Breed hens khaysek: reproduce hens hajseks brown

Every farmer at the stage of choosing breed of chicken for your farm interested in the concern about what the chicken much better. Egg and also meat types of hens are many. Each range differs in dimension, appearance as well as price.

In this instance, it is essential to locate the most suitable one in numerous respects, the bird. One of one of the most prominent varieties is the type of chicken khaysek. Think about the write-up on the beginning, qualities, conditions of apprehension of juveniles and also the main advantages as well as drawbacks of the type.

Type hens khaysek: beginning, attributes, characteristics Poultries Khaysek rather acquainted to many as a cross. Khaysek do not come from an independent species. Brought this kind hen by going across the two family members. A white Leghorn and brand-new Hampshire. Both types have two kinds of colour of the tuft. Crossbreeding was the pet with brownish as well as white color specifically.

This kind of hen outdated semidesyatye years of the twentieth century. On breeding breed hens khaysek helped the Dutch dog breeders, recognized at the time of the farm.

Hajseks brown: performance

During its procedure, the selectors have actually set a particular goal — — is a brand-new breed, which will certainly be based upon the influence of the protein item. The end outcome enabled us to outshine all expectations of scientists. Small weight poultry khaysek brown can demolish an egg weight of 65 grams. If your ordinary weight to two pounds, one hen, possibly a year to lug about three hundred and also twenty eggs.

In addition, khaysek brownish has a lengthy efficiency. With the goal she will have the ability to deal at the age of 2 years. To date, there are two ranges of the breed hajseks. Both are fairly preferred in farms all over the world. The attributes and appearance of chickens hajseks Type chickens hajseks is identified by 2 primary subspecies, which are a few of the distinctions in between exterior as well as productive check out them thoroughly.

  1. Hajseks white. Chickens of this variety are characterized as joyful, hyperactive and mobile animals. They are fragile as well as tiny. The weight may not surpass 1.7 kg. Body have white color without coloring.
  2. Breed chickens hajseks brown. This hen has a global branch. Its forefathers were four sorts of rocks. It has a tough and stocky physique. A man can get to a weight of about 2.5 kgs, and the female no greater than 2 pounds. Has yellow-brown plumage. Sometimes there are issues creamy colored suggestions.

Two hajseks have various personalities. Brownish hen a lot more tranquil and also phlegmatic. They manifested terrific strength and also resistance to change of diet and also climatic problems. White, as a matter of fact less able to adjust to transform and also a lot more active.

On external signs it is possible to locate the similarity of certain forms.

They should include the adhering to factors.

  • poise and simplicity throughout movement;
  • the proportionality of the body of the chicken.
The nature of breeds of poultries khaysek

Unique focus needs to be provided to the reality that unlike most of poronota hens, khaysek white and also brownish not conflict. White chicken have some sort of level of sensitivity to stress and anxiety and also they are a lot more prone. Brown act a lot more calm and not panic.

White khaysek might be of interest to those farmers for whom it is important very early growth. It is worth keeping in mind that this subspecies is ready for wearability including 6 months after birth. But Mature age of hens should be taken into consideration for three years. The hen can surrender to 280 eggs. Egg result have a rich nutritional value as well as have a reduced price of cholesterol. White poultry khaysek require an unique seasoning in lots of ways. However minor deviations do not impact the general efficiency.

Hajseks brownish believes more ayanokoji. The poultry has the ability to offer more than 3 hundred eggs. In this situation the end product will certainly have an effective shell. On the fecundity of hen absolutely nothing affects. If you reduce the quantity of food, also. The only problem which is important for birds is the web content in different conditions.

The maternal impulse of hens hajseks

The man-made beginning of hens hajseks brought about the fact that mother’s instinct thus, ladies have virtually none. It is very tough to breed type khaysek natural method. Generally the only method of reproduction is the purchase of young supply on fowl farms. In rare cases, children obtain at home in the incubator.

To identify the sex of the moms and dad pairs, maybe in direct connection after the adjustment of the tuft is a day from birth. Feathers, the males expand slowly. In women the procedure is fast. The end outcome appears through day after coloring have a gun Chicks is crucial.

Boys have intense plumes as well as a yellow color. Ladies are more brownish color. An unique location needs to consist of maintaining environment control for the more youthful cosy spawn. The thermostat should be more than for grownups. Hypothermia women entails fatality of the entire brood.

During the brown and hajseks white aktiviziruyutsya growth is essential to the feeding of young. Generally dogs favor the surrogates, and also the mixed mixtures. As well as likewise, in the diet regimen can introduce cereals and vitamins. Vitamins picks up just a veterinarian, according to the age requirements Pets.

Food poultries hajseks

One of the highlights of the advancement of the Sussex — — it is their food. The diet plan of hens should make a thorough food selection. In the very first 2 weeks Chicks are fed as much as six times a day. To 8 weeks of life serves four times the food. To achieve two months of age reduce the meals to 3 times.

In the food selection of Chicks include 4 main ingredient.

  • the grain is crushed as;
  • feed;
  • egg white and yolk boiled finely cut;
  • grains as well as grains, vegetables (served in the form of mash).

