Forty average: features of the actions of birds

One of one of the most stunning birds occupying our area are thought about to be the typical magpie. This beautiful agent of birds from the household of Raven grows to a size of 45 centimeters and evaluates 150-250 grams.

The bird has a distinct tail, which are painted in bright white and different black. The lengthy tail has a green cast to it, yet the wings are color with a bluish tint. Such parts of the animal as the head, neck, back, craw and top of the breast all

black. Tummy, down the breast and also red stripes on the shoulders white. To fulfill a magpie in the forests of Europe, Asia, North Africa and also North America. The bird attracts attention with an unique attribute: she likes close call with people, so its nests are commonly located in forest parks, metropolitan parks as well as yards human. Thick woodland Jay do not such as, which clarifies the absence of a varieties in the much North as well as in the highlands.

Trip of magpies is characteristic of the specific heaviness as well as straightness. After touchdown, the bird moves happy particular leaping or dancing steps. In the Eastern regions of Russia as well as Asian dimension forty somewhat smaller sized than the size of those in the various other habitat.

Amongst the renowned and also most typical types of magpies in this area include:

  1. Siberian blue.;
  2. Spanish blue;
  3. Chinese azure;
  4. red-crested azure;
  5. Himalayan eco-friendly;

Flattering location of South Asia is a favored home for long-tailed magpies.

A nest of magpies, common Chicks

Forty common choice set lifestyle. They nest singly or in swarms of 5-7 sets. Members of the types have an exceptional commitment to the companion and also craftsmanship of the construction of the nest.

In the construction procedure constantly entailed both birds. For executing laying of a round socket, the pet utilizes the hard branches, leaves, and also clay. As bed linen for the inner part uses thin origins of yard, dry straw or items of soft animal hair. Beside the socket is affixed to the entryway, and beside it a tray of clay. To build the roof of bird makes use of bitch.

Typical magpie nests at a good height, amongst the branches of high trees. In bushes and also low floral plants, nests are very rare. In one nest is typically from 5 to eight magpie eggs with a characteristic bluish-green color.

The process of incubation of the eggs lasts from 18 to 20 days. Science has actually confirmed that women magpies are impressive mother’s reaction. Even if her body gets the shot, she won’t leave the nest as well as continues to shield future offspring. Throughout incubation, the male faithfully brings and also guards the nest food to the women 3-5 times per hr.

Chicks magpies can remain in the nest for 3 to four weeks. After that they begin to take his very first independent objectives. Till they grow older parents carefully feed their children and also secure them from any threat.

Grownups offer the nest of different foods, including:

  • worms;
  • snails;
  • bugs;
  • and after the nestlings of small birds such as finches, Tits and various other);

Magpies have the ability to destroy unusual nests to search for food. If the cubs have food, this actions is not seen.

The nature magpie

Forty vulgaris is a strange character, which in lots of means resembles the character of other corvids. For many years the bird was alloted a distinct knowledge, wit and interest. Before to make any type of action video game birds clearly considering it soberly assesses the situation as well as continues to be observant throughout. Any type of adjustments in atmosphere lead to enhanced care. Seeing the risk, birds began to shout noisally, cautioning family members of foreshadowing trouble.

And also the habits of birds in a nest and also in flight is thought about to be reasonably calm when entering into a potentially unsafe situation, she begins to emit loud screams as well as sounds, which can advise the chirping, squeaking, shrill « Chia-Chia », cawing and flute NAPA. It is necessary to keep in mind that the cry of the magpies makes guard not just her very own kind, but also other birds. Upon hearing a disturbing magpie voice that shows the strategy of a predator or hunters, woodland occupants often tend to hide in burrows, nests or various other sanctuaries. Because of this, forty-considered the very best scouts as well as guards of the forest. It is very easy to presumewhat went the popular saying « forty tail brought ».

By the way, the tail is also an extremely fantastic part of the bird, which has its own qualities. When feathery good friend of the woodland fauna remaining on a branch, it is normal shiver of the tail. This habits is uncommon for other birds. She leads a extremely energetic and nimble way of living if you compare Jay with various other members of the household Raven. The bird seldom drops in one place for a long period of time, she is continuously leaping from branch to branch, peeped in the nest, and also migrate cross countries trying to find delicious deals with.

