Beaver where he lives and what eats

The ordinary beaver is a large and provodnoy animal that belongs to the Rodent family. Second name beaver is “beaver“. People this creature surprises with its skills and abilities: being able to cancel a build, and it also is a good host family and partner.

Beaver ranks second in size among Rodents from around the world. To get to know this creature, you can see the photos that are scattered on the Internet.

The main features of the appearance of the animal

Before starting to characterize the appearance of the animal, it is worth noting one fact. People are often speaking the words beaver and beaver, mean one and the same meaning. But remember that those are two completely different words and they are used in different values.

So, beaver is the living entity, and beaver is the fur of a small animal:

  1. What appearance is this animal? Beaver has the appearance of a large rodent. Body length of the animal is 1 meter, height – 35 cm, the body weight comes to 32 kilos. The length of the tail of the beaver may be equal to 30 centimeters and its width is 13 centimeters. An unusual factor in these animals is that females are much larger and longer than males.
  2. The beaver also has shorter legs and a rather squat body. Hind legs of the beast is much more powerful than the front. On the second finger of the hind legs, you can easily find a sharp claw, which is slightly forked – with such a claw beaver combs and smooth your fur, like a real comb. Ordinary beavers are used to monitor their appearance and their fur.
  3. Paws being equipped with special swimming membranes, and also a strong padded claws. Myself rodent seems rather unusual at first glance. All because of his amazing tail shape. The surface and shape of the tail of the beaver reminds us of the paddle, it’s flat, has no special wool, but covered with Horny scales.
  4. Rodent has a big head with narrow muzzle, small eyes and protruding to front incisors. The teeth of the animal is also not very simple, they are coated with a special enamel strong and they used to grow throughout life and to be sharpened independently. Despite all this, the beaver has good and extremely good hearing.
  5. Ordinary beaver can be likened to the fur Baron, because his fur is attractive and beautiful. The creatures fur consists of two layers, it gives the animal warm and dry in winter. The first layer of wool formed of long and rough hairs, and the second consists of a thick and soft undercoat. Another device for protection against the harsh winters, the beaver is its fat, which is located under the coat of the animal.

Beavers can be masked with the help of his invisible colors of fur. So, the coat color representative Bobrov has light brown or dark brown, in some cases, it is black. The tail and paws of the rodent are painted in black color. The beaver tail has a special Wens, and specialized glands.

So, bad-smelling substance, which is formed from the caudal glands of a beaver, ordinary, experts refer to a beaver stream. The secret of Wen has all the information about the rodent that carries information about its ageand gender. The main label that warns other birds about the border of the premises of the beaver, the beaver is the smell of the jet, which every separate individual smells completely different. The life expectancy of a beaver in ordinary natural conditions is about 15 years.

Where beavers live

These creatures prefer to live in Europe (Scandinavian countries), in France (in the lower reaches of the river Rhone), in Germany (on the territory of the river Elbe) and in Poland (on the banks of the Vistula river). Even rodents inhabit forest or forest-steppe regions of the European part of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

In Russia an ordinary beaver can be found in the Northern Urals. Separate groups of beavers living in the upper reaches of the Yenisei river, in the Kuzbass (Kemerovo region), in Khabarovsk region, Tomsk region, Kamchatka and the Baikal region. In addition, the animal can easily be found in Mongolia or the North-Western China.

Rodents live with a special device that helps them lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Under water the holes of the ears and nostrils of the creature are closed tightly. Also eyes shifted to the special nictitating membrane, through which the beaver can have a good look around under water. The mouth of the animal is formed so that excess water could not get into it until the animal hard swims under the water surface. Management function of coordinating the movement under the water performs the tail of the animal.

When choosing a place for further accommodation, beavers prefer to occupy areas of the coast are calm, quiet rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and various ponds. Rodents do not settle in places of the rapid current of rivers or where rivers too wide. Beavers also avoid bodies of water which freezes to the bottom. For ordinary beavers , it is important that nearby there were many trees of soft and hardwoods, as well as the availability of water, grass and shrub grass in areas of the shore and in the river.

Beavers are excellent swimmers and divers. With its unique arranged of light the animal can stay under water for about 15 minutes to cross during this time, the distance of 750 meters. For this reason, rodents feel more comfortable under water, in comparison with the surface of the earth.

What to eat beavers in nature

The beavers are in their diet is predominantly vegetarian and belong to the vegetation type mammals. The basis of the power serve as beavers shoots of trees and their bark. Beavers love to have poplar, aspen, birch or willow. Even beavers are not averse to eat herbaceous plants: reeds, cattails, lilies, iris, the list goes on.

What do people eat beavers? A large number of soft wood trees these animals are needed for food and lodging. Cherry, elm, lime, hazel and other trees are important to the diet of rodents. Trees such as oak and alder animals don’t usually drink, but good use in their buildings and designs. But acorns rodent is never give up. Durable and large teeth can easily cope with wood feed. Most often, rodents are used as food only a few trees nearby.

In the summer season the number of herbal food for animal relatively increases. In the autumn all the beavers begin a thorough billet of wood for their winter’s food. Throughout the winter, beavers eat mainly stored in advance in the feed. Their beavers are placed in the water to feed all winter kept the important vitamins and minerals.

The inventory quantity of tree fodder for an entire family of rodents is very high. So in order for the food is not frozen into the ice, the animals usually put it below the water level. Even at the time when the reservoir is completely covered with ice, food stays for beavers in the public domain, so the family wouldn’t have to starve.

The bearing and raising kids

Beavers are considered to be monogamous animals. Once they connected with the opposite sex, they life stay with your soul mate. Dominates in the family, usually female. By the age of 2 years the beavers be able to fully reproduce. The offspring of ordinary beavers can only bring one for the year. The onset of the mating season occurs in mid-January and continues until the end of February. The period of gestation of the babies lasts 3.5 months.

In April-may the light appears from 2 to 6 of the begets little beavers. Kids beaver appear sighted and covered with hair, the body weight of the newborn is 0.5 kg. a few days from birth babies can already swim in the water. The adults are well and carefully protect their kids.

By 1 month of life little cubs are already able to use vegetable food, but the female continues to feed them with milk until the age of 3 months. Adults 2 years to remain near his family, then quietly adelayda and begin an independent life.

The use of beavers to humans
  1. The main advantage of beavers is living in the rivers, as this has a positive impact on the ecological system. Especially big benefit comes from the buildings of the beaver dams. In these areas prefer to settle small animals as well as aquatic birds, which carry on their legs the calf, resulting in a body of water occurs, the fish. Beavers also affect the purification of water because their dams to detain silt and reduce turbidity of the water.
  2. This rodent friendly enough. But it has some enemies – brown bears, foxes and wolves. The biggest danger for animals is man himself. Therefore, to save the population of this animal was introduced effective measures to protect individuals and the resumption of their number.

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