Rare and also decreasing in numbers bird species noted in the Red publication

This publication was created for the conservation and transmission to future generations of details regarding unusual species to the varieties of animals, birds save.

In the Red book bring unusual and endangered types of animals, birds and also plants.

Currently take the objective information from the book, which was launched in 2001.

To inscribe:

  • the name of the rare types;
  • summary;
  • the areas where they live;
  • photos.

Itself the Red publication of Russia is separated into 3 areas, they are inscribed:

  • poultry;
  • varieties;
  • bugs.

In Russia, multiplies as well as lives 1334 bird varieties as well as 111 bird types etched in the Red book. Much of them live solely in nurseries, nature reserves.

Over the last fifty years people have destroyed 1/4 of all known varieties of birds and 11% of the continuing to be are on the verge of extinction.

The article defines 10 types of decreasing in numbers and rare species of birds which are defined in the red book.

Duck Mandarin duck

Ducks belong to uncommon types. They weigh from 400 to 700 g. the length of the wings 21-24 see birds live in the Sakhalin and also Amur areas. In the Russian Federation currently has 15 thousand pairs of ducks. Males have brilliant orange tuft. The population lives on a deserted hill lakes and rivers, as ducks are wonderful swimmers and excellent hang on the water.

If you compare them with various other varieties of ducks, after that dive they definitely do not such as, they just dive when injured. Relax, liking to remain on the rocks and also the trees. Eating seeds, weeds, acorns. If this food is bit, can eat shellfish, fish ROE. When ducks lay eggs, the Chicks hatch from them in a month.

In Russia ducks passing away due to the truth that raccoon pet dogs, foxes, raccoons destroy their nests. To quest this types is currently forbidden.

Pink Pelican

Pelicans live near the Volga river, on the Islands Martinache, Yeysk spit, Tuzla. Birds belong to species that passes away out, they are written in the Red publication. These birds are beak fish. The body length of the man to 1.85 m, and a wingspan of approximately 3.8 m. the Pelicans do not dive, yet just submerse the beak of the water and also get them the fish.

The number of birds is reduced due to the use of pesticides that fall from the ground right into the rivers and also the sea. And their environment is reducing as people draining pipes the tanks. Pelicans collect in flocks and also hunt with each other for fish. To reproduce, getting here as a group, and then form sets and duplicate. In 2-3 days the women builds a nest and also the male gathers turf as well as passes it to the beak of the female. Juveniles hatch from rally day 26. They expand quill at 70

days after birth. Owl It is the biggest bird of the owl household. Their wingspan of approximately 1.9 m. They have huge body size of 60-75 centimeters, plumes are primarily red shades and shades of ochre, orange eyes, and over them « eyebrows» » of lengthy plumes. The female’s weight is 3-3. 2 kg, and men between 2.1-2.7 kg. Is killers, sleeping dayas well as evening hunting for computer mice and other rodents, snails, tiny birds. Each owl has a particular location where hunting.

Hunters make use of owls to capture hares, partridges. However, owls can be dangerous for individuals. Owls fly really quickly, right after remove, they can fly at complete rate. In Russia the variety of birds is slowly reducing.

Small Swan

Swans live only in Russia. Have a wingspan of 1.95 m. they Have a body size of 1.15-1.27 m, they consider 4-8 kg. swans Have white plumes as well as black beak. Eat grass, berries, potatoes, in some cases capture small dimension fish. When the swans will certainly be 3 years, after that they find a companion, which mate forever. The nesting swans on a little, dry hills, as well as occasionally the nests staying from the previous set, being used by an additional pair.

The young hatch from eggs in a month and after that the swans lead them to the fish pond. As well as start to fly the Chicks in 45 days.

Currently in the Russian Federation, attempting to restore the variety of birds. They also generated the Red publication.

Crested IBIS

The bird has a white with light pink feathering, legs brownish-red, around the eyes the bird has a red tint. The costs is black, as well as on her head streaming on her neck crest. IBIS resolves in the much Eastern area. Japan proclaimed the bird vanished. In Russia, watched a pair of ibises in 1990. It is unclear whether there are birds in the Russian Federation now. The voice resembles the cawing of crows.

