Pelican: lifestyle, dwelling, which includes fish

Almost everybody read about this amazing bird. It belongs to the household pelikanova as well as has several types. Pelicans are common in tropical and also warm zones on nearly every continent.

In our nation there are 2 varieties of these birds: pink and also

curly Pelican. Pelican: look, habitat This is a large migratory bird, its length can get to two meters, and a wingspan as much as three meters.

They are the biggest amongst waterfowl, coming from the order pelecaniformes. Secret habitat areas lie on the coastline of seas and seas.

They clear up in the trees, building an instead large nest, making use of for their building and construction the reeds, of tiny branches and also dry leaves.

Natural species of pelicans, a couple of various in between them, and also it depends on the setting. Primarily they have white plumes.

These birds are different from other some functions:

  1. They have a very long beak, which gets to a size of about half a meter, and also superior to the head of the bird nearly five times.
  2. Furthermore, the beak is really broad as well as roomy, greater than one bird didn’t have one.
  3. The highlights of a Pelican belongs tough bag, which lies at the base of the beak, holds regarding 4 kilos of food and lots of water.
  4. Unlike various other birds, the Pelican does not have the nasal opening, he is breathing with the beak, saying obscure audios. Generally this bird is quiet.

The main diet of this food for waterfowl, fish, which it catches in shallow water as it does not recognize how to dive. Despite the fact that ashore, it looks very unpleasant, Pelican relaxes completely externally of the water, as it has under the skin bubble layer.

Way of life pelicans and their food

As mentioned above, they mostly live on the financial institutions of huge bodies of water, preying on fish, crabs, and also jellyfish. The fish is mostly mined in superficial waters, forcing it there with the aid of wings, which they flap along the surface of the water.

Some species favor to forage along with various other birds, seagulls, cormorants, along with in the neighborhood of various other pelicans. Natural leather bag, where they placed fish, can be made use of to collect twigs during the building of the nest.

Despite their unusual appearance, this is a very tranquil bird. They prefer to stay in packs, which can be as much as a number of thousand people.

Therefore the leader in the pack is not available, as well as , living in a large satisfied pack, they ensure their safety and security. Attentive observers, misleading of the group of coming close to risk, and also she’s ready to terrify or do away with perpetrator peace. The pelicans are rarely disputes among themselves, which end battles beaks. Despite the fact that the bird is a little bit awkward ashore, airborne, it really feels great using when flying the air currents. On long flights particularly challenging to have the leader that establishes the speed of the trip, so they continuously follow each other.

To outcome spawn pairs are formed just on one season, primarily in a clutch is 2 or 3 eggs, which the women incubates for around six weeks.

Building nests is participated in the female Pelican men are zagotavlivayut product for building, is that the pelicans construct a typical nest on a few pairs.

Mortality among the young is extremely high, as they emerge from the eggs, blind as well as naked, besides, it still relies on weather, strike by predators, starvation and also various other reasons.

Chicks are fed by both moms and dads digested food, which they throw up from the stomach right into the beak. After two weeks the juveniles begin to fledge, but also for 2 lengthy months, till they increase on the wing, the moms and dads will certainly thoroughly care for them and also nurse. The life span of these birds depends on several elements, yet primarily it lasts regarding twenty years.

Ranges of pelicans
  1. Pink Pelican is a fairly small bird. The size of the wings the male has to do with seventy inches, the female a little smaller. The tuft of both is a light pink color, the young gray-brown. Shade adult birds they reach 3 years of life, when they become Mature individuals. They feed upon fish, dipping their long necks into the water.
  2. The Dalmatian Pelican is significantly bigger than its predecessor, and the wingspan he reaches 2 meters. It got its name from the swirling feathers, which get on the head and also top of neck. Its habitat is rather prevalent, in contrast to the pink Pelican.
  3. The brown Pelican is a coastal bird, its population is fairly little, it chooses the shores of the seas. The shades of its plumage is brown, yet the head is repainted in intense color, the plumage of neck red-brown. Their nests they make on the ground or low-growing trees. They can resolve with the condors as well as gannets on deserted Islands. Unlike other varieties, they can dive from a height, capturing the water guaranteed where Pelican bird fish folds up, searching for her.

There are other selections of pelicans: Australian, Californian and also others.


Progressively the population of this stunning bird is decreasing, as well as this results from using chemicals that negatively influence on populations of these birds. Some species provided in the Red publication.

In some countries they are attempting to breed in bondage, however similar to all gregarious birds, they multiply negative, yet almost live up to twenty years.

Pelican can be discovered in tales and also tales, his picture is used in some nations in heraldry, folklore, and also his mention in some faiths.

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