The grownups like to feed with strengthened minerals. Daily per chicken has one hundred and also twenty grams of feed, abundant in vitamins and protein.

Consider what need to be consisted of in the diet grown-up hen.

  • oats;
  • barley;
  • corn and vegetables;
  • meal, cake and also wheat;
  • veggies;
  • roots;
  • nettles are young;
  • potatoes boiled;
  • fresh fish as well as dish of fish;
  • chalk, charcoal and also ground walnut shell.

Feed chickens just in a separate container, which is loaded with sand. Thus, they can remove the sand and the plant will certainly serve as an additional resource of calcium. Water poultry must be fresh and also with regard of a specific temperature. Maximum temperature is over 22 degrees Celsius.

The expanding of hens khaysek: care and also maintenance

To poultries white as well as brown preserve their efficiency. For tog, so they feel comfy they require particular conditions. It is especially essential to the chicken residence once a month has been disinfected. Along with detoxified from various parasitical forms of a fungal plaque, fleas. It also gets rid of the existence of rats in the house.

Regardless of which subspecies hisaka contains it requires in optimal conditions. Hens are sturdy and also are adapted to any technique of expanding. However dog breeders have actually created an unique approach of treatment in which the laying chickens can get to the peak efficiency.

The minimum needs for the cultivation of this breed is associated.

  1. The presence of completely dry clutter. Routine monitoring of the cleanliness of the flooring. Trash requires continuous updating of sand.
  2. Your house needs to be well ventilated. Additionally, it is desirable that the conditions in the chicken home was cozy. The minimum temperature at which chickens will certainly be lugged throughout the year is twelve degrees Celsius. The optimal temperature for maintaining hajseks is considered to be twenty listed below average.
  3. The consistent availability of fresh water at space temperature.
  4. The existence in the chicken cage roosts and nests.
  5. Additional lights should get on for ten hrs.
The plan of the cage to reproduce poultries khaysek

Correct maintenance of this breed makes sure superb efficiency. But exactly how to furnish the life of chickens in a poultry coop in your home? It’s pretty basic, you need to regularly follow the simple regulations.

First, the bird must not stay in distress. Keep in mind that the cage you need to construct to make sure that one square meter represented no more than four people. Chickens will certainly behave boldy and nervously if you overlook this regulation. On top of that, they will consume their own kind.

Secondly, the chicken cage ought to be no such thing as moisture and drafts, the regular air flow of the environment of Pets.

Fourthly, the insulation of the flooring. Bed linens can be put in enhancement to sand, cuttings of trees, husks of sunflower seeds or hay. The optimal elevation of the flooring shall be not much less than eight inches.

Fifthly, a few times each month the litter needs to be changed. As well as additionally to sanitize.

Sixthly, at a range of 60 centimeters from the floor you need to develop roosts for hajseks.

In-seventhsof x, when developing nests to make their hay.

In the eighth, strolling distance from the bird requires to be waterers and also feeders.

In the ninth, permanently you need to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the poultry coop and chicken health.

In such problems in your home, the hen will bring the best variety of eggs. Do not forget that in winter season you require to insulate the coop to the indoor temperature was not below 12 degrees.

Tips for those who intend to have hajseks

Regardless of what kind of hen you are preparing to have a white or brown deal you a note of a couple of ideas from knowledgeable farmers.

  1. To eggs fell from the nest and also damaged, podstolice litter of rubber.
  2. In order that the young executed far better diet plan need to be altered frequently.
  3. In order for chickens to adjust faster to the nest, place the round for table Tennis.
  4. As soon as the young people prepare for him space.
  5. When developing a hen coop, utilize bright and also soft colors. Do not make use of bright and dark colors.
  6. To increase cravings in birds, you can use tinted feeders. Examined that the cravings raises with consuming from the trough of orange or blue shade.
  7. So that the children made use of to the water troughs to fill to the brim. Gradually decreasing the quantity of water.

Hajseks holds the record for laying eggs. However with appropriate care you will certainly not just get high production of hen, however delicious meat.

What unwell khaysek and avoidance of disease

At the stage of rearing it is very important to monitor the hygienic conditions in the poultry coop. Despite the fact that the body immune system of this breed is stable. They pass away of contagious and also fungal conditions. Among brown and white differentiate the visibility of helminthiasis. The most unsafe diseases of the immune system in birds might not be sustainable without an unique vaccination.

Immunized promptly will certainly conserve the animal from the adhering to disorders.

  1. Illness Marek.
  2. The Disease Of Newcastle.
  3. Bursal condition.

Furthermore, frequently there might be specific problems. Due to the large size of the eggs delayed quite often seen a double yolk. Such signs and symptoms can cause body organ damage of the oviduct, hemorrhaging or esclavo.

The drawbacks and also advantages hens khaysek

Summing all this, we will hold the main line in between advantages and downsides among the highly effective species.

The benefits must consist of.

  • Small weight and attractive look.
  • Pleasant nature and also unsusceptible to any kind of conditions.
  • Stable performance despite lowered volume of food.

The disadvantages of the type is associated the persistence of the white family members to feed and content. Breeding origin. Therefore, farmers regularly require to update the number. And additionally, the impossibility of reproduction.

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