Equine gear: the most prominent sorts of harnesses for steeds

Today a group of steeds can be found only on city squares, in parks. People no longer use steeds for their intended objective. The equine became amusement. They are no more bring cargo and also not traveling.

But some 70 years earlier, every teen understood what the steed harness and also comprehend what it suggests the correct harness for the steed.

Few of our contemporaries do not understand what remains in the harness for the steed, do not recognize why you require each thing, and also definitely will not have the ability to wear it. This post aims to give necessary info regarding it.

What is the harness?

Harness or steed harness is a system of straps as well as gizmos, endured the steed for more utilizing to a cart or for riding.

When you state harness, after that imply horse harness total with reins and also bridle. Harness is required for transmission of the tractive force of the pet cart. Properly chosen, put on as well as personalized this thing is based on simple management and equine wellness. For instance, if you improperly fasten their seat belts, they can namyat soft cells of the pet, or to cause burns. After such damage, the steed is unlikely to work.

Steed harness needs to be light-weight and sturdy. Prior to the skin to the bands made from specifically tanned leather. One durable but require special treatment. Today, steed harness made from contemporary products. They are more powerful, lighter and also need minimal upkeep.

The story of the harness

According to historic records, individuals began to use a horse harness around the 2nd Millennium before our this. A minimum of this is confirmed by the items of harness discovered in ancient burial places. Many researchers have a tendency to assume that ancient individuals started to make use of the harness yet.

In ancient times, the horse owners paid terrific interest not just to the top quality of the harness, yet likewise its appearance. The fact that the artistic design of this harness was to determine the social standing of the owner.

Fashion gorgeous harness was in the Middle ages. Back then was directed by the performance. Steeds were made use of primarily for transport of hefty goods. No one came just to ride these animals.

Around the mid-16th century harnesses for the steeds were once more doing high and also lovely top quality. Because of the occurrence in the daily life of carriages and people, open horse-drawn carriages.

Today the horse harness has completely shed its significance. Technique totally replaced steeds from human tasks. They are used in sports and also entertainment.

The kinds of trappings

All options are divided right into 3 teams according to the use:

  1. Agricultural.
  2. Away.
  3. Transport.

The harness is separated right into 3 groups according to the number vragimuh steeds:

  1. Single.
  2. Set. These harnesses are utilized for sled rig.
  3. Mnogoloshadnyh. Made use of in sledding.

The most preferred are the following kinds of harness:

  • One-horse Russian. It is often called the European harness. Postrochno-dyshlova. In such a harness
  • can be made use of as one steed and two. Ostrobotnia. It is extremely simple to use, yet it is not good enough, as not saving a horse’s wellness. For safety and security when using this harness it is recommended to furnish the wagon brake.
  • Techniczna. This is a really intricate system of utilizing steeds. At the time it was preferred, but today is not utilized in all.
  • A combined group. This style of harness came to us from Europe. It can be utilized as an onward, and also shafts.


One of the most easy in operation and also design are considered one-horse Russian and also ostromecska harness.

Russian one-horse or arc

The primary distinction between this equine harness from the others is the visibility of the arc. It is made the old-fashioned method from a solitary item of wood. With the help of tugs to hold the shafts.

In the old days were the specialists, participated in making arcs. The fact that you can make them was challenging: it was essential to deal with and also pick to obtain a sturdy, elastic as well as light-weight item harness.

Russian one-horse harness consists of the list below elements: Arc. About it was told over. The clamp.

  • Among the primary elements of the one-horse harness. It gives a tractive effort from the steed cart. Secures been available in various sizes. The length of this element is measured from the inner pillow top to termites. Size is gauged between the openings for pulls. The clamp includes items such as: ticks, pillows, pulls, jomalina, tire, supone, Gort and also lining. Be sure the clamp is changed in dimension for a particular horse. After change, it should fit snugly to the top of the withers of the animal, based on the crest of the neck and great to snuggle up to the shoulders. Sides of the body equine yoke must count on the muscle mass of the shoulder blades.
  • The breeching. This element covers the body of the horse. Its job is to support the clamp throughout braking.
  • Saddle. It lies a little listed below the withers. It has the job of supporting the shock loads on the back of the animal during movement. The saddle is adapted to the dimension of the withers of an equine.
  • Keresztely. This element discovers the harness beside the saddle and keeps the style of the clamp, arcs, and also shafts. Additionally, it distributes the weight a lot more uniformly throughout the framework.
  • Podruchnik. Permits to prevent sharp jerks of the collar as well as shafts when the equine began at a trot or at a gallop.
  • Bridle. Typically utilized bridle design.
  • The reins. This is a lengthened variation of the bridle. Is utilized to manage the horse from the wagon. The reins are secured to translam. Previously, this product was constructed from natural leather. Currently it’s made from thick canvas.


Ostromecska or bezuhova harness

Its primary distinction from the Russian one-horse harness is the absence of the arc. That is, the driving force is transferred straight through the clamp. The last is attached to the wagon forward.

The style of such an equine harness makes up:

  • Clip with pet ears, to which are affixed the traces.
  • Postromok themselves.
  • The ring gear.
  • Girth.
  • Kereskedelmi.
  • Horty substitute pulls
  • Bridle.
  • Reins.

The European variation of this harness is defined in that it has no clamp. Rather, he makes use of the shutter. This durable natural leather breastplate with rings, to which via metal carabiners fastened the traces. While the reins are gone through the cervical ring and also an unique clamp on the ring equipment.

In European and also russian versions postroman harness one of the most essential role for the harness. It is in charge of uniform circulation of pressure throughout the body of the horse.

With the best equipment equine harness is 5 cm below the factor of the buttock. It will frequently ride up and also RUB the rump of the animal if it is raised above this level. If you drop listed below the defined level, it will certainly hinder the horse to go.

The size of shlei picked to make sure that between its lateral strap and hips of the equine was put palm.

As for the thickness of the bib in the European variation postroman harness, it should go to least 2.5 cm.

Exactly how to harness a steed harness in Russian?

You need to put on the bridle. For this you need to stand to the left of the horse, left hand to hold it, as well as the best band of the bridle through the ears. The bit needs to be administered over the side, where there are no teeth. Typically, an equine with such activity she opens her mouth.

When geared up sleds in the winter months time prior to drawing the steel little bit in the pet’s mouth, they need to be thoroughly warm.

Next, comes the turn of the ring equipment. Put it dramatically forward closer to the withers, and afterwards dealt with in the assigned space. This approach allows you to align your hair clammy under the ring equipment.

After applying the ring gear should you tighten the girth. When tightening frequently the motorcyclist relaxes a foot in the ribs of the horse to give the needed force. If the girth will not be correctly snug saddle can jump on the back as well as a good namyat soft textile that will certainly not benefit the steed’s health and wellness.

After tightening the girth on the equine collar and also harness. The clamp must be placed on upside down. This will allow you to equally disperse the breeching. After extending the last clip is turned in its normal placement. To turn it ought to be to the head. When turning I have to take care in which instructions laid hair. You can not turn the clamp versus its designing.

In the following stage of wznoszenie need to have a horse in the shafts, lay the arc as well as connect the pulls to the shafts arc. Supone tighten with the assumption that it would certainly be vertical to the shafts. Its all entering a loop, which can be quickly liquified.

Dealt with kereskedelmi. It threaded through the staples of the saddle as well as wattle the girth. Completion of kereskedelmi connected to the best shaft.

At the last phase connected podruchnik. Therefore it is needed to supply such tension to the shafts throughout the movement are not jumping up and also down.

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