The use of bunny manure as plant food for veggie garden

Rabbit droppings are amongst all sort of manure is thought about one of the most useful.

The structure of this plant food goes beyond by numerous times the quantity of nutrients had in equine, cow or bird manure, but is it worth it to make use of for flowers as well as fruit-bearing trees or is it better to replace chemical substratums?

Rabbit droppings as fertilizer: beneficial buildings and make-up

The manure of bunnies is rich in trace elements and numerous organic compounds, and because of the unique secretion of the body of bunnies as well as the uncommon diet of these substances are relatively simple to digest.

The chemical structure of 1 kg of droppings:

  • calcium oxide 4 grams;
  • magnesium oxide 7 grams;
  • nitrogen 6 grams;
  • potassium oxide 6 grams.

The value of rabbit manure is additionally because of the symmetry of potassium and nitrogen. The reality that the other kinds of litter a few of the components prevails, which may negatively affect the quality of the plant food.

Thanks to phosphoric acids and various other useful elements of the bunny manure

  • replaces two or three plans of chemical plant foods: superphosphate;
  • ammonium sulfate; a potassium salt.

Additionally rabbit manure as plant food benefits that are more active can loosen up, soften, fill as well as warm up the dirt. One more advantage is that it can be made use of without previous composting, given that the mass does not contain sensible seeds. This fertilizer functions also in seemingly unrealistic problems– clay soil framework of the three-year processing after refining ends up being a favorable dirt for the plants.

Making use of rabbit manure

As plant food bunny manure can be used as specific gardeners and veggie farmers and farmers of the industrial range.

The raw material frequently utilized:

  • in greenhouses– for growing plants on a huge range;
  • when earthworms as well as manufacturing of humus; for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms and champignons;
  • in floriculture (both holiday and also home);
  • for expanding forage plants.


Bunny manure can be delivered in bigger quantities and a smaller transportation ability, as it includes less dampness than in cow’s resources.

A fresh new look

While fresh manure, as fertilizer it is used seldom. Straight after harvest in expectancy of winter in the area, you can spread fresh manure that will nourish the weak saturated or diminished the land of nutrients.

Throughout the winter months period, the fertilizer will have time to ice up and also decay, losing the decay items. During springtime thaw, the thaw water will dissolve the pellets as well as deeply impregnate the dirt with valuable aspects. If the ground cover along with the sub-genres, after spring ploughing, hay job well as a compost as well as feed the dirt, decomposing even more. Planting preferable to process fresh manure, methane and ammonia, disintegrating, burn the young shoots.

Manure composting

If the garden compost was laid in the early springtime, it can be used by the next winter months, as it was at this moment he will be perfectly prepared. The raw material spread in addition to dirt, then dug up, making the soil before springtime sowing and also plantings and abundant in nutrients.

For fruit plants compost weakened in water for feeding. It is frequently utilized as mulch, as it avoids the drying out of the soil and also the appearance in it of weeds. Secure from freezing garlic, planted prior to winter season, it is also possible, using bunny droppings. For this you «require limited « sanctuary » seedlings resources.

The completely dry resources

Rabbit manure is made use of specifically in a dry form, which makes it distinct to name a few sorts of raw material. The pellets are dried out well under the sun or charred, battered to powder, then combined with the dirt. One tbsp of this powder is included in 3 kg of the planet. Weakening completely dry resources with water, experienced Housewives are fed as gentle yard, and wayward house plants. Forever outcomes must follow numerous various facet proportion than the attraction of the garden. If the mix is liquid– tsp combined with 3 l of water, and also if a dirt– exact same proportions, only with the ground.


Humus is manure-compost lot, consistent and loose, the consistency of which resembles high-grade topsoil. One of the most fertile humus acquired after processing the earthworms, because these plants improve the porosity of any kind of dirt several times. Another benefit of rabbit humus– the virtually full absence of smell. To saturate the soil humus scatter plot and dug over.

Basic rules

Before you buy rabbit manure, you require to discover the rules of its application.

How to make use of garden compost to make use of as a mulch, combining with raw


  • manure; under spring growing to include in the dirt when digging; to lay straight in the pits prior to boarding (not more often 1 time in 2 years);
  • weakened with water to utilize as a leading dressing.


The action of liquid dressing is affected not so soft as it might appear at first look, so they should also be made use of with care. Regularity ought to not exceed 2 times in 1 year, focus– not more than 2 L. per 1 sq. m.

You can use bunny droppings in dry powder kind as soil plant food prior to growing. In horticulture it is used weakened with water as a feed. Humus can be made use of when planting winter plants, economic crops. Fluid feeding adds to feeding of various societies, when raking. Prior to growing potatoes, beans and also other origin crops, solanaceous plants and berries, the raw product considerably enriches depleted soil.

How to collect and also store

To utilize rabbit manure in a number of methods, but the most prominent lure and composting.

When the strategy of composting in a compost pit to raw bunny is included in various other organics: food waste, manure of other pets, fallen dry vegetation. The substratum is evenly deteriorating throughout it is required every so often stir with a shovel. To worms compost is processed to the wanted consistency, however do not consume it, they require time to remove.

Lower layer by throwing the garden compost in the pit, must be removed, as it consists of the best number of worms. To organize the manure pit must be in the color. The raw materials should regularly moisturize. In the winter, the pit covered with a tarpaulin as well as sawdust to keep it cozy.

The 2nd approach is baiting and they are gotten ready for this recipe: 2 kg fresh dung mixed with 12 litres of water. The solution requires to steep as well as occasionally pomeshivayte. When the slurry came to be a completely uniform service is prepared. Choice completely dry — — powder pellet of dung, which ought to be stored in a dark, dry area. This should make certain that basic material doesn’t dry out, otherwise it can be used for a fluid option.

Rabbit manure and also myths about him

Protection as well as unsinkable belief in the benefits of rabbit droppings for the yard as well as garden– a preferred myth and the most significant blunder of amateur gardeners and also farmers.

The myth of the fresh manure. Fresh litter has urea, as well as is an aggressive acid and nitrogenous substances. Manure in the soil breaks down in the interaction with warms and also microorganisms it, and all those in it. In this procedure, from the soil, it emits methane and also ammonia– are hazardous to plants gases. As an outcome of such feeding all the vegetation in the garden will certainly melt.

The misconception regarding an unique manure therapy with boiling water. As in the scenario with the handling of meat, milk, fruits and also veggies, when exposed to the manure is as well high or also low temperatures, damages practically all the benefits of manure, as well as with it the definition of his presence. Nitrogenous nutrients are damaged when revealed to frost, as well as it is this component important to all species for greenery.

Boiling water eliminates in a litter is a considerable part of the acids and trace elements. By doing so, the unskilled farmer the quality of manure as plant food is entirely pointless. Challengers of zastivanje need to recognize that this approach just kills 50% of valuable properties, which upon dilution with water they can restore.

The waste product of the pet– one of the best plant foods for the garden, yard and also even a muslin house plants. Even the capricious dirt will give good results if the pre-to manage it appropriately. The wayward fruit-bearing plants will enjoy seasonal deals with if you provide appropriate focus and time to offer adequate of an useful fertilizer. The garden will Shine with the shades of the red tomato, eco-friendly cucumber as well as purple eggplant if you do not neglect to cover the planet in wintertime, bunny generous « gifts»».

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