Pets of lake Baikal: a special occupants of the shores of lake

In addition, the Baikal is the deepest in the world the lake as well as nature book, it is additionally a remarkable globe in which the lives of several pets.

Many plants and also pets that are occupants of lake Baikal, provided in the Red book. In addition, no place else in the world they reside in, as lake Baikal is the only environment of these creatures.

Let’s learn that are lucky enough to survive the coasts of the unique lake.


Impressive reps of the animals of lake Baikal are seals. They like to take pictures of tourists.

But not every person understands incredible realities regarding these animals: actually, these citizens of Baikal seals. Thrilled that the animals are encountering extinction. The reason for that is a perennial activity of the ventures which dump waste right into the lake. Today, these animals of lake Baikal are safeguarded very strictly. Actually every seal is furnished with a chip and has his « observer »;

  • researchers still do not recognize specifically how these pets got on the lake. The most qualified theory concerning their movement in the period of glaciation. I believe that the seal came from the Arctic ocean;
  • almost all of the moment seals are in the water, as well as appear to fill your lungs with air. On Sunny days, especially in very early autumn, the animals love to reach shore or a coral reef, relaxing to soak up the rays of the sun;
  • ringed seals spend the winter season off the coasts, under the snow, hummocky partially. Throughout the wintertime they reproduce. Women Mature earlier than males as well as get to sexual maturation by 4-4,5 years. Men– 5-6 years;
  • the women seals bears baby 11 months. Children are birthed, generally in the period from February to mid-April. Ladies can deliver approximately 40-45 years! The life expectancy of the seal desirable problems is around 50 years. Usually as soon as one infant is born, occasionally 2. A newborn evaluates regarding 3.5-4 kg as well as his body covers white hair;
  • the weight of a grownup is between 50 and also 150 kg;
  • Nerpa feeds on fish, agents of golomyanka-goby. A day the pet is 4-5 kg fish. For one year the seal can consume order 1 ton of fish, as well as will continue to be a graceful swimmer, capable of reaching water speeds of 20-25 km/h.
  • Another depictive pets of lake Baikal is the elk. Moose reside in every one of Eurasia, yet on the lake they are different and also rare from various other elk initial size. The average weight of a moose living on the lake is 400 kg, yet the weight lots of males– more than half a load. The development in the lower edge of the withers is equal to 2.5 m, and also the minimum body length is 3M. one of the most gorgeous as well as powerful horn has a 15-year-old moose.
  • Under desirable problems, the life span of the elks is 25-30 years.
  • The horns they dropped in January, and also a brand-new one begins to expand in very early March. Rutting time– September-October, and also calves are birthed in may-June.
  • Moose reside in groups of 4-8 individuals, eating yard as well as fires, as well as in winter months the bark.
Musk deer

Fascinating citizens of Baikal are small deer– musk deer, which are occasionally called « saber-toothed ».

The aboriginal individuals tell a tale regarding how the deer

  • love the lynx, and also as a result of this love was born the musk deer. These animals, like seals,get on the edge of extinction. The reason is poaching. Males are the resource of musk, which is the basis of many recipes in perfumery and also medication, and also poachers are searching him, which kabegami.
  • The maximum weight of musk deer is 18 kg, and body size– 1 m. the Horns are missing, yet the males have fangs, which deftly scoop with trees, lichens, preferred food of deer.
  • The rut begins in late October. Calves are born after 190-200 days after that.

Live in a world of lake Baikal and the wolverines– in the beginning glimpse, helpless, awkward animals. Actually, they are quick, active and ruthless killers coming from the household Mustelidae. They appear like a small bear. On average, the Wolverine expands in length up to 1m.

This tireless seeker and vacationer throughout the

  • day can overcome the 40-50 kilometres in
  • search of
  • victim.
  • Food offer him:

chicken; rodents; eggs; carrion. A predator might attack a passing away or wounded deer.

Indigenous residents inform many tales regarding the cunning as well as betrayal of Wolverine that easily is reduced with a moose.

A particular time of mating is not, nevertheless, the spawn the women Wolverine gives birth, usually in the winter, it has actually done a passage in the snow. It is fascinating that the papas somehow learn about what’s happening as well as come. They care about the family members– bring the lady and cubs food.

