Food for kittens and felines Farmina N&D

Farmina company was started in 1965, but after that it was called differently, namely « Russo Feed ». « Russo Feed » engaged in the manufacturing of forage for domestic animals and chicken.

The boy of the business creator, Angelo Russo, in an origin changed the vector of advancement of the enterprise. He began working with Farmina Pet Foods. This business was engaged in the research of the demands of Pets in food as well as producing recipes feed. « Russo Feed » has actually joined Farmina Pet Foods and taken part in the production of food for Pets. Therefore was birthed Farmina food for felines.

Today Farmina Pet Foods is participated in the manufacturing and development of pet food. In the company’s tasks included the Italian Association of vets and Veterinary University Federico. With them Farmina researchers engaged in research in nourishment of Recipes as well as animals. Their outcomes are released in popular clinical journals.

Many thanks to modern innovation, Farmina has been producing top quality food for felines. With its slogan « a Happy animal. Lucky you.» » Farmina appeared on the Russian market in 2012 and also momentarily and had the ability to win the support of Pets as well as their proprietors.

Farmina items for felines

Farmina firm creates a huge array of different feline food. The products of the Farmina supplies both professional as well as business diet regimens for pets.

Professional diet regimens can arouse the passion of vets. The feed is developed for pet cats dealing with numerous illness or troubles with internal body organs. Expert range diet regimen nourishment pet Vet Life deals consumers a twelve kinds of unique food for their Pets. Feed this series helps cats to much better withstand sickness and conditions, boost working of body organs, with which the pet have troubles.

For each and every affected organ has its very own specially made feed:

  • Cardiac– troubles with heart, cardiac arrest;
  • Hepatic– liver;
  • Struvite– kidney stones;
  • Renak– the kidneys;
  • Hairball specifically for sterilised and neutered cats aids to remove ingested hair.

These feeds should be acquired just at the recommendation of vet physician.

Line Team Breeder

Firm Farmina also cared for the proprietors of huge nurseries. They were revealed the schedule of Team Breeder. Feed Team Breeder are readily available in big packs of ten extra pounds in fourteen various taste variations. Breeders that use these provisions for feeding their charges, very pleased with the quality of the items. On the net you can find a multitude of distinctions from this group of customers.

Diets Natural & & Delicious(N&D)

For normal customers there is a four line feed Farmina. These assignments differ in rate and make-up. They are customers of various courses with various revenues.

Natural & Delicious( N&D )– is the distribution with low material of grains. Leaf yellow shows that the structure of the diet of an extremely small percentage of grain. , if the product packaging reveals an eco-friendly fallen leave in front of you food does not contain grains at all.. Company Farmina states in the lines betternow diets as opposed to grains made use of the potatoes as well as the contents of meat products is not much less than 70%.

Offers this food for kittens and grown-up cats in four taste variants:

  • hen with pomegranate;
  • fish with orange;
  • wild boar meat with apples;
  • lamb with blueberries.

You can purchase this food in vet pharmacies and shops mass-market in packs of 3 hundred grams, half a kilo or 5 or 10 kilos.

In Natural & & Delicious (N&D) with a reduced content of grains no corn, but included spelt and also oats. These supplements are taken into consideration to be appropriate in the diet regimen of pet cats. Spelt is wild wheat, compared to its grown relative, she has a number of benefits as well as is better for animals.

N&D uses three taste remedies for your Pets:

  • chicken and pomegranate;
  • cod and orange;
  • lamb with blueberries.

Additionally in the line of N&D has a feed specifically created for spayed and also neutered felines. It exists only with the preference of the poultry with pomegranate. Buy a lunch in packs of 3 ounces and a fifty percent, 5 and also 10 extra pounds.

Supplies CIMiAO Delicious

The CIMiAO line diet regimens provides the feed of extremely premium class for pet cats of any ages. CIMiAO equates to « delicious.» » The supplier asserts that this product is perfect for feeding Mature cats and pet cats with delicate or troubled gastrointestinal system.

Feed this line in their structure include different minerals and vitamins, hen, corn as well as rice. When developing CIMiAO Delicious made use of dried fish as well as eggs, yet not so much contrasted to the previous 5 ingredients.

