Attributes of the La araucana breeds of poultries

La araucana chickens– among the types that are most populyarnostyu in modern-day poultry production. This type of chicken are reduced maintenance, have good egg manufacturing as well as delicious healthy meat.

In addition, La araucana poultries reproduce known truth that eggs are colored, particularly blue. The eggs are blue, which people obtain from this type have a high nutritional value and calorie content, have big amounts of nutrients as well as play an essential function in the diet plan.

La araucana hens breed summary as well as origin

Eggs, they are constantly well marketed on the market of agricultural products. An in-depth summary of this type can be found in the Internet and also professional literature on poultry.

This breed appeared in South America, in Chile, even before the nation was colonized by the Spaniards. La araucana is the name of an Indian people, which was engaged in breeding of these original birds. In the comprehensive summary of the breed, which can be located in the chicken recommendation, specifying that the chickens of this breed are extremely little and his tail is almost unnoticeable. The truth that the Indians, that originally engaged in breeding of this type, purposely set a goal to produce a « tailless » type. This is due to the fact that a large tail is thought about by the Indians as a hindrance in penis battles, which during that time was a very typical leisure activity.

Colored eggs that lug these birds have actually slowly gotten a blue color due to the reality that the regional types of chickens in South America actively went across with living in captivity and in the wild pheasants. That is why the eggs that carry these uncommon poultries, there is a blue pigment. Because of this in Germany joke that La araucana chickens are ready Easter eggs, calling for no additional discoloration. Eggs blue colors look extremely excellent. In the description of the breed claims that the blue eggs La araucana hens have outstanding taste and also are extremely healthy.

La araucana breed of chickens particularly

In the description of the breed, which can be located in the literary works for poultry farmers, it is stated that La araucana is defined by the complying with attributes:

  • The tail is barely noticeable or virtually absent;
  • Yellow-red eyes of medium dimension;
  • Very brief neck and also small head;
  • Weight from half to two kgs;
  • Tufts of plumes on the face, appearing like a mustache as well as beard.

The nature of the layers that carry uncommon egg blue shade, is rather fascinating. The hens are very calm as well as tranquil (although in the period of incubation, it is much better not to trouble), however men, by contrast, are cockiness and also love to combat. It is no coincidence that henscarrying eggs are sky-blue, lots of centuries took part in cockfights.

La araucana type of poultries: material features

La araucana type of chickens are fairly reduced maintenance, so breeding them is very successful. Regardless of its southerly beginning, they quickly adapt to any environment and also can stand the temperature level up to about minus 6 degrees Celsius. In the duration when the temperature level does not drop below this degree curati requires no home heating, so the La araucana poultries– a terrific means to minimize home heating. When the weather condition is hot, stroll the chickens are not suggested, as they do not tolerate hot weather and like cool. It is preferable that the area for walking bird was in the shade.

In order to properly consist of these unique

  • laying hens, you must consider the following crucial factors: La araucana poultries like to shower in the ash, due to the fact that ash has a beneficial impact on their tuft as well as general health. So the birds need to be such an opportunity. Ashes to sprinkle in the coop, however you can on the street, in the ground walking birds.
  • To loosen up the birds like to roost, so the cage needs to be made of timber roost. On a perch one meter and also can accommodate three chickens breed La araucana.
  • You need to see to it that in the location where the poultries will certainly stroll, not growing toxic plants and also flowers.
  • If in the house there are various other breeds of chickens, birds of La araucana type have to include individually. It is desirable that they do not contact with various other types of fowl. Due to the truth that the end of the line-La araucana vary cocky personality as well as never ever miss out on a chance to demonstrate your dealing with spirit. However no less important is that La araucana is not mated with various other breeds of chickens to avoid the deterioration of the type.
  • The diet of the agents of the La araucana type is no various from the diet regimen of various other species. Hens and also poultries are happy to consume fresh environment-friendlies, feed, mineral as well as vitamin supplements. The main point– time to readjust the diet regimen of birds, depending upon the time of year and the health of the hens.
La araucana hens: why they are valuable to breed

