What steeds consume and also what to feed them an overview of the feed

Herbivores steeds have a particular body framework as well as individual characteristics. Some farmers have them as domestic assistants, while others are expanded from them horses for trekking and also competition.

But in any case, to grow healthy and balanced, functional, attractive pet, you need to recognize– what horses eat and also exactly how to prepare them diet.

They eat wild horses?

Much more lately, herds of equines foraged in the fields and also grazing animals sufficed. But today, including steeds farmers develop special diets as well as add unique ingredients that assist maximize animal nourishment.

Rely on the nutrition of animals from their environments. In nature, the main food for them are natural herbs and shrubs. Residing in southern latitudes wild horses eat origins and also soft grasses. In locations with cold environment in wintertime, animals eat the frozen branches of shrubs, bark of trees, dried lawn. In the steppes they eat high rugged lawns and stems of plants.

What to feed an equine feed for residential steeds

Those living on the ranches equines a way of life, food digestion and problem various from those of equines that stay in the wild. Continually they don’t consume, so feed them need to be such that the pet pleased for a long period of time.

Designed for horses forages are separated into three groups:

  • harsh;
  • juicy;
  • concentrated.

Professionals advise in the diet regimen to add sixty to eighty percent of juicy and harsh forages as well as not greater than forty percent focused. If you add extra focused feed, this can trigger troubles with animal health and wellness, because the digestive system of horses is configured to utilize generally fiber.


Present a three-dimensional feedthat is consisted of in the fundamental nourishment of steeds.

These consist of: Well-dried turf or hay should be the pets have constant access. Even if the hay has a specific percent of fresh yard, from the diet regimen does not exclude it. To hay needs to consist primarily of lawn (ryegrass, bromegrass, Timothy, Jerzy group, fescue, Kentucky bluegrass). At the start of the growing season these plants have the biggest pet worth, so right now they ought to be gathered as well as dried.

  • Flour or natural granules is mowed plants that the drying out process takes place intoxicated of high temperatures. They are pressed. The outcome is a very healthy food with a minimal portion of moisture.
  • Straw great dietary value is no various, because after obola as well as drying just the stems of natural herbs. Consequently it is included the supply of quantity. Hay straw can not be replaced.


Forage should be gathered on schedule and is properly stored. They require to create such storage problems under which the hay and straw will certainly not begin and replicate fungal and bacterial rot.

Succulent feed

They come from the natural diet of equines, since horses use them mainly on pasture:

  1. Grass pets can enter the meadows or on the ranch where the dog breeder is feeding their Pets fresh-cut herbs. Various fresh herbs from the meadows much better than mowed plants that are saved for a long period of time. Despite a little violation of the process of saving natural herbs, they can start to rot. Such putrefactive processes result in conditions of the gastrointestinal system.
  2. Vegetables and also root plants should be not harmed and also not decomposing. They include huge quantities of minerals, vitamins, fiber and water. The steeds enjoy to consume carrots, cucumbers, sugar beets, as well as boiled potatoes. The potatoes need to be grown. Provide horses vegetables need to only mytymi. Concerning half a kg each day an animal should be given beet molasses, which will certainly boost the preference of feed. Before using 1.4 kg of molasses was thinned down in 4.6 liters of water. As deals with to feed the steeds canister be fruit.
  3. Canned yard or haylage. Hermetically tinned dried natural herb contains fifty-five percent dampness. In the diet regimen it ought to be half as much hay in half the herbs. Horses voluntarily eat silage, which is abundant in fiber and also sugars.
Focused feed

These foods are typically made use of to bring the outside of the equine to require problem or for animal feed. Concentrated power functions as « fuel» » and also under extreme loads without it not to handle.

This type of food been available in several kinds:

  • feed;
  • grain mixture;
  • entire grains.

Most horses offer: Barley. In its structure contains as much as sixty percent of starch, so is high in calories. Due to the fact that it has little fiber, too much to offer barley to the equines is not suggested. Before the pet feed barley require

  • to vapor it. It is better absorbable. Oats. Everybody recognizes that horses consume oats, which offers the pet with power. Consequently, a diet without this type of food is difficult. There are a lot of fiber, which is not in other grains. The starch in oats includes as much as half. Oats are good for digestion as well as is rapidly absorbed. With various other food it can not be blended. Young pets and horses with inadequate teeth oats pre-crushed.
  • Bran consist of high amounts of fiber, and also their structure has nearly no starch. Protein, vitamins as well as minerals they also include little. So bran is utilized primarily only to enhance the quantity of diet. On the day the horses offer about three as well as a fifty percent kilos of wheat and rye bran.
  • Corn consists of up to seventy percent of starchy compounds. Utilized before physical effort of pets, because the capability to give brief time power aside. On ordinary days corn give up small amounts.
  • Feed for equines is a concentrated loosened or granular feed. It consists of numerous sorts of milled grain, premixes, mineral supplements, bran, oil cake, yard meal. Feed can feed the equines with any physical requirements.
  • The grain mix can be prepared in the house. To do this, simply mix different sort of grains, beetroot pulp or pulp, salt and also other ingredients.