Ibises inhabit the neighboring marshy rivers, they catch fish and also reptiles. When IBIS gets to the age of 2, they pick a pair with whom I live all my life. After the female lays eggs, they are bred at the same time by both parents. After 28 days the eggs hatch out the young. IBIS are additionally listed in the International Red book.

Oatmeal Jankowski

Birds considered jeopardized species worldwide. In Russia the bird seen in the South of Primorsky Krai near the town of Hassan, yet possibly it has currently gone away in Russia. The reason for termination is not an appropriate environment in the areas of structure nests, for instance, the burning of dry grass. Body size of males 15,3-16,4 see the Wing in males of 7.2-7.8 cm, females 6,8-7,2 cm

Buntings sweep from location to location, event in flocks as well as with each other, hunting for insects. Live in steppes, build nests on the branches of trees and also on the ground. Their nests are made of yard. Ladies lay 4-5 eggs and also hatch them. When the Chicks appear, their registered nurses man. In one year, you might get 2 generations of nestlings.

Oat meal have the very same size as average sparrows. On top of the oat meal body brownish, paler below and on the breast — — tarnish brown.

Lesser Kestrel

Kestrels stay in the South-West of Russia and also southerly Siberia. They are killers, capturing insects, is that they consume Scorpions. Kestrels enter packs as well as search in the desert. Sometimes it occurs that in the spring of the Kestrel caught a little rodent. Birds that 1-2 years, select a companion, type, and following period they have various other companions.

Body length Kestrels 29-33 cm, a wingspan of 58-75 cm, weight 90-180 males g as well as females 135-210 g. bird Nest doing in the midsts of the rocks on the hills. The woman to develop a nest digs a hole in the ground. The eggs hatch the infants of 28 days. Parents begin to feed Chicks, and after 28 days, the young leaving the nest. Over the last few years, the number of Kestrels has actually reduced substantially considering that they consume insects, and also in agriculture it is popular to utilize chemicals to get rid of insects. I think that birds are under risk of extinction.


This bird has substantial long legs and meaningful eyes. Body size up to 45 cm, and the wingspan- 80 centimeters Flying avdotka very hardly ever, just if she is in risk. Most of the moment the bird goes on his long legs. Day avdotka relaxing, hing on the shade, as well as night searching for computer mice, snails, lizards, frogs. In April, the women constructs the ground nest as well as lays 2-3 eggs.

Avdotka lives in deserts and steppes. Near Volga river as well as in the foothills of the Altai. In the top component of the body in her grayish-red, the feathers having brownish-black stripes, as well as the lower body lotion. Tail and flight feathers are the feathers totally blue-black. Birds gather in a flock and prefer to live alone.

Steller’s sea eagle

The eagles are hardly ever seen beyond the Russian Federation, just when they arrive to invest the winter. In Russia, they reside on the Kamchatka Peninsula as well as the sea of Okhotsk. It is the biggest and heaviest of the types of the subfamily eagle. Eagle can weigh 9 kg. Eagle is so named due to the fact that he’s a white middle coverts of the wings.

These killers capture bigger fish, I love salmon. In addition, the eagles might catch rabbits, foxes, seals, and in some cases carrion. Live off the coast near the sea, and construct nests in the tops of trees.

Eagles very careful tough to make contact with the person. Due to this bad to recognize exactly how these killers to increase.


Spoonbill has white plumage and a widening at the end of the beak, similar to sugar tongs. Spoonbills have legs somewhat shorter than in herons. In shade the legs and also beak black spoonbills. Body length as much as 1 m, its mass is 1.2-2 kg Wingspan 1.15-1.35 m

At the moment there are 60 pairs of birds. The species is dying out as a result of the truth that after hatching from eggs in 1 year pass away 60-70% of cubs, and also even birds start to reproduce when they turn 6 years and 5 months, and also they live 10-12 years.

Spoonbills lived on the shores of freshwater rivers and lakes, feeding upon fish, frogs and insects. Now they generally exist just in the gets.

In the far East there are a lot of rare species due to the truth that there is a many nature reserves. Now all the species of birds provided in the Red book, are protected by the state.

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