The most beautiful and famous horse in the world

If you compare horses with other animals, they are the most beautiful and unique creatures in the world.

Graceful horse charms others with his energy and extraordinary passion for freedom.

Each breed has its own characteristics and features, so deciding which one is more popular and prettier, is very difficult.

Top 5: the most beautiful breeds of horses

Capricious nature, tremendous stamina and pride predominate in any horse, regardless of breed and age.

  • Frisian. Graceful friezes inspire people with its magnificence and grandeur. This is a gorgeous, tall, slender stallions hanging on the legs of the friezes. Such beauties with long mane and tail can be seen only at the fabulous pictures. They may be called the most beautiful horses in the world. Despite his excessive impetuosity, while riding black giant friendly and pretty quiet. Among the draught breeds Frisian, belongs to the heavy draft horse is the most special and beautiful. Friesians were bred in the XVI–XVII century in a provincial town in the North of the Netherlands. During the seizure of the Netherlands by Spain, the local breed of horses “heavy blooded” was crossed with the Spanish stallion. Dutch Friesian horse breeders saved the horses from extinction. “Black pearl” – sometimes referred to as the Frisians in the West.
  • Akhal-Teke horse. It is the most ancient riding horse, which is the reference. Not crossed with other breeds for 5 thousand years, therefore, refers to a thoroughbred. Was bred in Akhal-Teke in Turkmenistan. To confuse this breed with other, impossible, as in the exterior is dominated by the long lines that resemble a Cheetah or Greyhound dog. The horse was nicknamed the “Golden horse” because of the extraordinary brilliant hue of hair. The horse adapts well to any climatic conditions and can withstand dry hot weather. Hiding your feelings is smart and proud ahaltekin, very attached to his master and become a loyal friend. Some athletes say that with the Akhal-Teke horse to work hard, in contrast to the calm and reliable half-bloods. Worldwide is considered a great sign of respect to give Akhal Teke horse.
  • Purebred Arabian horse. Arabian horse was bred in IV–VII century on the Arabian Peninsula. Compared to domestic breeds, this is a long-lived. Life expectancy is 30 years. Mares distinguished by fertility and are able to reproduce until old age. Concave head, large eyes, and highly raised tail in any sprinting, are the hallmarks of this breed. To improve some breeds, they continue to cross with Arabians. To maintain and improve the sportiness of the conducted breeding work over the Arab horses. Arabian horses are involved in equestrian sports and horse riding. Due to its endurance to withstand the race more than 100 miles, and therefore very popular worldwide.
The most beautiful horses of Russia

The five most beautiful horses in the world were: Orlov Trotter and the don stallion

  • Orlov Trotter. In the XVIII–XIX century in Russia was bred breed legkoobratimy horses. The crossing used breed Dutch, Arab and other horses. Revived the breed count Orlov, the owner of the Khrenovskoy stud. A distinctive feature of this breed is the ability to frisky lynx, which is enshrined in the genes. With temperamental character, perfectly composed and harmonious trotters, have a gentle disposition. Due to the delicate movements, posture gorgeous, luxurious mane and tail are often used in driving. Rides trotters look great because of the beautiful curved neck and the ability to keep our head up. They are used as sport or pleasure horses. At international auctions trotters are very popular.
  • Don horses. As Orlov Trotter, don, is a standard breed that was developed in Russia. In the XVIII–XIX century during the Turkish wars, the Eastern species caught to the don Cossacks as trophies. So was bred verhove – horse breed don horse. For a long time they have perfected Oriental stallions, and then crossed with thoroughbred horses and other stallions. Have a noticeable Eastern breed, different colors, from red to brown or Golden hue, turning into a dark color mane and tail. Sturdy, have excellent health. Used in Amateur sports, in an easy carriage, eventing, ideal for children learning riding. In the past, participated in the race of the carts. Mounted police and cavalry often use the don breed. They are easy to keep, fast to learn, committed owner.
Unusual breeds of most beautiful horses

There are still some beautiful breed that was appreciated and earned universal admiration.

  • The Andalusian breed. The export of horses abroad was allowed only after 1964, so the Andalusian breed is considered to be purely Spanish. In colors dominated by gray and chocolate color. Beautiful and handsome stallions used in the Royal safaris and because of its strength and gentle disposition of their loved soldiers.
  • Exotic Marwari. The breed was developed on the territory of the Marwari in India, and was created specifically for the battles in the desert. Local horses, possessing intelligence, endurance and extraordinary beauty bred for several centuries, until, until you get the perfect military pretty hardy horse. She is able to pass vast distances, easily transfers heat and cold, can survive on desert areas without food or water. Thanks to the long feet sinking in the hot sand, the horse does not touch on his stomach. The unusual appearance and the characteristic of the stud to attach the ears. Ears crossed among themselves and curved inwards, or simply contact, will help to identify Marwari among all breeds. Stallions mottled grey and colors, very valuable. The horse of the country of export in rare cases.
  • Horse Gypsy horse. The Gypsy horse was bred in England. The modern breed is characterized by its brightness and endurance. For several decades Gypsies have crossed various species to obtain strong individual for caravans. Stallions have big bones, long curly mane and gorgeous tail, as well as hiding under the fluffy fringed hooves. Different brown-white or black-and-white coloring. Possess extraordinary plasticity during the run.
  • Horse Pinto. In the sixteenth century, the conquistadors brought to America by the Spanish of horses, from whom came the Pinto breed. In Europe they were later, together with settlers. The distinguishing feature of these stallions do not like and external data, and spotted that and fell in love with North American Indians. Nimble and bold stallion with coloring similar to camouflage the Indians called panchami.
  • The Horse Is Falabella. Incredibly, the Falabella is the smallest horse on the planet. Her height is about 50 cm In the XX century on the territory of Argentina was bred a new species. The conformation of the horses look like thoroughbred horses. Strong and sturdy Falabella travel great distances in spite of her small stature. I love children.
  • Shetland pony. On the Shetland Islands was bred to breed miniature horses. Their height is 110 cm In appearance similar to heavyweights, with strong legs and thick hair. Life expectancy is 55 years.
The most beautiful and famous horses in the world

What are the most beautiful breed of horse in the world and where they live? The most famous names is the Akhal-Teke Isag, Frankel and Roma Hernando.

  • Akhal-Teke Isag. Possessing breathtaking beauty and a charming hue, this most beautiful horse in the world has become a favorite among photographers and correspondents. His vocation is a participation in the demonstration competitions of various sizes and dressage. Often competes in races.
  • Frankel. The most popular stallion named Frenkel. Thoroughbred horse, fantastic upbringing living in the stables of one of the princes of Saudi Arabia. Not for sale (priceless) and is a multiple winner of the race.
  • Roma Hernando. The English stallion named Hernando pure blood, lives in the stables Kadyrov. Participated in large-scale competitions in races around the world and became the winner of seven of them. Included in the top ten fastest horses on the planet.

Nature created an animal of extraordinary beauty. Appearance thoroughbred stallions charms. I want to look at them endlessly. Thank you to those manufacturers who still retain such a miracle!

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