Bird terrific cormorant: environment, reproduction

The cormorant is a sea bird, whose habitat are the sea coastline, financial institutions of lakes as well as rivers, and wetlands belong to the household balanovich and also system pelecanoides.

The environment of them is relatively common — live in the waters throughout the globe. They masterfully hunt fish frequently developing problems for people.

On the area of our nation, there are several kinds:

  1. Cormorant large.
  2. Crested or red-breasted.
  3. Japanese.
  4. Bering.
  5. Red-faced.
  6. And pygmy cormorant.
Description of birds

These birds can be tool to large size, getting to sizes of one meter and a wingspan approximately 5 feet. They have glossy black quill, some samplings have the head and also underbelly are parts of the plumes white, others have crests. In look they are somewhat comparable to duck, dive and swim completely, as the legs they are quite powerful and also have actually webbed feet.

The body of this bird is of an extended form with a long neck and beak. While angling a broad open beak, the bird can quickly ingest an instead large fish. The bird’s beak thin and also long, with the pointer tapering in the kind of a hook. The voice of a bird-like cawing or smothered groans, scratchy notes in his voice. On the head as well as around the eyes, birds of this varieties have bare areas of skin not covered by feathers, and the throat bag.

In nature, there are numerous dozen species of waterfowl as well as cormorant is considered to be depictive of this large household.


Birds reside in a chilly or hot environment zone, they can be found all over the world. Primarily huge birds search in the daytime, spending the majority of that time on the water or coast, getting food for themselves and their Chicks. Swim rather quick, suddenly changing instructions, aided by the tail, which he uses in the duty of the keel. Trying to find food, they can dive extremely deeply, often even to a depth of 10 meters, and can stay under water for up to 2 mins. However leave the water, coming to be instead clumsy animals, go swaying gradually crossing the sand.

Mostly cormorants, the birds of flow, only some of them lead a less active life. Cormorant is gregarious birds stay in huge swarms that can consist of approximately hundreds of countless pairs incapable to work out with other migratory birds such as terns as well as gulls. Fly away to winter in a warmer climate, nonetheless, for nesting as well as withdrawal of the Chicks return. These birds are taken into consideration virginal, due to the fact that the generated heavy steam does not leave never. Their nests cormorants improve the rocks, the trees, using branches and also lawn.


In nature there are a number of dozen species of cormorants:

  1. Crested cormorant and white, these two kinds are one of the most rare and appear rarely, so they are listed in the Red book, as well as searching them is forbidden.
  2. Indian.
  3. Red-faced.
  4. Other and large types of birds.
Cormorant great

One of the most typical is the cormorant is large, it prevails almost throughout the world, he lives in the North Atlantic, on the Kola Peninsula, is discovered in Kazakhstan, generally, discovered everywhere on the financial institutions of fish ponds, where there is a great deal of fish. There have to do with 3 million people of this types.

The diet plan of fantastic cormorant

The basis of the diet plan of this bird is fish, yet can consume mollusks, echinoderms, shellfishes, as well as even amphibians. Any kind of specific preference in food he does not, I assume cormorants are extremely starved fish, because his everyday diet plan can be up to an extra pound, fresh fish. The image reveals the terrific cormorant throughout the meals.

Cormorant preys mainly on marine shallows, yet with the kind of manufacturing for her to study the water, his movements swift. Diving for target in one place, on the surface it might show up far from it. After diving or swimming in the water, the cormorant make sure to dry the plumes extensively spread its wings, so quite often you can see birds in this setting.

Nesting and reproducing excellent cormorants

As explained over, the birds choose the banks of fish ponds throughout their reproduction, they are separated right into a number of sets, choosing hidden in the reeds of a little fish pond. The nest is a column elevation of one meter as well as a width of regarding 3 meters, constructed of branches and fallen leaves of reeds, it covered litter, as if covered them well Packed within.

Often nests with other family members cormorants are so close to each various other that it is difficult to distinguish where one ends and also begins one more nest. It takes place that the distance between them takes a couple of actions. One side have to be placed near to the brush so the Chicks were for time sheltered from the scorching rays of the sunlight, the other side routed in the direction of the storage tank.

In the building of the nest includes both parents. Nesting as well as laying eggs, drops on spring months from March to may. In clutch there are cormorants, there depend on 5 eggs that are greenish color. The time of incubation continues for months, this process involved both parents at the same time. As eggs are laid at about the very same time with such masonry, Chicks are acquired of various ages.

Fledglings appear clumsy, naked and blind, eyes open only a few days later. Pubescence shows up only in 2 weeks, appear at the same time tubes trip and also tail feathers. The plumes on the nestlings of a dark shade. Week as well as a fifty percent, parents feed nestlings with half-digested food, burping from her tummy. Hereafter period, they are already qualified to ingest little fish.

On reaching a little bit greater than two months, the Chicks separately selected from the nest, relocating freely via the branches of trees or moving along the ground within the nest. They end up being fully independent only 3, 3 and a half months. They reach reproductive maturity just after three years.

The varieties of these birds are taken into consideration to be long-lived, in the wild they can measure up to twenty years.

Such huge colonies of sea birds is really damaging to anglers in locations of angling and fish reproduction locations. Since where they are located, significantly minimized the number of fish supplies, as one cormorant daily can consume over a pound of fresh fish.

Once they even were enabled to fire, however currently it is restricted by legislation.

Enemies cormorants

Despite the fact that the bird is a wonderful cormorant is a big varieties, they have adversaries, and also principal among them are the crows that attempt to steal from the savings. Often these invasions do starlings and also gulls. However not only the walls exposed to the intrusion of parasites, a little powerless Chicks are also at risk from the assault of foxes, coyotes and also other predators.

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