Perfekt fit: structure as well as advantages best fit

The caring proprietor is always in charge of choosing food for your pet dog. Since low-quality food threatens even more severe health issue. Frequently felines and also pets struggle with urolithiasis and also persistent diseases of the digestive system.

In nearly all instances, the mistake exists with the proprietor of the animal.

Veterinarians advise not to purchase too cheap food if you wish to see your pet dog healthy as long as possible. They usually included a lot of flavors, as well as chemicals. Amongst the huge choice of modern products for pet cats, there are those which contain a minimal quantity of hazardous components. This so-called feed the middle course.

Their make-up is replaced by meat by-products, however they are decent high quality and without preservatives.

One such feed is the excellent Fit.

Pet cat food excellent fit

In translation a Perfect Fit– « excellent»». And also let the food is not as optimalas superior food, its name warrants it.

All products are Packed in brilliant boxes, attractive. The firm has a site where you can find out more regarding the made feed.

Producer excellent fit well-known company, focusing on the manufacturing of pet feed Mars. In favor of this company states its large appeal all over the world. Its authorship comes from such a worldwide brandas the « Whiskas»».


Judging by the evaluations, Perfect Fit no worse than the legendary Whiskas. Although that ideal Fit that food is not exceptional as well as it consists of no meat, yet just the offal, as he is quite, can compare to them.

  • That remains in component, producers details showed on
  • the product packaging: Poultry protein is deteriorated.
  • Corn.
  • Fig.
  • The potassium chloride.
  • Healthy protein grains.
  • Salt. Maize healthy protein is.

Corn flour. Fat of pet beginning. Feed-in costs rather than abject healthy protein meat used degraded meat. Healthy protein called fowl offal, cartilage, bone dish and also meat scraps. In the structure of the perfekt fit them consists of not much less than thirty percent.

The benefits and also negative aspects of best fit

To benefits include the following:

  • The fairly small cost of feed.
  • A variety of kinds. There are both completely dry and wet food.
  • Used in the manufacture of healthy proteins of pet beginning.
  • Readily available in all grocery stores of Russia.


  • Not specified preservative which in percentages, yet still existing.
  • Rather than whole meat protein is made use of.
  • All feed companies Mars added salt in rather big quantities. According to the vet for animals the excess of salt is unsafe for individuals. In addition, in a lot of products, salt is currently existing.
  • Part of best fit healthy protein is chicken, however some animals on it are allergic.
  • The yeast in the food reason bloating in your pet.
  • Excessive of the corn and part of it is bad for the health of the cat.
The types of perfekt fit

There are numerous types of feline food perfect fit. They have a somewhat different structure. As well as additionally different purpose feed.

GEA beauty

Food for beautiful hair. This food is vital if you have a full-blooded long-haired cat, you enjoy to show to friends as well as associates. Biotin and omega acids in the food will make the hair much more pleasurable as well as lovely to the touch. The shade will certainly end up being much more saturated, and also the hair itself to beam and also improve. On top of that, in the stern perfect fit are vitamins An and also E, is created not just for the high quality of wool, however also of visual acuity. As well as also in the GEA appeal has a vitamin C and antioxidants, which is accountable for the immune system.


Perfect fit with a health-improving effect planned for felines going through sterilization. In its structure components aid to maintain the urinary system of the pet cat was regular and also to avoid the formation of rocks.

In house

Unlike Asset, it is planned for inactive loving to rest for felines. They dissipate energy as their energetic compatriots, as well as like to hang out snuggling on the sofa. Food Asset was made as if cats don’t put on excessive weight. It includes Yucca, omega acid as well as Biotin. These parts have beneficial impact on the gastrointestinal system, help to normalize the feces inactive pet, and likewise reduce the degree of smell in the pee. Fiber, which in large amount is consisted of In the house, cleans up the tummy of the cat, and also it removes woollen and various other toxic substances.


For active cats was bred a special part of the Asset. Generally, energetic animals squander a great deal of power as well as nourishment they specifically call for unique problems. It has a lot of vitamin A for the upkeep of muscular tissues of a feline fit. Suppliers have actually developed a certain equilibrium of nutrients to preserve vision of the bone, muscle and animal cells.


As you might presume this sort of excellent fit is designed for kittens. It matched all the elements responsible for the complete development of the baby. This protein, vitamins and minerals. It includes a great deal of vitamin C as well as E, crucial for the health of the younger kitten. For the development of the teeth, the makers have given a large content of fluorine and calcium.


This excellent is placing itself as a food for older pet cats. Age eight, your pet requires unique food. To prolong the maximum lifespan of your pet dog, get him food Sir. In its composition there are different nutrients that sustain the health and wellness of the cat and also offers it vivacity. High web content of antioxidants as well as taurine provide good vision your family pet and also normalizes the vascular system. And to the good performance of the joints of the animal in the Senora is glukozamin.

In types

Food for fat pet cats that contribute to weight management. The composition of added carnitine, made to burn excess fat.


Like individuals, pets are struggling with allergic reactions. Producers are from Mars offer an especially developed structure for pet cats with level of sensitivities to wheat healthy protein. Rather than soybeans and wheat Sensitive are plant essences, made to boost digestive tract feature. And this food is suggested for older animals as well as felines with issues of the stomach system. On top of that, the Perfekt is the minerals responsible for the normalization of urogenital system. Hence, shielding cats versus the formation of kidney rocks.

Feed is marketed in hassle-free packages with ideally selected weights. Rate them concerning the following:

  • Packing 190 grams best fit will set you back one hundred rubles.
  • Perfect fit, evaluating 1.2 kg will certainly set you back concerning four hundred rubles.
  • Three-kilogram bundle of food from Mars will certainly cost nine hundred rubles.

On the company site, Mars States that the excellent fit produced in Russia.

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