Feed Brit (Brit care) for cats– pros, cons and also active ingredients

If you determine to have a kitten, you ought to not fail to remember that it will require a great deal of care as well as attention. To your pet dog has always been energetic and also healthy, it requires correct nutrition.

Veterinarians think that it is far better to feed felines any one food that is especially developed for them as well as has a perfectly balanced composition. To this end, specialized shops have a significant variety of food, ideal as a kitty and a grown-up cat.

Feed Brit for cats

Lots of proprietors of Pets living in our nation, very acquainted Brit dry food for pet cats. It creates a Czech business VAFO Praha, which is taken part in the development as well as circulation of completely dry as well as damp family pet food, deals with as well as even pet cat clutter.

Specialists in pet nourishment is strongly suggest to acquire Brit food for cats, as it because of its all-natural ingredients and terrific preference, is one of the best to day.

On top of that, the maker uses a huge lineup of numerous items for their food, for example:

  • Food developed for spayed or neutered pets. So cats and also felines need balanced as well as unique composition that will not develop a load on the genitourinary system.
  • Pets leading an inactive lifestyle, you can find Brit food, which will certainly in its composition easier.
  • Specifically for long-haired animals. In such feed contains special active ingredients, which eliminates the globs of fur out.
  • Global food Brit take care of cats solely suitable for all types.
  • The diet regimen that is recommended to use kittycat and expecting feline, it includes a lot of vitamins and minerals.

The feed can be divided into Brit treatment Superpremium and also Premium. They differ in the make-up, price and also range. Series Premium is Hypo-allergenic.

Components of feed Brit

A big duty in feed Brit assigned to the healthy protein content. Here they contains regarding 55% by including fowl, fish and also meat, yet it needs to be borne in mind that none of these products have actually not been added to fresh as well as entire foods the pet ought to consume and also raw meat.

Fats in the diet regimens of Brit treatment consists of 2 is poultry fat and salmon oil. Both are extremely premium quality items, completely digested as well as fill the body of pet cats vital fats. Products UK includes low amount of carbohydrates, rather than grains it utilizes potatoes, which is good because it has a low glycemic index, and also in the procedure of cooking food, potato starch is exchanged a soft fiber that helps to clean the intestines.

The continuing to be components of feed Brit are additional items, such as Catnip, which will certainly offer the kittycat with the appetite, salt phosphate meant to prevent the formation of Tartar, sea buckthorn, recognized for its anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial buildings. And the make-up can still get in dried out apples, prebiotics, yeast.

Pet cat food Brit take care of pet cats

As part of a diet Brit treatment include all the crucial components for the health and wellness of the animal, it is poultry and also fish fats, fiber, rice bran, polysaccharides, vitamins and trace elements. Suppliers do not add in the item preservatives, tastes, shades, and so forth feed line UK breeders of vets and animals respond extremely positively.

  • The composition of the feed Brit
  • care: Digidrirovannoe chicken and also Turkey meat.
  • Chicken meat
  • without bones.
  • The rice bran. Fat hen.
  • Fig.
  • Dried out apples.
  • Beetroot pulp.
  • The hen liver.
  • Salmon oil.
  • Yeast maker’s.
  • Vitamins.

Prebiotics. Minerals. Pear as well as sea buckthorn. Plantain. Feline food Brit care are extremely digestible as well as hypoallergenic many thanks to well-matched mix of all the items included in its structure. And also the content of the added additives will permit your animal to improve wellness, boost resistance, protect against illness, boost the problem of teeth and also fur.

The advantages of Brit care The product is made from high quality active ingredients. The existence of a large array, but the dry food Brit treatment, there is still jelly, canned food, which makes use of only

  • natural and also fresh meat. The structure includes a valuable vitamins
  • , minerals. In the UK diet regimen has a great deal of all-natural fiber, fats, healthy proteins.
  • A kind of structure aids to improve the problem of the pet’s wellness, strengthen teeth, high quality woollen.
  • A wide range of products. Specially developed some kinds of feed for kittens, grown-up pets.
  • Pretty low cost for the premium products in contrast with items from other manufacturers.
  • Natural ingredients make food Brit is not only healthy and balanced, however tasty, cats will eat it with great pleasure.
Drawbacks of feed Brit
  • The existence of corn in several kinds of food, it can cause an allergy. We must not neglect that corn is fairly hefty to absorb food.
  • The components are brewer’s yeast, which contribute to improving the high quality of pet cats, but frequently create allergies.
  • Flavor the Valerian, which is additionally present in the composition, can cause a sense of thirst and also not of saturation of the item. Because of this, the animal might eat a number of times greater than the recommended parts.
Introduction of the line of feed Brit treatment

Brit treatment food is suitable for daily nourishment of pet cats of all types, without exception.

