Automatic incubator for chicken eggs

To grow chickens chickens need a good temperature and sufficient humidity. All this can be easily achieved at home if you have an incubator.

When it is selected it is also necessary to take into account that there is a special mechanism for turning the eggs. The hen that incubates the egg, it independently turns, to ensure that they are evenly warmed. On the same principle operate incubators for chicken eggs.

What are incubators for chicken eggs?

They are:

  • auto;
  • mechanical;
  • manual.

Manual incubator is produced for the people running it. To do this you need several a day, and it is not too convenient. Mechanical incubator frees people from having to turn the eggs. The mechanism allows rotation of the whole pan. But people still need to control the rotation, humidity, and also temperature inside the device on their own. Therefore, the most convenient form of incubator is automatic unit, which completely frees up the time of people.

The owner does not have to follow the state of the process. Auto mode controls everything for him.

No matter what type of egg turning will be installed on the incubator must be based on the following parameters that must be present on the machine:

  1. The number of eggs. Incubators, which are used in industrial production, can accommodate hundreds and sometimes even thousands of eggs. But to lead a home business breeding chickens, enough incubator that accommodates 50 and 70. Such a device is quite compact, and therefore easily fit in any apartment. It is necessary to remember that manufacturers produce only incubators for chicken eggs. Goose and quail eggs require very different equipment and space in it. Such incubators for chickens, of course, can be modified to put not only eggs, but then you will need to install the necessary trays into the device.
  2. Fan. Fan must be present in the incubator because it provides uniform heating of the eggs. Fan circulates hot air throughout the chamber. The use of such devices is obvious, but there is one minus – will be consumed a very large amount of energy. And also, you need to choose appliances that are quiet, because the noise in the apartment can greatly interfere with the household.
  3. Convenience cleaning. After the incubation period, the Chicks hatch and leave a large number of small feathers, and the shells from the eggs. This is all the dirt will get clogged in the vents. And these places are very remote. That is why the camera must be thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, to avoid breakage. This means that about cleaning the chamber is necessary to think in advance, and choose a device that is very easy to clean. At the moment manufacturers make incubators so that cleaning was very easy and convenient. But you still need to verify this independently by setting the necessary questions to the seller. After he will show method works of cleaning, it is possible to buy the device and not worry that it will cause a lot of problems.
  4. Easy maintenance. For anybody not a secret that any equipment that in the end, fails. It is therefore necessary to consider the time that this unit will have to be repaired. Better to buy a device that is made in Russia, as parts for domestic incubator, you can get much easier than foreign manufacturers.
Information about automatic incubator

This type of device is very convenient, because it does not need to follow the device automatically turns the eggs twice or four times a day. But the number of revolutions can be independently adjusted, and has the ability to independently set the required temperature and humidity inside of the device. The management incubator is very simple, intuitive, very clear and uncomplicated.

The device must be installed in a warm room, otherwise may appear errors in the temperature measurement. Homemade incubators are made in such a way that they will only be in the room temperature and humidity and other conditions for the device can be fatal. Sometimes there may be errors in the automatic system, this occurs when the partial filling of the tray. If the incubator will load a little egg, it is best in the empty cell to put the pieces of foam that form will resemble eggs.

Some incubators are made from foam. This material is very porous, and, well, breathable. But its disadvantage is that it becomes dirty very quickly and becomes a breeding ground for pathogens. This type of incubator should be cleaned regularly and disinfected.

Incubators, which are based on the automatic system, are separated according to the method of turning eggs.

  • the first option ensures that the rolling during the movement of the lattice;
  • the second line sets the angle of the grating by 45 degrees;
  • and the third variant is provided with special rollers that rotate.

Special advantages over other types, none of these devices do not. All incubators equally perform their tasks. Small Council: at purchase of incubator, which is dependent on automation, it is preferable to choose a model that has emergency power supply.

Prices on incubators, equipped with automatic egg turning, are very reasonable and are about three or four thousand. These models are quite reliable, they have a built in battery. Of course, there are more expensive units, which cost about 7 thousand or 12 thousand rubles. These incubators can accommodate large number of eggs, and they have different upgrades, such as aeroionizator and bio-acoustic stimulator.