Close contact with people magpies avoided. To change close loved ones of crows and rooks, which with the introduction of winter making a mass movement to urban parks and gardens, they make just a single crashes in a forested area. There is a perception that the pet is able to swipe useful things and precious jewelry. But the idea is strongly exaggerated, since a bird prepared to take any type of thing only if she makes certain that she is not at risk. In all other scenarios it will certainly not risk your life for an incomprehensible subject.

What is forty common

Bird magpie chooses nutritious food of a pet nature.

The main part of the diet is composed of different bugs and little animals, including:

  1. insects;
  2. grasshoppers;
  3. slugs;
  4. snails;
  5. frogs;
  6. reptiles;

If you obtain the opportunity, feathery predator not reject the opportunity to eat a large piece of meat. When there is a period of nesting magpie invests a lot of time in search of the nests of songbirds for swiping eggs and also consuming tiny nestlings. This woodland seeker strike only singular birds, living in flocks of birds might assault it and to offer a significant rebuff.

The rest of the time the bird does not draw in special attention and also carrion, gets the waste and visits the feeders. If we are speaking about locating food, she reveals unbelievable courage, ingenuity, and in some cases insolence. Watching flicks concerning nature, like a bird with no regard for taking food under the nose of a Fox or a bear.

Black magpies that live in the woodland regions of Northern Africa exercised a remarkable way of look for food. Representatives of this breed greatly transferred to the pastures looking for healthy bugs as well as freely « Park» » on the backs of grazing livestock. As moleclue as well as lover herons, magpies are cleansing the fur of big pets from numerous pests and also bloodsuckers. Consequently, cattle, elephants as well as water Buffalo do disappoint any type of aggression to these feathery physicians. In addition to plant food, a bird might eat seeds and fruits of plants, grains and tiny nuts.

What are the enemies of the magpies common

Like many various other birds, forty usual has lots of all-natural opponents.

Among them:

  • eagles;
  • eagles;
  • falcons;
  • hawks;
  • owls;
  • wild pet cats;
  • owls;

Also in the nest to the bird can obtain a marten, as well as the inhabitants of exotic regions have repetitively experienced the attacks of serpents. But as a result of the amazing understanding and excellent intelligence, the number forty is still very large. Birds know just how to leave from threat and shield his family.

Cultural significance of birds in various nations as well as ethnic teams really various from each various other. The Indians of North America associate the magpie with forest spirits, and in the regions of East Asia it was taken into consideration a carrier of happiness and treated with wonderful honor. In European nations, the bird does not be worthy of a special treatment from individuals. Proprietors of farming crops, orchards, and farms negatively reacted to exposure to the magpie, as it is frequently grabbed scattered at the time of growing grain.

The seekers did not endure the bird because of its characteristic habits when it finds danger. If the woods came a seeker sitting in the nest or on a branch, promptly provided disconcerting screams and also signaled the various other animals about what is happening.

When high have obtained high demand and also the new speed of development, the perspective of the bird is almost not transformed. Due to the fact that of the capability to ruin the nests of tiny songbirds, still it is considered unsafe by the representative birds of the family Corvidae. The damage lovely fauna harm is justified by the beneficial actions that makes forty, damaging a nest of bugs.

Fascinating facts regarding magpies
  • The symbol of Taiwan is thought about to be a thick-billed blue magpie. Presently, this distinct type was on the brink of termination. This is due to the damage of the all-natural habitat of birds, since it is located in one of the most heavily populated nation worldwide. When uncontrolled forty web content does disappoint any requirements for care. Keep it as a fowl bothersome.
  • Scientific research has shown that forty is one of the most intelligent birds who understand just how to conduct complicated social rituals, revealing different mood, particularly unhappiness. In addition, the pet can recognize itself in the mirror.
  • Magpies prefer infrequent contact with people, so they hardly ever placed the nest in dense, unattainable woodlands. Their diet may exist, both pet and also vegetable foods. When absence of food the bird striking the nest, steals the bones from dogs or eliminate tiny Chicks.
  • Residue bird buried in the ground in situation of feasible starvation. Nonetheless, she promptly finds a concealing location with no troubles. Little rats and squirrels can’t duplicate it.
  • Magpies are considered doctors of animals and also huge pets since they cleanse their skin from unsafe pests as well as bloodsuckers.

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