Breeds of poultries: the very best laying hens to the Church

Meet in the yard livestock can hardly ever, yet a variety of types of chickens live in modern, also proprietors of their own stories. Laying poultries today do not call for much care, adjusted to residing in cages as well as on cost-free variety, while can conveniently give a family with fresh eggs.

Recently received the popularity masaike instructions of layers, permitting to acquire with poultry not only a regular earnings in the kind of eggs, however to feed young supply for meat.

Purebred chickens are currently everywhere thanks to the energetic work of dog breeders.

All breeds of chickens differ in appearance and also productivity, however always show:

  • a great body immune system;
  • very easy upkeep;
  • the ability to obtain food on the field;
  • stable egg manufacturing.

Masaichi instructions of hens to that checklist, add a great the quality and also taste of the meat. Naturally, these crosses reduced egg production than birds entirely of an egg instructions, but the difference is not as well noticeable. Usually one bird is possible to acquire 3 kg of meat and 250 eggs per year. The advantage in comparison with the content of the poultries only for meat is obvious, since meat poultries begin laying eggs just after 8 months, and their productivity leaves much to be desired.

To select an optimal variation for poultry, you must see a checklist of types of laying chickens with photos. This will certainly enable you to select the citizens of the house not only in regards to productivity, yet also in look, because poultries can be not just registered nurses, but likewise a real design of the site.

For enthusiasts of white covering

Specifically on the eve of Easter you can satisfy Housewives looking specifically white eggs, since repainted they look especially cosmetically pleasing. To obtain these eggs from their very own hens, you need to take note of the breed of poultries that have names that have the word « white»».

One of the most popular are those layers:

  • the Leghorn white;
  • Russian white;
  • hajseks white.
The white Leghorn

This selection has an extremely chickens egg direction. Her chickens do not generally consider more than 2.5 kg, but has the ability to create approximately 250 eggs weighing 60 grams. Roosting birds starting at the age of 4-5 months. The same productivity have the dwarf hens of this breed. They differ only in laying chickens a maximum weight of 1.7 kg.

Even though the weight of adult people is little, it is possible to obtain from them great high quality meat, vyboriv young special foods. Russian white The progenitors of this type of chickens are the above-described Leghorn. Russian chicken was obtained by option in the center of the last century with the neighborhood varieties. This training course provided the possibility to breed immune to climate as well as local food. Laying hens start around 5 months, giving the owner more than 200 eggs each year. Chickens do not lose productivity, even if the damage of conditions of apprehension.

Hajseks white

Chickens of this cross were bred in the Netherlands, but have spread out around the globe. They belong exclusively to the egg instructions, so maintain them for meat is pointless, the adults have an extremely low weight. The performance of the breed up to 300 eggs per year, bring poultry start complete large eggs currently from the age of 4 months. One of the most essential advantages is the reality that their efficiency does not drop for 2-3 years, what can be claimed regarding the majority of types of poultries.

Similar indicators has actually a variant called Hajseks brown, however about the adjustment of the plumage colour, the colour of the eggs of these hens will certainly be also dark. Special productivity The optimum price of egg production amongst the common types of domestic hens have laying hens Lohmann brownish. Starting from the age of 5.5 months they are able to provide per year to 320 eggs, which evaluate 60-65 grams.

A big benefit of these chickens is the fact that at these rates of productivity, they eat really little feed. In nature, hens are extremely peaceful, they are not also shy, extremely hardy and also maintain small groups. According to the name of the type, the tuft of these hens has a brownish shade as well as the eggs are a brown shade.

This type was many thanks to a selection of German researchers, arms crossed cross of Rhode island and also Plimutrok.

Poultries reproduce Rhode island intentionally made use of to get numerous new varieties. They were likewise bred with a hard and also lengthy choice of American scientists, which therefore was presented to all the exceptional chickens mosaicing instructions. The grown-up weight of a carcass of a fowl can reach 4 kg, hens 3 kg. Men of the type have a gorgeous dark shade with environment-friendly and black feathers in the tail. The performance of chickens of this breed is that they are aimed at the production of eggs. Laying chickens to begin with only 7 months as well as get them approximately 200 eggs per year.

Local selection

Best poultry breeds for maintaining in the backyard are considered those that are not only common in the location, as well as another, as well as it was withdrawn. This enables the hens to have a particular adjustment to local feeds and also climate and also therefore the performance will certainly always represent the declared performance.

Silver Adler hens

The bird’s name speaks for itself. They were gotten thanks to the job of dog breeders of the Krasnodar area. Are chickens to masojidek direction as well as can supply the owner is not just fresh eggs, and also quality meats. A great bonus offer to the obvious benefit will certainly be an attractive colouring of birds like no other.

In the year 1 chicken can produce approximately 200 eggs, as well as, with proper feeding, its carcass after massacre will certainly consider concerning 3 kg. Men of the breed are a lot larger and can get to a weight of 4 kg. The type has a manageable nature as well as an enviable stamina.

Kotlyarevskii layers likewise come from the masojidek direction and also is able to produce annually up to 240 eggs. the productivity of hens is not succumbing to numerous years, enabling the owner of large brown eggs. The type is acquired in the Caucasus and also is identified by earliness, an excellent zeal as well as reaction of the hen for females.

Remarkably, the name of the breed of salmon Zagorski was not for the shade of the plumage of birds, and also appealing shade as well as delicate taste of its meat. Chicken treat masojidek direction and also efficient in adequate weight to give a year to 260 large eggs. On the type attempted the country dog breeders, and also important attribute of layers is that you can determine their gender in the everyday age.

Pushkin type

Hens Pushkin striped-motley type is able to create per year to 270 eggs. The direction of the exceptionally poultries egg, so get a great deal of meat to fail. Carcasses of ladies consider on average 2 kg and men approximately 2.5 kg. An intriguing function is that this breed of poultries can not fly and also does not need high fencings. Hens from an early age are qualified to try to find food and are a lot more endurance from the rest. The plumage of the samplings is also unique. On white background there are scattered brownish as well as black areas.

Kuchinsky anniversary

The type is just as popular because of the virtually 100% survival of the young. These numbers show few ranges. The efficiency of injuring to 180 eggs per year, despite the fact that to create them they begin six months of age.

The coloring of the birds are rather appealing:

  • black blotches in the neck;
  • variegated tuft of the body;
  • dark tails.

With all the positive high qualities of the breed they can get and also exceptional quality meat. Carcasses of fowls weigh 3.5 kg, women usually 1 kg much less.

The name of the type of Dominant quickly speaks with the high indications of efficiency of hens. They were obtained with choice of the most effective types of laying hens, which as a result has actually spawned poultries mosaicing direction. Exceptional efficiency egg production as well as excellent quality of fowl meat is enhanced by their accommodating nature and also easy versatility to the problems of detention.

Although that poultry types are currently reproduced a lot of dog breeders regularly attempting to create a more perfect bird. Regularly our focus are a new type with better performance and its very own distinct attributes, however at the very same tried and true hens do not turn over their settings and also with confidence remain to provide their owners with useful items.

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