Raising chickens-La araucana is very profitable, as well as this is due to numerous important factors:

  • Eggs that has a gorgeous skies blue shade, constantly in excellent need in farming markets.
  • In our time few people skillfully participated in reproduction of this breed hens, so there is no intense competition.
  • Chickens require marginal power as well as maintenance, however additionally easily tolerate also light and chilly frost.
  • Birds almost never ever get ill and have a strong immunity numerous serious infectious conditions.
  • Arayna prior to reach sexual maturity.
  • Birds have unusual, gorgeous outside. The exotic look of these poultries at once attracts attention.

In order for the La araucana poultries became rewarding, it is necessary to properly manage the treatment as well as feeding of these birds. You ought to start with the building of a chicken coop. The poultry cage ought to be, most of all, dry and cozy. If the tree is more than minus six levels, the chicken cage you can set up the heating unit. Attention: when heating up the poultry cage with the aid of a radiator it is necessary to observe safety and security preventative measures!

In order that chickens are usually pleased by their sky blue eggs, you need to thoroughly keep track of the diet of birds consistently improving it with the essential minerals and vitamin supplements.

To walk the birds is ideal on a little grass covered with dense plant life. During the walk it is essential to follow the birds, so they do not attack particles and also not fit to eat products. On the pet dog place the bird should be devoid of debris, glass fragments, steel objects, on which the birds might obtain harmed.

La araucana chickens are commonly ravaged with parasites, so you require to take note of osoboe antiparasitic therapy. Birds ought to not be in contact with various other Pets to stop fleas.

You can obtain rather a respectable revenue from reproducing chickens reproduce La araucana if you comply with these basic tips. The main point is to obtain a veterinary certificate for the items. And eggs as well as hens, and also chickens-pullets will definitely find a buyer on any type of agricultural market, as long as the hens were well groomed and healthy.

The La araucana type of hen: practical advice

Those who pick to participate in professional La araucana hens, satisfied to review the complying with helpful suggestions. Their major objective is to enhance the quality of life of poultries and also increase egg manufacturing.

Little chickens do not advise feeding fresh, fresh development, eco-friendly yard. Fresh yard could trigger extreme gas, and also the poultry may also die from problems of the intestinal tract.

Sometimes hens peck La araucana eggs. In such instances, to promise and also to be upset with the bird makes no sense. Chicken refraining this as a result of the fact that they have a bad mood, yet because of the fact that they do not have sufficient calcium, and also they want to get him out of his covering your very own eggs. In such instances it is recommended to go into in a chicken diet plan added minerals and vitamin supplements consisting of large amounts of calcium.

If the number has greater than one cock, to maintain fowls need to be in various cages, so they had no call with each various other. Otherwise, the roosters can make a warm battle and create each various other significant injury.

Should very closely observe the General health condition of hens. Healthy chickens as well as penis are very active, delighted to consume the offered food, strongly action. Ill poultries, by contrast, are identified by lethargy and slowness; if the illness is caused by parasites, birds can usually damage as well as show General worry.

The birds should be a balanced diet plan. Dry plant food should be rotated with fresh. Wintertime birds it is needed to include added vitamins.

The poultries have to constantly Be the required quantity of water to do this in the garage you can put a number of automatic enthusiasts. Waterers need to be washed regularly, in order to avoid falling into the water of pathogenic bacteria.

Breeding La araucana poultries will definitely benefit in case if you comply with all recommendations for look after these rare birds. In spite of the high level of adjustment to the atmosphere, birds are vulnerable to bloodsuckers and additionally to heat and sunlight. When picking a place for the coop preparation procedure as well as breeding birds, all you need to keep in mind. Eggs in skies blue will always locate a purchaser, as well as impressive-looking « tailless» » hens will certainly long to please the gas of its unusual appearance. La araucana type is one of one of the most intriguing and also uncommon breeds of poultry.

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