Pet caress in nature: exactly how the pet looks, what it eats

Animal affection — — a miniature rep of the detachment of the weasel family members. He belongs to the predators and not meeting its fragile name. Beast is thought about very hostile.

Often puzzled with marten, nonetheless, are completely various pets, although belonging to the same types.

Resembles a weasel?

On the surface, the monster is quite tiny, its length not surpassing 22 centimeters and the weight does not go beyond 100 grams. This animal is agile and also relocating, slim body permits you to easily make activities.

The monster has the complying with exterior attributes:

  • He has a long tail, which are glands that produce reeky smell.
  • The feet have sharp claws.
  • The nose has actually elongated, rounded lugs.
  • Dark protruding eyes are really expressive, they provide the face a cute look.
  • The neck has no elegance, she’s not thin.

The animal appealing, although shortly fur. The pigmentation relies on the time of year as well as differs with the molt. In wintertime, the monster is white, and in summer it is brown.

Habits and also character

This small pet is really carnivorous, sometimes you’ll be impudent behaviour. Occasionally sneaks into your home of a male searching for food.

Weasel is nimble and also energetic, her durations of wakefulness and also autumn in the daytime and also

during the night. Searching often does in the evening. Pet does not like to appear outdoors; chooses bushes and various other places where you can retire.

The monster lives alone. Each specific assigns the area for hunting and also living on regarding 10 acres. To note your website, the monster utilizes its natural scent, which spreads on the feet.

Animal has an excellent capacity, able to climb up, run, swim. All this he does easily as well as swiftly. It moves in dives, daily, gets over to two kilometers. Winter months moving snow deep spaces. This pet is strong and also hostile, it hesitates of rats, rabbits, lizards, frogs.

Being little, the creature is usually targeted larger pets, however it takes care of to bite the enemy’s throat. In fights men loud screech.


The animal stays in Europe, North America, Mongolia, Egypt, Australia, Japan. That is, the animal can be found almost around the world.

Pet has the ability to reside in different all-natural areas other than deserts and snowy mountain areas.

Weasels flourish in:

  • expanse;
  • on the financial institutions of lakes and rivers;
  • in the steppe regions;
  • in the forests.

Occasionally she settles near the residences of individuals.

Pet love is in no hurry to construct a home of her own, it is easier to win a person’s hole. Weasel also produce residence to different natural canyons, under stony layers or in the economic climate of male. Inside her residence is carpeted with completely dry plants.

What is a weasel?

Weasel consumes computer mice as well as various other rats: moles, field computer mice, rats. But if the animal managed to get into the ranch of the person, it will certainly locate itself the prey, and also complete a chicken, chicken or bunny. If no living animals, weasels consume eggs.

The monster deals a great deal of damage to residence gardens. Poultry farmers and dog breeders deal with the intrusion of this pet. If he lives near a farmstead, you will regularly RAID and destroy a bird or bunnies.

If no preferred food, the beast can eat a snake, fish or lizard . Often pet shops prey, concealing it in the spaces. Gluttony affection in some cases scary, since animal eliminates, making supplies. As an example, going into the hen coop, the weasel instantly destroy all birds.

If a weasel pleasing the cow that quits providing milk, there is a popular belief that. Naturally, really the beast tickles livestock. He drinks cow milk directly from the breast, so the cow from worry ceases to be milked.

To capture a weasel is difficult, because it is active as well as rapid. Nonetheless, catching her makes no feeling — — an adult pet will certainly not be able to domesticate. For residence upkeep acquire puppies of age one to 2 months. It is essential not to forget that this pet is exotic, it needs special conditions.

Searching monster is made with the aid of the trap, is set up near the opening whereby it penetrates into the chicken cage. Escaping from a pet dog or human love can accidentally fall into a catch. Parts of poisoned food she makes use of. Occasionally capture weasels in a hole connect angling hooks to which the affection comes conveniently, like a fish.

The roots of love are not hazardous, they are not interested. In the below ground flows of the animal approaching its target.

Throughout the day, the animal consumes just 30-40 grams a dish. Obviously, it’s a little.


In March, affection start playing the breeding video game. At this time are the fights in between men over women. Occasions are accompanied by loud weeps.

With the start of maternity, the male leaves the lady. The nurturing of young love lasts 35 days. The mom prepares the house for the youngsters, its nest she veiled with turf as well as moss, develops convenience in your home for the youngsters.

Birthed the cubs do not dream. Puppies evaluate no more than 2 grams. One mommy is born 3-8 puppies. In the beginning the mommy feeds them milk, and after that provides a tiny mouse, which the kids fight. Upon reaching 4 months old, the infants leave the mother.

The weasel — — an animalquite dangerous, regardless of its petite size. She moved quickly, and she is not terrified of any kind of challenges. Nonetheless, there are benefits from these pets, they damage computer mice. In locations of love, the number of rats it is regulated that offers substantial assistance to the person.

When meeting with this animal in nature needs to be careful. Animal guy is not frightened, the pet will certainly stand in the position of striker. As well as remove his solid teeth extremely tough.

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