The female can deliver twice a year, yet observations carried out since 1969 show that this phenomenon is unusual.

The life span of wolverines– 10-15 years. On the lake they have only one opponent– the wolf.

Red wolf

Just distinct inhabitant of our remarkable world. Very uncommon. In his look as if combines the attributes of a Jackal, wolf and also Fox. Once the red wolf resided in Russia throughout the territory of Altai, Buryatia and also in Primorsky area.

Now the population by unnaturally bring back the lake, with pets from Northern China. The size of these gorgeous hairy pets coincide as a German shepherd. Currently the lake is house to a number of teams of wolves that eventually develop into huge groups.

  • Way of living of red wolves coincides as wolves generally. They search together for victim, yet seeing the Wolverine, all of a sudden beginning to chase her.
  • Clear the pairing duration no. Wolf carrying cub 60-65 days, and the number appearing at once on light of cubs is 2 to 10.
  • Wolves end up being sexually Mature by one and also a half years, and also friend to begin with two years. As well as these wolves are virginal– pair discover a life.
  • Live in packs in caves and also caverns.
  • Life span of 12-15 years.

In Russia they have actually ended up being rare as a result of poachers as well as seekers. The capturing of red wolves was fought due to the fact that their tails have a length of 50 centimeters and also is really similar to a Fox.


Brown bears staying in the remarkable world of lake Baikal, grow in size as much as 2.5-3M, and in the withers elevation between 1.5 m as well as above.

This slow pet lives

  • a less active life, however if needed can enter search of food approximately 300 kilometres as well as return.
  • Baikal bears are omnivorous, however choose fish.
  • Dormant can stay up to six months. Den constructing more thoroughly than European bears.
  • Clear the moment of mating no.
  • For once a bear brings 1-4 children who initially hibernation invest with my mom.
  • The get bears live 20-25 years.

To travelers this predator alone is very easy, however to meet him is not easy, as he favors to stay in inaccessible places.

Do not replicate every season, cubs are birthed usually 3-5,

  • the male does not
  • respect family members
  • . Food of the lynx are: foxes; hares; deer; eggs. From anambush. The wolverines continues to be neutral. IRBIS The famous snow leopard.
This monster ca

n’t be eliminated, also if he strikes. To protect yourself travelers are allowed with tranq Darts. This pet is so rare. Considering that 1969, instances of attacks by leopards on human beings were taped. Predators prey mostly on ungulates. Appear like cats. Every animal has a chip. Weight varies from 55

to 65 kg, body length– from 1,05 to

  • 1,1 m. Prefer to mate from January with March, the children appears in 100 days
  • — from 2 to four cubs. Today the reserve is populated by 49 leopards.
  • Hare The hard destiny of this animal, since hare acts as food for many predators of the lake. The weight of the animal is 2.5-5 kg as well as its body size reaches up to 0.5 m. Dig

  • deep openings as well as 8-9 M. Feed on plants, in winter months, they eat bark and branches. In the year
  • zaychiha gives 3-4 litters of 2-6
  • bunnies. Live rabbits Belyakov large « family members ».
  • Frequently come to the aid of their own kind. Fox On the coasts of
  • lake Baikal, an unique live «foxes. Just this’s red Fox steadly respond to individuals. Seeing a
    team of travelers, they do not begin and also go « positioning » by stretching into a smile face. In return travelers leave themfood, so benefit from shooting foxes video.
This thoughtful animal differ from congeners in European forests. Evaluates Fox– 10-15 kg, and the size of its body is 80-90 cm(without the tail). Tail size of 60 centimeters, it functions as a « stabilizer » during the run. Variety of teeth– 42. On Baikal foxes live 15-17 years old, while in

other areas their life span is 3-10 years. Burrows the foxes just need

    • to sanctuary from bad climate or danger for the type. Fox might easily sleep under a Bush. On the lake, among other points, foxes eat fish, worms, and also larvae.
    • Time combining no, however
    • like to give birth in early spring. Youngsters brought up by both parents. Virginal. Each family survives «
    • their » area. To the « visitors » smoothly if food is sufficient. Animals of lake Baikal are closely interrelated with each other and with the lake. It catches the eye.
    • Numerous travelers have a tendency to get into these shielded areas
    • , as well as who have been right here will absolutely wish to see this remarkable world again!

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