is a large type with properly set eyes. The beak of the greenfinches is a different thickness and has a light shade. The tail of this tiny bird’s slim and brief, has a dark tail, as well as the tip of it yellow. The body of a common greenfinches long and dense, has a distinctive notch. Its length is about 18 inches and also a weight of 35 grams.

Males of these birds brilliant shade. Women are primarily brown grey with a tip of olives. All the juveniles are similar on women however the breast they have a little bit darker.

Habitat and also qualities of birds

In nature there are eight subspecies of typical greenfinches. Very first time these little birds were discovered in Europe. Then they started to generate Austria and South America.

Basically, the bird resides in Europe, on the Islands in the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, in Asia, Iraq and in North-West Africa. Greenfinches that stay in Northern areas migrate to warmer climates as well as nest there. In the Central regions more inactive birds of this varieties, in unusual situations, some birds fly. In the South as well as in the Central regions, inhabited by sedentary greenfinch and an extremely little percent of wandering.

To shelter the birds like blended and also deciduous woodlands. Those greenfinches who do not move commonly in fall and also wintertime can be seen in flocks of other birds and sparrows.

In the cold season these little birds can be found on the regions of cities as well as towns. For nesting they favor areas where there are shrubby or arboreal plants. Trees might be both deciduous as well as coniferous. The crown they have to be thick.

Greenfinches do not such as the large forest locations and also thick thickets, as these shrubs form bulletproof thickets, and also the tiny birds don’t require it. These birds feel comfy in coniferous forest edges, combined woodlands, parks as well as gardens. Favorite location greenfinches is a sporadic coniferous forest, beside which there is an area.

A nest of greenfinches

Nests are typically watch at a height of 3 meters. To do this, pick conifers or deciduous trees that have magnificent crown. On one tree can accommodate more than 2 nests of these birds.

Dwelling building and construction is used:

  • different twigs;
  • branches of trees;
  • the stems and roots of various plants.

Externally your residence they lined with moss. Nests Hollywood is really various from various other massive nests contamination, specifically after the light little fledglings. The reason for this is that greenfinches do unclean the nest from droppings of birds. Therefore, their nests end up being extremely filthy ruins, which is not a very positive scent.

The birds singing

Zelenushka his vocal singing educates the globe regarding the resulting spring. Vigorously they sing in the breeding period, mostly it starts in April or early may. Their extremely piercing chirping monotonous, however will charm those who hear it. It rotates sonorous chirping and Trilling.

In the breeding period, the male the early morning begins to sing to their ladies. For this he chooses a comfy as well as high tree. Every so often the man takes off for the flight to reveal their attractive and bright plumage.

When the mating duration ends, a regular zelenochi hushed as well as silent. Then you can identify them from other birds only in appearance.

Way of living and nature of common greenfinches

Flight of greenfinches can be compared with the trip of the bat: their flight is very comparable. This bird flies very quick, when it soars as well as takes the various arcs in the air. This occurs till it does not land.

This bird can affect its diving trip. To do this, she suddenly takes off high right into the air, where does a pair of beautiful circles, after which slivaet wings along the body as well as dropping swiftly. On the ground the birds relocate by getting on both feet.

Greenfinches act in different ways, and behavior complies with.

These little birds are extremely calm, joyful and also tranquil. They stay in their little small globe and also like not to touch.

However regardless of this, such tiny relaxed birds, as well, have opponents. Principal amongst them is the Raven. Crows strike greenfinches, ruining their offspring.

Food of greenfinches

The power of the bird is rather choosy.

Basically the diet regimen consists of:

  1. sprouts of wheat;
  2. seeds of numerous herbs as well as plants;
  3. the buds of trees;
  4. pests.

Prior to you consume the seed, they clean it from the husk. These little greenfinches are extremely keen on juniper berries.

If zelenushka lives in captivity, its diet regimen must be as complimentary birds. To please bird, you can offer her items of various fruits. Yet don’t fail to remember that she’s in the cage must be big amount of water. In another situation, you might experience problems with food digestion.

The recreation and lifespan of greenfinches

In the spring, when mating period starts, females vigilantly begin to construct nests on their own as well as future offspring. To do this, they choose areas where does not show up. The eggs of ladies begin to lay in March, there are 4 to six in one nest. Eggs are white in dark areas.

Females incubate the eggs for regarding two weeks. During this duration, the male brings food, as well as does all other tasks. As well as also after hatching he feeds the female as well as the spawn that emerged.

When it takes around three weeks, the women starts to develop a brand-new nest as well as the male takes care of the children.

After the Chicks executed two weeks, they begin to live independently.

On average, greenfinches live eight years, yet it relies on their living conditions. If the bird is residing in bondage, as well as looking after it appropriately, it can live up to thirteen years.

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