Africa as well as its pets: African pets

Africa is a wonderful and great continent. The fauna of Africa are many and differed.

In Africa lives 5 thousand animals, more than 100 thousand insects, three thousand varieties of birds. This continent is Savannah, desert, lakes, the longest river Nile and various other rivers. They are about five thousand types of fish. As well as additionally on this continent is home to many reptiles and amphibians.

Let’s look at what pets reside in Africa.

The animals of Africa

Animals of Africa: mammals.

Africa is house to the following animals:

  • African Buffalo;
  • Savannah hare;
  • Elephant;
  • Behemoth;
  • Bat-eared Fox;
  • Bongo;
  • Gazelle Dorcas;
  • The African wild pet;
  • Giraffe;
  • Zebra;
  • Kanna;

Let us take into consideration in detail each kind of animal.

African Buffalo

The African Buffalo is an extremely unsafe animal, especially to human beings. Data reveal that this animal year had actually been eliminated over two hundred people.

The weight of a Buffalo depends on one lot, the elevation two meters, and also its size greater than 3 meters.

These pets eat only lawn. Daily they eat twenty extra pounds of fresh lawn.

Buffalo has substantial horns, turned within.

African Savannah hare

The African hare is a mammal that lives in the Savannah. The length of the hare is up to sixty inches, and also evaluates 3 pounds.

The ears of a bunny are lengthy as well as have the pointers black. Head and body gray. As well as the flanks and also legs are reddish-brown. Abdomen white. The Bunny’s tail has an interesting

shade. Top is black as well as bottom is white. This mammal eats grass and afterwards at night as well as

during the day hiding from predators. African

elephant The elephant is the greatest creature. In Africa there are two types of elephants: forest as well as Savannah. Let’s see what Savannah elephant is different from the forest.


  • Savannah elephant is much bigger woodland. It evaluates eight heaps. And the weight of the forest elephant — — five lots
  • ; Savanna elephant woodland elephant lighter;
  • The tusks of the Savannah elephant is dealing with up as well as the tusks of the woodland elephant is dealing with down.

Live elephants throughout Africa. Consume fallen leaves, branches, seeds, spinal columns, origins and also fruits.


In Africa, residence to two types of hippopotamus: the pygmy and usual.

The body of the Hippo is grey, covered with a very thick skin. To hippos had not shed their skin, they highlighted the unique red liquid, which is still healing remedy. Hippos note their territory with their waste matter. For this they use their flat tail. They have like a paddle.

The feet of the Hippo is thick as well as brief, have four fingers. Thanks to them, they are easy to move on land. The head of the hippopotamus is big, and the neck short. Eyes, nose and also ears are on the same aircraft. So the Hippo can remain under water for approximately five minutes.

The weight of the Hippo can reach 3 lots. His elevation — — 5 feet as well as a length of 4 meters.

Hippos consume plant life. They consume forty pounds of yard.

Live hippos families. The family contains the leader and also fifteen or twenty females.

Bat-eared Fox.

Bat-eared Fox is a predacious pet. It lives in semideserts as well as savannas. The animal gets to a size of seventy centimeters as well as a weight of 5.5 pounds. It preys on pests and larvae: termites, insects, beetles, eggs, birds and also even small rats.

Differentiated by its huge ears, which are a lot more head. In height they reach thirteen inches. Color it brownish, and also the neck and also tummy a little lighter. The tips of the ears, paws and also tail has a black color.

Foxes live in pairs or with the brood.

Antelope Bongo

Bongo is a large woodland antelope. They live in tropical forests of Africa.

The pigmentation of these pets is extremely fascinating: dark red with white vertical red stripes. The horns of bongos are evocative the spiral. They get to 90 centimeters in size. As well as the pet itself has a length of one meter.

These animals weigh from 200 to 400 extra pounds. Live Bongo families. Every family members from 7 to fifty individuals. Bongo consumes grass, leaves, blossoms, twigs, burrs. Bongo live a long period of time — — twenty-two years.