In pet dog shops supplied a huge choice of diets this brand, you can select any kind of to your animal

  1. based on its age, requires, and lifestyle. Very healthy and balanced as well as delicious for kittens. Allow your kitty completely dry food Brit care chicken and rice. It is completely hypoallergenic and also is suitabled for usage for expectant as well as nursing pet cats. Has a high web content of hen meat (22% bone and 25% digidrirovannoe meat), vitamin C and prebiotics, boosting the immune system. The structure consists of a well balanced complex of minerals, digestible healthy proteins, which are necessary for the formation of muscles. The growth of the brain contributes to the material of omega-3 fatty acids.
  2. Cat food Brit take care of healthy and stunning hair. Dry diet plan with salmon as well as duck intended for mischievous pet cats who like to consume. The make-up has a delicious aroma, many thanks to the visibility of the Catnip. There are no grains, so food fit to animals with sensitive food digestion. Product with high web content of natural meat (25% digidrirovannoe duck meat, 10% chicken meat, 15% salmon dish). There is also arginine, taurine, mineral complicated.
  3. The other make-up food for the skin as well as layer of cats with salmon and rice. Routine usage will certainly offer a great Shine layer. This is accomplished by adding to the diet of omega-3 fats and also remove of marigold. Favorably to the look and health and wellness of the animal is impacted by the presence of Biotin as well as zinc.
  4. It would match completely dry food Brit care hen and rice if your pet is constantly inside. In its balanced make-up included Apple as well as beet, and plantain, which promote the excretion of belly fur rounds. In the item has vitamin C and also sodium phosphate, which avoids the occurrence of Tartar.
  5. Brit care for cats decontaminated with rice and poultry. Right here minimized percentage of magnesium in the diet plan, which positively affects the composition of pee of the pet, since these pets there is a danger of urolithiasis. And item includes extract of sea buckthorn pear-shaped, which assists to boost the condition of the kidneys. After surgical treatment the animals can put on weight, yet that did not take place, can help appropriate healthy proteins in the food.
  6. Brit treatment completely dry food for pet cats prone to weight problems, with Turkey and also rice. It consists of much less high as well as fat in healthy protein (healthy protein 40%, fat 10%). In the item contains special aspects that promote fat burning and also an Apple, beet, and plantain, become part of the diet, boost metabolic procedures.
The expense of the distributions Brit treatment

To purchase the Brit feed their Pets at any kind of pet shop or bought by means of the Internet. The typical price of a Brit treatment dry food for daily nutrition of pet cats of all types is:

  • Four hundred grams from 280 RUB.
  • 2 kilos from 910 R.
  • Seven pounds — —

2950 R. Food for pet cats decontaminated is the price:

  • Four hundred grams — — from
  • 260 R. Two kilos from 910 R.
  • Seven extra pounds — —
3095 R. How to feed feline feed Brit

Before providing your animal a dry cat food Brit treatment, very carefully read the instructions on the packaging to determine part and also to avoid troubles with excessive weight. A pet cat with a body weight of 4-5 kg will suffice to feed 2 times a day. Daily diet plan for Pets — — no more than 200 grams. Feeding sterilized pets at day need a little extra, concerning 250 grams.

For ill pets and also expecting ladies there are unique kinds of feed Brit treatment, nutritional worth which is somewhat higher, respectively, and the amount of consumed feedhave to remain in this case to others.

Russia’s food Brit treatment is fairly preferred, despite the fact that it costs dearly. As it consists of all the needed substances, vitamins and minerals, vets of our country truly valued this dry food for Pets. Among experts there is a point of view that the foods are a bit filled with air number of fats, and also this might detrimentally affect non-active cats and especially those that lives in the apartment or condo. Never forget that proper nourishment depends on the health and wellness as well as life of your Pets.

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