Information about the manufacture of the incubator with their hands

To make automatic incubator with your own hands, you need to find a special tray, which will have automated egg turning. Of course, you can do without such a device, but in this case you will have to flip the eggs. And since this must be done three or four times a day, it is not particularly convenient. That’s why home self-made incubator, it is desirable to produce with automatic egg turning. But also very popular with rukodeliem use and incubators without automation.

To make the incubator with their hands to find the following components:

  • camera;
  • fan;
  • incandescent bulbs, which have a capacity of 25 watts;
  • thermostat.
The thermostat

This is a very important device used to control temperature and humidity inside the chamber. The owner himself can adjust the temperature control to the required indicators, which will be perfect for eggs. When there will be some temperature violation, the device will emit a loud audible signals warning of wrong storage of eggs. It is important to remember that the temperature in the incubator needs to be accurately calibrated.

The calibration accuracy shall be plus or minus 0.5 degrees Celsius. Homemade thermostats cannot be such a degree of calibration. Some believe that a homemade device can approach and a normal thermometer, which will also monitor temperature. Yes, the temperature to calculate it. But can’t control humidity, but because the people who decide to use a thermometer for your device, should know that this device will not work.

The cost of a conventional hygrometer which is portable Board is only 600 rubles, and its precision meets the highest requirements. It is therefore better to buy a controller than trying to make poor copies of themselves. If you wish, you can buy more expensive models that have a lot of additional features.


The camera can be made from any scrap material available at home. These can be cardboard boxes, old TV, fridge. No matter what device is to be used as a camera, it is important that it will meet the following requirements: the Top and bottom of the design you are going to make holes, the camera was always fresh air. The bottom camera is equipped with a special bowl of water. The liquid, which will evaporate the comma will provide the necessary humidity.

The trays of eggs may be located in several rows. To the heating air, it is necessary to use lamps with a capacity of 25 watts or higher (depending on the size of the camera) Leads to the lamps will pass through the side holes that need to be done in advance. The minimum distance between the lamp and the egg should be 15 cm, and ideally even more – 25 see the Door is not too big, will fit size 40 by 40 cm Is required in order to at opening have not changed the temperature and humidity inside the unit.

Trays for eggs are made of mesh, which is made of metal. This is necessary in order to keep moisture and air could easily circulate around the eggs. All cracks should be carefully paint over sealant.

Self-made incubator

Incubator it is possible to make your own from an old refrigerator.

It should consist of the following components:

  • housing;
  • the trays flip;
  • the heating element in the form of light bulbs;
  • thermostat;
  • the timer of the coup eggs;
  • cord and plug for connection to 220 volts to the device;
  • fan that can be removed from the computer.
  1. First we need to disassemble the old home refrigerator. This material is ideal because it is sealed, roomy, and very easy to clean after the Chicks hatch. Another positive quality of the refrigerator is that it already has a grille that will fit for the trays. To them it will only make a small bumpers. Of course, it is desirable to equip a homemade incubator, those trays that have an auto coup.
  2. The freezer need to be removed, because it would not be necessary.
  3. In the refrigerator door will have to do a small window to monitor the condition of the eggs. To close it, you need a durable and clear glass. It is very important that all cracks are thoroughly eliminated with sealant.
  4. The top and bottom of bore holes with a diameter of about 3 cm Is necessary for proper ventilation inside the chamber.
  5. Bottom-mounted thermostat, as well as a bowl filled with water.
  6. The fridge is a vertical design, it allows air to circulate without the aid of a fan. But, of course, it is better to put insurance.
  7. Bottom done a few holes. They need to stick to the inside of the wires that will connect to the lamp. Need four lamps. Their power must be 100 watts each. Only need to use these bulbs because the refrigerator is quite large in size and need a good warming. Bulbs are best installed in the bottom. Then the cold air will warm up immediately to the inlet of the device.

Home-made incubator is ready. As you can see, it does not require spending a lot of time, you only need desire, perseverance and the necessary skills.

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