To choose the food for feeding horses adheres to the suggestions of specialists.

Correct diet plan as well as menu for horses

What amount of feed you require certain horses can be calculated by recognizing the adhering to criteria:

  • the live weight of the equine;
  • the amount of energy to run;
  • the quantity of power for life;
  • the amount of feed to maintain weight;
  • the optimal level of healthy protein.

For the pet, which is about six hrs a day of tool gravity does job, it considers about five hundred extra pounds, a day you will certainly need:

  • root vegetablesOrigin 6-8 pounds;
  • concentrates– 3-4 pounds;
  • straw cutoff– 6-7 pounds;
  • hay, 12 pounds.

The quantity of focuses lower or eliminate them completelyif the work of the horses is simple.

In emergency situation food need of the Mare during pregnancy as well as lactation. The future health and wellness of the stallion depends on the mommy’s diet regimen.

Consequently, for mares in the day require for each hundred extra pounds of weight:

  • vegetable or lawn hay top quality– not less than 4 kg.
  • sunflower cake– 1 kg;
  • or vegetables for as much as six kilos;
  • silage to 4 kg.

It is advised to provide concentrate feed, in which barley, oats as well as corn ought to be in the proportion of 35:40:25. If the Mare unwinded, her diet needs to be more concentrate. Before the birth of the stallion in forage need to be greater than silage. The same dietary diet must be feeding the stallion, or the Mare can damage.

Equines eat the exact sameas grown-up animals can be given feed grains, hay, meal, bran. As vitamin supplements youngsters indulge sprouted grain, molasses, carrots. All these foods introduced into the diet regimen after stallion weaned from the mother.

Sport steeds must have hay and also focuses. The ratio as well as amount depend on the age and weight of the pet, competitors and also training schedule.

The approximate supply of the horse meant for sporting events:

  • natural granules or flour– 1 kg;
  • corn– 1-2 kg;
  • hay from cereals and also legumes– 7 kilos;
  • salt– 60 grams;
  • premixes– 100 grams;
  • molasses– 500 grams.
How to feed a horse?

The ideal diet is the essential to animal health and wellness.

The basic guidelines of feeding equines consist of: Diet must be based upon temperament and physical stress and anxiety steed. The animal must be access to water.

  • You ought to just feed quality food. Food must be given in an hour after work or various other
  • physical activity. Horses rapidly become familiar with the feeding routine, which is expected to happen at the exact same time. In compliance with the feeding routine of the steeds will be in time to generate the digestive system juices that assist successfully absorb the food.
  • Before the circulation of turf animals originally watered.
  • Feed the pets ought to be small meals commonly, separating the day-to-day amount. Half of the quantity of roughage provided day, and the various other half during the night. Horses require to consume hay, after that grain as well as delicious feeds.
  • It is difficult to provide santeview or damp yard.
  • If the power is expected to alter, then brand-new foods need to be introduced slowly and also with caution.


After a meal about one hr a pet requires to rest.

Watering equines

The animals should constantly be totally free to accessibility clean water. In winter season equines enough for concerning twenty gallons of water a day, and in the heat of the fluid volume can reach seventy-five liters. The typical intake of water each day for one equine sixty litres.

In the winter season it is essential to keep track of the water temperature level, which need to not be too chilly and also especially ice. Otherwise, the animal may get sick. It is not advised to provide water to horses immediately after work or competitions. Sweaty pet it is possible to offer just half a hr. Water make certain to provide prior to the horse will certainly eat a focused feed.

Deals with for horses

For much better interaction in between steed as well as human pets can be given various Goodies. This can be done as an incentive after work, competitors, or just to pamper your equine.


  • Horses are happy to consume: dried bread;
  • watermelons;
  • apples; carrots; bananas and their skins;
  • dried fruit matched;
  • sugar.


The animal can be provided a small piece of refined sugar, however it is better to replace it with a piece of banana or Apple. In family pet shops sell special family pet deals with for steeds, which includes vitamins and also minerals. But also for animals better natural products.

The base diet plan of steeds is produced based on the fundamental policies as well as regulations, however this must take into account weight, physical activity and various other private characteristics of each pet. As well as we can’t fail to remember that feed needs to be excellent quality.

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