CIMiAO Delicious in the feed additionally contains veggie oil and flax seeds. They are considered an excellent resource of omega 3. To facilitate the food digestion of felines in the diet plan sugarcoated beetroot pulp and also pea fiber. Fiber had in these supplements, as well as prebiotics in the structure of the feed, in fact, helpful for the gastrointestinal system and the body of a cat as a whole.

Feed CIMiAO Delicious deal purchasers a variety of 10 various diet plans, which are divided into diet plan for cats depending upon age and also specific dietary demands.

Feed this line put up in packages of 400 grams, 2 and 15 pounds. Offered in vet as well as conventional stores.

The variety of diet regimens Matisse

All the previous leaders of the rations are presented just in the kind of dry feline food from Farmina. Matisse uses customers not only five kinds of completely dry provisions, however additionally an extensive listing of damp feline food.

Dry feed Matisse focused on the feeding of kittens and also grown-up cats.

Their variety is quite substantial, Matisse provides diet plans for animals in different preference options: tuna as well as salmon; hen and Turkey;

  • the hen as well as rice.

Also in the series of Matisse there are unique feeds to provide the disinfected as well as castrated cats.

Damp food Matisse have the consistency of a mousse and are Packed in a small iron 85g containers. Customers are offered a huge selection of taste options:

  • veal;
  • cod;
  • sardines;
  • lamb;
  • salmon;
  • hen;
  • bunny;
  • beef.

If the mousse won’t have your pet, wet food Matisse can be purchased in the kind of pate or pieces in sauce and containers of 400 grams.

Pate provided only in four flavors:

  • salmon;
  • bunny; veal; Turkey.

Chunks in sauceis also used just four preference options for your pet: beef; hen; poultry plus beef;

Turkey with vegetables and also beef.

Feed line Farmina Fun Cat The variety of diets Farmina

Fun Cat is a dry food for felines, is stood for just in two flavour variants: meat as well as fish. Farmina Fun Cat food with the most affordable cost of all the line of product provided by the business Farmina, it describes the food economy.

Marketed in packs of two kilograms and 4 hundred grams in big packs of twenty pounds. Analysis food for cats Farmina For evaluation of the firm’s products Farmina as a subject of study for cat food Farmina Natural & Delicious(N&D) with hen taste and also pomegranate– bessonovoj. This item is one of the most popular of all the line of product supplied by the manufacturer. According to information given by the firm Farmina, supplies N&D is made for feeding adult pet cats based upon the demands of the organism, a tiny house of a killer.

On the main web site Farmina has details about the composition of these products. Based on info given by the maker of the product, you can see the contents of vital components in feed N&D: proteins 44 %, this number is above average, however is included withinthe allowed; fats and also oils– 20%, a fairly high figure, yet the structure of such a fat and also oil optimal; fiber, unfortunately, is low– just 1.8%; the ash web content of 8.5 %, a good indication; carbohydrates– 19 %, an excellent result.

After assessing the composition, you notice that the web content of vital components is well considered, but I would like to see more fiber. Still, not to state what the vitamins and mineral web content is perfect ideal active Pets who love to play and rarely sit still. Farmina likewise asserts that the feed line Natural & Delicious includes just 30%fruit and vegetables. As well as the continuing to be 70%of products of animal origin, specifically fowl, meat and also fish.

The products Farmina Natural & Delicious consists of 28 items. Nine of them are various herbs and supplements. The basis of the product are the initial 5 components on the checklist, they specify the fundamental composition and top quality of feed: fresh chicken meat without bones– 30%; digidratirovannogo chicken– 28%; potatoes; chicken fat; dehydrated entire eggs.

The benefits as well as downsides of feed Farmina Benefits: large meat web content; top quality items; useful minerals and vitamin supplements; full lack or low material of grains(relying on array chosen). Drawbacks: Low fiber. Despite the fact that in the Russian market of food for pets Farmina showed up reasonably lately and for numerous consumers it is still an uniqueness, have data feeds currently have followers.

Specifically, the grateful pet cat proprietors, that for a very long time could not discover a suitable diet plan for their Pets.

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