Owl: looks like a bird with a plaintive cry

Owl is a small bird of the owl family, which has an extraordinary appearance. Due to the presence of specific ridges, so-called eyebrows, the bird has a serious. On the head of a round shape located huge eyes. Birds have a small body and a very short tail.

The wings and legs of owls little different for each type.

But despite the cute appearance, they people are notorious. It is believed that their whistle, they portend death. What is the owl speaking? Quite often this concept to define a closed and gloomy man.

Owl – a bird with serious looks and the plaintive cry

On the territory of our country, this bird is rather common. Like their relatives the owls, they are primarily nocturnal and thanks to the color – perfectly camouflaged in the tops of the trees. But unlike owls, comfortable feel, not only late at night but early evening. In the place where they live, after the sunset you can hear a mournful whistle.

The average size of the representative family owls reach up to 30 centimeters, and body weight not more than 100-200 grams.

The bird is divided into several basic types:

  • House. The size of the bird up to 28 inches. Color brown with whitish spots. Possesses strong claws that enable it to prey on large rodents. Destroys many insects, worms and even snails.
  • Upland. The size of this representative of the owl’s small – about 25 centimeters. The plumage is gray – brown with white patches. Most often found in mountainous areas and coniferous forests. They feed on rodents, insects, and small birds.
  • Sparrow. A small bird weighing just 80 grams. Has a brown color with gray color and white markings. Has a strong beak and tenacious legs. They feed on rodents and small birds.
  • Rabbit. A long-legged bird with a length of 23 cm. Has a reddish gray-brown shade of feathers. Active in twilight and in the daytime. The basis of the diet are small rodents and insects.
  • Sychik – elf. The smallest member of the species. Weight is about 44 grams, with a length of 12-14 inches. Painted in a gray – brown color. The basis of the diet – a variety of insects. Habitats are deserts and coastal areas.

Each species in turn, are divided into subtypes, which differ in size, habitat, and also have some differences in external data. The most ubiquitous form of small owls on the territory of our country is a little owl.

The habitat of owls

These small birds inhabit almost all continents of the earth, and their appearance is the same for all habitats. For they are characterized by a settled way of life.

Birds settle in the steppe zone, in the desert, unable to take a fancy to a dense forest. Some species, for example, little owl can live close to you, make nests in abandoned buildings and under roofs of houses.

Most often, these birds capture other people’s nests, tree hollows and even holes.

In Italy and Austria often were cases when people were able to tame owls. They cut the wings and let in garden for the extermination of rodents and small insects. Even small owls used while hunting as a kind of bait. We have in the country is who will tame owl – courted dashing share.

Owls – hunters and professionals

The owls are very good hunters. They can be a long time to hunt down your prey and as soon as she stops, in a matter of seconds to grab.

The diet of little owls in diversity:

  • Small mammals.
  • Insects.
  • The small bird.

This representative of the genus, as owl – elfis exclusively insectivorous and can eat even spiders and Scorpions.

The pygmy owl can hunt even on small birds. When the prey is caught pygmy owl her carefully grazing, eating the most delicious pieces.

Interesting is the fact that some types of these small owls store food for future use, folding it in place.

Thanks to this peculiar diet, the owls are one of the main defenders of the gardens.

Reproduction of owls

Owls – birds are monogamous. Couple create with one, very rarely two females and live life. At the age of one year the birds are ready to mate. This usually occurs with the onset of spring. In April the female lays up to 5 eggs. During the period of incubation the majority of males are hunting, getting food for the female.

Representatives of the owls, elves are replaced by the female sitting on the eggs themselves, giving her the opportunity to hunt on their own. In a month there are little Chicks. At first they are covered with down and blind. But grow quite quickly. By month two, they can reach sizes of parents and to independently produce their own food.

The average life expectancy of birds 15 years.

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