Cage for chinchilla: ideal size, how to make

Chinchilla is not only enchanting Pets, however also valuable hair, that is why they are bred on an industrial scale.

And that, in either instance, these animals should be produced all problems for their comfortable living, so proprietors and also dog breeders need to select a roomy and wonderful cage with all the characteristics.

Cage for chinchilla It is an excellent spacious cage, furnished with all the policies will be the basis for a healthy and balanced life of pets.

This is especially essential for those individuals who are reproducing these pets, due to the fact that it remains in excellent problems, a chinchilla will provide a healthy and balanced offspring.

Dimension of cage for chinchillas

Under a typical apartment of the animals can be maintained in pairs, for lady, male and instance. They will certainly bring the problem to an optimum of two times a year, in the same litter can be from 1 to 6 youngsters. In this case, their real estate problems ought to be the adhering to dimensions: a height of not much less than 1 m, while the overall location of not less than 0.5 square centimeter

If the pet lives without a pair, then it suffices to be cell size 100х50х50 see

The required problems of great cages for chinchillas should be as follows:

  • benches of the cage must be galvanized;
  • certainly the existence of pallets that will be very easy to clean and remove;
  • the cell needs to be shelves of wood, situated on various levels;
  • inside the cell you need to install a house with multiple inputs;
  • inside ought to be three compulsory attribute — — a feeder, a drinking bottle as well as a tub for


In enhancement, if you have free space inside the cell will also be feasible to set up the game passages as well as a wheel, where the animal

will heat up. If at home will certainly contain much more animals for their reproduction, the knowledgeable dog breeders recommend maintaining a number of ladies and one male. You will require to develop a facility of numerous little cells, which will certainly consist of the chinchilla. All of this

  • should resemble the following: depending upon the number of women acquired the exact same number of cells, which are installed with each other along;
  • each lady is isolated from each other, and also the man has accessibility to every of them;
  • for every female must be given with unique plastic collar, where she will certainly not be able to get away from the cell.

Each cell, no matter staying in it one person or a couple of, must always be clean and completely dry. It should be large and without any drafts.

Cage for chinchillas with their hands

Real estate for a little furry close friend can make and also with their hands, the important things to observe some guidelines:

  • the product can be plastic, DVD or chipboard;
  • the framework needs to be made from light weight aluminum;
  • the side walls of the cage are made from metal mesh;
  • the pan have to be made from a metal sheet;
  • all peripheral components such as screws, fasteners, etc, must be fixed very firmly, chinchilla as well fragile animal to her mistakenly dropped something;
  • all unnecessary bolts should be removed from the cells, or else the animal will certainly ingest;
  • the tray is filled with sawdust, to change that you need on a daily basis.
The attributes for cells

In any cage rodent residence requires to be the required characteristics in the type of feeders and also drinkers. But in the case of chinchillas, their list needs to be a little bigger. Currently concerning each information.


An alcohol consumption dish where to drink pet ought to be just a drip.

The truth that this small rat likes water, but he must not wet his muzzle, paws and coat.

Therefore, drinking needs to be a small cone with a metal tube and also a sphere on the end. Itself the bulb need to be glass, as plastic models chinchilla chews conveniently. Feeder It is very important that the trough has been consistent, because chinchillas are really active animals and also can conveniently hand over all the items in the cage. Product feeders should be of ceramic or metal and also the install is extremely stable, making the entire framework will certainly be quite hefty and also solid, and also playful by nature an animal will not have the ability to

reverse. Right here once again, it ought to omit the setup of plastic designs, as the chinchilla will gladly chew on it. House for chinchilla A requirement for the maintenance of such animal is your housein which he would certainly conceal and rest. This should be a wooden residence, secured with nails or special glue. In the house chinchilla is sleeping in the daytime (Yes, chinchillas are evening pets), as well as during the night creeps out of him to Wake up.

This residence can be construct by your hands utilizing conventional plywood, but we should bear in mind that it will be essential periodically to change to a brand-new one, like a little pet will occasionally gnaw holes in it. In the cage there should be one house for every person.


Hammock for chinchilla may offer instead Because these animals like to rest in such a kind of Cribs, of a home. There are hammocks also swiftly, used them for fleece or denim fabric which is folded in 2 layers.

At the 4 edges of such tissue is done 4 openings, right into which are passed the steel chain. These chains hammock is affixed inside the cage. Incidentally, commonly prefer chinchilla hammocks homes.

Bath showering

Chinchilla does not like water and also never does not wash his or her fur. In a natural environment she bathes in volcanic dirt, in residence problems, it requires unique sand from smashed particularly for this purpose, the mineral zeolite. This sand additionally consists of a little bit of timber ash, medical sulfur, as well as talc.

Bathing will certainly need a special tray, similar to a round container with an opening. In this tray is full of the exact same unique sand (you can purchase it just at the animal store), then the pet gets into this style and really initial means starts to carry out bathroom therapies. Observe bathed in chinchilla sand is really intriguing: it drops on the sand and starts with unbelievable speed it is spinning rubbing up so his stunning layer.

Attention! Ordinary river sand is not ideal for showering chinchillas! Because of his useful hair of this pet shed its charm and also Shine. It is essential to remember that the bath needs to not remain in the cage around the clock: it put for chinchilla to an optimum of half an hour, and then eliminated. If you

fail to remember the tub in the cage, the animal will certainly set up there a mess and also go to the bathroom in the sand. Other attributes: staples for teeth, toys, racks Don’t fail to remember that chinchilla is mostly a rodent, so he terribly required a sharpener for my teeth. You can make use of a very solid pumice stone or buy the stone at the pet shop. Incidentally, you can purchase basic rocks for honing cutters of the pet, and are particularly enriched with minerals and also vitamins. Because chinchillas are very playful as well as active, they are in a cage simply require a Jogging wheel. It must be constructed from any product, yet it deserves remembering that the metal frameworks in time start to give off undesirable creaking, along with chinchilla — — pets of the night, the proprietors are unlikely to rest well if their pet after a day of sleep will decide to engage in exercise wheel.

Wheel advised to be put in a cage, where just one animal. Earlier or later they will certainly start to deal with for the right to ride in it if 2 chinchillas. If the chinchilla is closely in the cage, you can purchase for her (or him) a special pleasure ball, in which she can move easily around the house. In a cage you can install unique shelves of timber on which a pet will certainly move. Furthermore, these lovable rats are really keen on different passages and ladders.

The fundamental regulations of keeping of chinchillas

As discussed over, shower your chinchilla will not have, due to the fact that she perfectly handle their health on their own, most importantly, time to offer her access to the bath with sand.

Chinchillas do not drop. If the proprietors observed that her fur thinned out, so the pet had actually experienced some kind of stress and anxiety.

Chinchillas have no odor, as is regular of numerous various other family rats. If the cells are not fairly pleasant tastes, then the proprietors of not nearly enough carefully check its pureness.

Chinchilla is a very delicate and shy animals, so they require to occupy really thoroughly, not to compress and not to compress. It is best to tame her slowly, as well as inadequate movements. You can not obtain a chinchilla in your home where there are toddlers.

Chinchillas do not endure the chilly, they are far more comfy in warm environments. You need to avoid getting into the cell to route sunshine. You must also conceal these pets from drafts.

Chinchillas eat unique food that are marketed in pet shops.

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