Gazelle — — Dorcas Gazelle — — Dorcas — this is an unusual animal that resides in the desert of Africa can be without water all life.

It feeds the plants: flowers, shells of acacia, leaves, fruit. Of these plants and also the pet obtains the needed water.

Dorcas is a tiny animal. Its weight does not surpass 17 extra pounds. The animal has long ears. Woollen Gazelle has a brown shade. The horns curved.

Dorcas live in family members or sets. Life span is fifteen years.

The African wild canine

The African wild pet is a carnivorous creature. They live in savannas.

The African wild dog is red color with places. The ears are lengthy and also big. Many thanks to them, the African wild dog appears like a hyena. The tail is long as well as furry with creamy colored suggestion.

The paws have only four toes. Lived in by wild pet packs. Each pack measures up to 18 pets.

African wild canines feed upon animals. They end up being the victim of animals such as gazelles, antelopes, Zebra, Eland.

Generally, African wild dogs live ten to fifteen years.


Giraffe — — the tallest pet that stay in the savannas of Africa.

The development of a giraffe reaches 6 meters, and also they consider a load. His legs are long, and front legs longer than hind legs. The tail is additionally lengthy and reaches one meter. The head has bony horns. The eyes are huge, and also the language is instead big, 45 inches.

They lie extremely hardly ever. Also giraffes rest standing. These animals are very quick moving. Their speed can get to sixty kilometers per hr.

Giraffes live in herds of as much as twenty individuals. Life span is fifteen years.


In Africa there are three types of zebras:

  • Grevy’s Zebra;
  • Barcellona Zebra;
  • The hill Zebra.

They stay in various areas of the continent, yet similar to its black and white red stripes throughout the body. Zebras weight gets to 350 pounds. The elevation of the animal does not exceed 1.5 meters as well as size 2.5 meters. The Zebra tail is rather long, fifty centimeters.

Zebras live in family members, including 6 women and their offspring. These animals rest standing. Eat lawn, branches, shrubs, leaves, bark of trees. Life expectancy Zebra is thirty years.


Kanna is the largest and also Jumpy antelope species. They can lift to 2.5 meters, stay in forests, hills, deserts as well as swamps.

The coat shade various from Cannes. Someone yellow — — brownish, somebody blue-gray, as well as some, really, black. The horns of these pets are twisted as well as lengthy. Their size can reach one meter.

The weight of the pet is 600 pounds as well as expand to practically 2 meters. Live of Cannes in groups of 10 individuals. They feed on leaves, twigs, bushes, turf, fruits, rhizomes. Life expectancy at Cannes gets to twenty years.

The pet cat family members

In Africa lives the following subfamily of huge and small cats:

  • Lion;
  • Leopard;
  • Cheetah;
  • Black-footed feline;
  • Golden feline;
  • Caracal;
  • Sand feline;
  • Forest pet cat;
  • Serval.

Allow us take into consideration in even more information some of these types.


The lion is a big as well as meat-eating creature. Their weight gets to 300 extra pounds, as well as the size of three meters. They reside in little flocks, consisting of several males and also women with cubs.

Lions feed upon ungulates. Life expectancy does not exceed fifteen years.


Leopard is a strong and also really rapid pet cat. Body length gets to 2 meters. The leopard considers approximately seventy pounds. Stay in the mountains, savannas as well as woodlands. These pets live one.

The leopard has a long tail-110 centimeters. Vision, teeth and claws really sharp. This pet can see perfectly even at night. This pet cat is unlike various other pet cats identified hair.

Leopards feed upon antelopes, hares, apes and also birds.


Caracal is a meat-eating pet that stays in the steppes as well as vacant Africa. The size of the Caracal does not go beyond eighty centimeters. The Caracal evaluates a little twenty — — 2 extra pounds. On the ears of this pet are black tassels.

This pet hunts by night. His target can be rabbits, ground squirrels, antelope, ostriches, others as well as foxes.

Right here are the African animals stay in Africa!

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